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There are many powerful Pranayamas to help us our spiritual path, but Alternate Nostril Breathing is by far the easiest. Using your right hand (left if your a lefty) bring the 2nd finger and the middle finger to the center of the pam of your hand. It is in this way that you will switch off between each nostril during the inhalation and exhalation. Start by inhaling through the left nostril – always start through inhaling through the left and end by exhaling through the left nostril. Then close off both nostrils for a moment and exhale through the right nostril, breath in through the right , close off both nostrils and exhale through the left.
It is good to continue like that for as many breaths as you can – anywhere from 3-108. Mantras of Ganesha are the famous Hindu stotras and mantras dedicated to Lord Ganesh – one of the main gods in Hinduism.
Ganeshashtakam, also known as Vinayagar Astagam, is a powerful Hindu mantra of Lord Ganesh.
Sankata Nasana Ganapati Stotram is a popular Hindu devotional prayer addressed to Lord Ganesha. Ganesh Chalisa or Ganapathi Chalisa is a famous Hindu devotional mantra dedicated to Lord Ganesha.
Maha Ganapathi Mool Mantra is a short Ganesha mantra which can be chanted daily to invoke Lord Ganesh. Vinayakar Kavacham is a Tamil Ganesha Devotional prayer which is used to appease Pillayar to protect the devotee. Kayena-Vaacha Mana-Sendhriyerva, Buddhyatma-Naavaa Prakrute-Swabhawat, Karomi Yadyat Sakalam Parasmai, Naaraa-Yanayeti Samarpayami, Ohm Tat SatI offer all that I do, To Lord Narayana, Whatever I do with my body, Whatever I do with my mind, Whatever I do with my brain, Whatever I do with my soul, And whatever I do with natures help! Now, gradually begin to deepen the breath, following the movement of breath from the tip of the nose through to the lungs on the inhalation and out from the lungs through the nose on the exhalation. At this point, continuing with the deep breathing pattern, shift your awareness to the spine.
In the early stages of meditation, it may be a good idea to keep an alarm clock next to you so you will not feel distracted when you are required to finish by a certain time. We are honored to have the opportunity once again to introduce you to our kind and knowledgeable teacher! This verse talks about the unbounded wealth contained within the four 'foots' of the Gayatri Mantra.
The complete form (or long form) of the Gayatri Mantra contains an invocation to the seven spheres, followed by the traditional 24-syllable mantra that is most commonly chanted (Details of each syllable can be found in the Gayatri by Words article).

The Gayatri Mantra CD by Pandit Jasraaj and Rattan Mohan Sharma includes a 40+ minute rendition of repeated chants of the Gayatri Mantra. So Pranayama could also be understood to mean: the means through which you expand your life force. Arguably the most common worshipped among Hindu gods in India and abroad – Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the remover of obstacles and conciliated at the beginning of any event.
Similar to other Gayatri Mantras, Ganesha Gayatri Mantra when chanted with the proper pranayama will help to attain good results. It is mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures that chanting Ganesha Ashtakam will help to meet with success on all actions. According to Narada Purana praying of Sankata Nasana Ganesha mantra on a daily basis helps to get rid of all sorrows in life.
Ganesh Chalisa is a 40 stanza prayer which helps to appease the God and gain prosperity, wealth and knowledge.
Chanting Ganesha Mool Mantra before beginning any new task will help to remove any obstacles and attain success. Chanting of this powerful Ganesh mantra helps to destroy any obstacles in life and attain success in all deeds.
Even though you are trying to keep the spine straight and vertical, it should not cause any kind of strain. To develop a deeper awareness of the breath and the movement of lungs, with each inhalation expand the chest and the ribcage sideways. For the past almost fifty years he has been head of The Kaivalyadham, a yogic research institute near Bombay, India. This puts him in the rare position of having practical experience as well as deep philosophical and scientific understanding.
Speech indeed is Gayatri; for speech indeed sings and removes fear of all this that exists. That which is this Gayatri, even that is this earth; for on this earth are all the beings established and they do not transcend it.
That which is the body in respect of a person, even that is identical with the heart within this body; for these senses are indeed established in it and they do not transcend it. His (first) twenty-four years are the morning libation, for the metre Gayatri is made up of twenty-four syllables, and the morning libation is related to the Gayatri metre. Therefore if the sacrifice is rendered defective on account of the Riks (or Yajus or Samans), then with the Mantra a€?Bhuh Svahaa€™ (or 'Bhuvah Svaha' or 'Svah Svaha'), the Brahman priest should offer an oblation in the fire.
And if the sacrifice is rendered defective on account of the Yajus, then with the Mantra a€?Bhuvah Svahaa€™, (the Brahman priest) should offer an oblation in the Daksinagni.

And if the sacrifice is rendered defective on account of the Samans, then with the Mantra a€?Svah Svahaa€™ (the Brahman priest) should offer an oblation to the Ahavaniya fire. The final part of the mantra is an invocation to the Goddess of light to illuminate our path as we move towards higher consciousness. Ganesha is the son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi and is easily identified with the Elephant head depicted with curved trunk, broken tusk and big ears, also with pot-belly body of human being. While exhaling, soften the chest and the ribcage and allow the lungs to become empty of air.
Tiwari is one of the most recognized and accomplished masters of yoga, its practice and its meaning.  He is a humble man who doesn’t try to prove anything, but with integrity sincerely passes on the thought and practice of Yoga in the traditional way. Established by his master, Swami Kuvalayananda, in 1924, the institute has been a pioneer in scientific research related to yoga. From them he extracted their essences; fire from the earth, air from the sky and the sun from heaven. From them he extracted their essences: the Riks (Rg-veda) from fire, the Yajus-mantras (Yajur-veda) from air, and the Saman (Sama-veda) from the sun. From them he extracted their existences; Bhuh from the Riks, Bhuvah from the Yajus-mantras and Svah from the Samans. Thus verily, through the essence of the Riks (or Yajus or Samans), through the virility of the Riks (or Yajus or Samans), he makes good the injury of the sacrifice in respect of the Riks (or Yajus or Samans). Thus verily, through the essence of the Yajus-mantras, through the virility of the Yajus-mantras, he makes good the injury of the sacrifice in respect of the Yajus-mantras. Thus verily, through the essence of the Samans, through the virility of the Saman, he makes good the injury of the sacrifice in respect of the Samans. We pay homage to Gayatri, the one who shines like the sun (tat savitur), the one who destroys all our sins through her everlasting and effulgent light.
Ganesha is known by various names – among them the most popular ones are Ganesh, Pillayar, Vinayaka Gajanana, Ganapathi, and Vigneshwara. All this world is a quarter of Him, the other three quarters of His constitute immortality in heaven. Dear Goddess Gayatri, please illuminate our path towards our higher consciousness and lead us to our true purpose in life. The essential meaning of the phrase is that at the deepest level, I am the same as the universal consciousness.

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