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The practice of Pranayama involves taking in deep & slow breathes, holding it for a few seconds and then slowly releasing it. The lower regions are used by some methods to commence our spiritual journey, they are the center of sensual pleasure when used correctly as per tantric yoga rituals.
Tumo heat (or prana tapa) can have side effect, before trying you must have the guidance of a master in this field. After practicing Pranayama and obtaining some activation, a practitioner can then proceed further to awaken the spiritual coiled serpent at the base of our spine, called Kundalini (also known as a storehouse of creative and spiritual energy). The fundamental method to awaken Kundalini varies based on which master or method you take. Pranayama, most commonly known as deep breathing exercises, is a compound word with Pran and Ayama.
Blocks the flow of carbon dioxide into your arteries helping in the blood purification process. Procedure: This is a process of passive inhalation and active exhalation, where you have to inhale normally and exhale forcefully.
Improves the functioning of all the abdominal organs likes stomach, liver, pancreas and kidneys. Caution: The last three deep breathing exercises must not be practiced by those suffering from high blood pressure problems. Important Note: For effective results, do these pranayamas sitting crossed legs (Sukhasana), in a comfortable position. I would like to mention that; learning bhramari and basthrika without proper guidance would be a big fault (not something which can be practiced by reading text).
The cold, windy, damp days of Winter can leave us feeling scattered, tired and unmotivated.
Asana Series to fire up the core, creating heat using balanced engagement of the muscles in connection with the breath. Experiencing heart as the center of my body, I sit quietly imagining my body as an empty container. Now when I am stressed, I don’t try to control the ranting of the mind, I let it run. Yes, we live a physical existence, with concerns of survival, complicated relationships and belief systems that can lead us away from our spirit. To regroup and reenergize your center begin Ujjayi breath technique, “take a slow steady inhale into this empty space. This simple exercise provides a concrete experience of breath control and motion working together.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This series was intended to be a series of short practical essays on yoga but evolved into a video presentation with the very first one.
The first talk has been broken-up into a small introduction on raja yoga, yama and niyama as separate topics to flow better in line with the eight limbs of yoga. Yoga, spiritual life or religion is not coffee table discussion stuff but practice—and all of life is the mat of practice, not just the little prayer area or a room in some building.
This inward sitting is something all can and should do as it removes impurities in the mind or habit and paves the way for one's true nature to unfold. Raja yoga is a direct way to restore good health to the entire system, understand and transcend all limitations in the mind. To save money, we must have income, avoid unnecessary expenses and have a good savings plan. We struggle with avoiding what is counter-productive in change only because we have not at the same time started functioning in ways that are productive or helpful to our aspiration. Meditation 101: Stabilization - a guided meditation video presentation, first of three parts. Meditation 201: Mastery of Mind - a guided meditation video presentation preceeded by a ten minute talk on awareness. Meditation 301: Self-Inquiry - a guided meditation video presentation preceeded by a short 11 minute talk on inquiry. Guide to Meditation: Concise booklet with the complete flow of meditation that can be printed on one sheet, double sided and folded in half to make a handy booklet. Many of the meditation methods in the world (past and present), use breath control (pranayama) as the fundamental core to reach awakening. Divine energy can enter our being, flow through our body the leave spreading out into the world from this point. Prana could be considered like a car, Kundalini like a Bus or Train…similar but much more powerful, and more dangerous. During exhalation the stomach muscles should be moved violently (pulling it closer to your back). Writing about health and fitness is one of her common interest, as she is from a yoga background family.

The practice below Is designed to nourish body, mind and spirit by creating grounded, centered and balanced energy.
Exhale until you are comfortably empty and smoothly flow into inhalation until comfortably full. Sit and observe your breath… Connect to a focal point, allow your eyes to soften as you steadily gaze.
Each pose in the series is held for 10-15 rounds of Circular Pattern Ujjayi breath, while maintaining a soft, steady gaze on a focal point. We are designed to be distracted by our physical needs, emotional attachments, and desires. Throughout our lifetime we automatically and unconsciously complete this cycle sustaining our body. The Ujjayi breath practice steadies the mind and calms the emotions as it infuses the body with energy.
On your next exhalation follow the breath all the way out, pulling the pelvic floor up and the belly button into the spine, push stale energy out of your center.
Continue your breath, drawing energy down the thread and filling the roots of the tree, allow it to flow up into the rib cage or the trunk of the tree.
It was felt that this format may make it easier to learn with the main points in video and audio at the same time.
This double-sided single action is the purpose of yoga, religion, spirituality: the removal of impurities so one's true nature can be seen.
In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali lays out the system of raja yoga with eight limbs which is also called ashtanga yoga. Similarly, for change, we must avoid the all that is counter-productive to overall health—mental and physical. When we start functioning in ways that contribute to our aspiration, we turn our back on habit without struggle.
Both of these have to be practiced simultaneously as they are the keys to restoration of good mental and physical health or well-being. Though this goes through from Meditation 101 through 301, it has markers where it moves on and you can stop where you feel best till you are ready to move on.
With concentration on the breath, or the silence behind the gap between the breath, we are able to still the mind and enter a Samadhi state.
If you wish to learn this method please seek expert guidance as it involves some side effects when Pranayama heat or Kundalini is awakened.
Before trying, you must be in control of inhalation, retention, exhalation and with the locks and the actions of the mudras in order to control the fire within.
Perhaps the main difference is in the practitioner, what they focus on and how much effort is used. Certain people suffering from delicate diseases must consult their physician before practicing these exercises. I am perusing a closer understanding of connections between (and within) my mind, body, and spirituality. When we have identified where we are we may choose intention to create the change or direction we recognize we need. The physical challenges are over and the spirit that went undiscovered and undernourished leaves. Exhale and we approach God with our belief that we too are spirits created of divine energy.
We take this process for granted until we experience an illness and realize how wonderful the act of breathing is. We sustain our physical health, we question our thoughts or mental energy, we stabilize our emotions leading us to spiritual awareness. The exhalation leads you to your physical center, the inhalation brings grounded, centered energy to the body, mind, and spirit. Draw energy down the thread deep into the roots, follow it up into the trunk or heart space, now gently continue the breath up into the bronchial tubes or the branches of your tree.
Reinforce, “If you find yourself developing a headache or becoming nauseous at your work place you may be holding your breath. The rest in the series started off the same way with writing the main points to be covered and some detail but the audio recording gave room for expansion of content.
It is better to consider them as limbs belonging to one organ and best if practiced together.
It is here that we must start for any real change, as the triggers of action or the response mechanism lie in our attitude towards people, things and conditions. When you face the light, the shadow is not seen; when you eat what is healthy, you are avoiding what is unhealthy—there is no struggle because the energy that used to flow in habit is given new direction which you have already embraced.
You can see or download the complete video (118 mb) with the short talk or just the guided meditation portion (60 mb) from the video page. You can download the complete video (68 mb) with the short talk or just the guided meditation portion from the video page.

Science does not fully understand it, but many techniques utilize it and have amazing results. When we feel or sense a blockage, then we must try to remove it in the best way for us, in order to go back into balance. Most exist above any sort of form, so this method can liberate us from karma but cannot elevate us from form and eventual rebirth. After practicing these, it is recommended to practice the acupressure therapy to enjoy all the benefits of acupressure points on your palms and feet. While exhaling, close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe out through your left nostril.
After practicing these deep breathing exercises regularly for a week, you can increase the number of cycles for every exercise as per your convenience. We cultivate awareness of the body as our vehicle and recognize it is driven by the mind and emotions. Through our practice we reap benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally but most important of all spiritually.
Feel the empty space located above the belly button, slightly below or within the heart space.
Take several rounds of breath focusing on prana flowing down the thread and deep into the roots of the tree.
Visualize your tree, feel the energy of breath in your heart space, and coax the breath into the bronchial tubes see the branches alight with life force.
The heart has to be new for anything it wishes to renew or there will be endless struggle and pain.
Tai Chi or Qi-Gong both use the flow of prana, after just a few days of practice one can feel tingling in our fingers and body. Every person practicing these exercises must maintain a balanced diet for more better results. Please feel free to drop us a line.
At the bottom of the exhalation engage the root bandha and hold for a count or two, release, then begin a steady inhalation deep into the diaphram. This awareness allows me with mind and heart to embrace my faults, accept circumstances and grow into healthy reaction and response. Through asana practice, we create a connection with the body as a container for mental thoughts, emotions, and spirit. The benefits continue with our parasympathetic nervous system being stimulated by deep breathing creating a soothing and healing response in our central nervous system.
Students can easily connect to this concept by observing their hands fold and unfold with the breath.
We must be able to sit inwardly or be steady while we are standing, walking and doing all that we do. To do that, we need a method which focuses on the highest chakra (crown or third eye is also ok), contemplating on God almighty and ignoring the body completely. Now, inhale from the right one, hold it for 2 seconds and exhale from the left one closing your right nostril with the right thumb.
Complete ten or more rounds of Ujjayi breath locating your center while gradually increasing the length of the exhalation and the depth of the inhalation.
With continued practice we realize we can transform our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. With the breath my mind slows and I can place my thoughts into perspective, releasing them or accepting them. As our central nervous system maintains balance we keep our stress levels low and our cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems remain healthy. The fingers extending like petals toward the sun, your palm the center or face of the flower fully open.
Light editing was necessary to make this a stand-alone work without the video or audio or as a guide.
If pranayama is practiced on a systematic and regular basis, almost all the diseases can be prevented and cured. When the horse stopped I could picture her laboring breath which eventually slowed, this allowed the horse to drop her head and graze.
I continue to sit and breathe and the issue that caused my mind to race hasn’t left or been resolved, instead it sits quietly waiting for me. When we recognize our breath as nourishment we are inspired to cultivate it in order to gain its benefits.
As the breath slowed the horse regained its center and only experienced the peaceful moment of grazing.
I can breathe in my spirit and ask to see my options or even the perspective of the other side of the issue.

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