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Here’s something I have been meaning to put together for weeks, but finally actually did it today. The majority of the meditation music is by inspiring Christians artists and bands who we love listening to, and a few of the songs are from our recent instrumental album, Meditations Vol. Carinthia - All My Fountains Are In You Genre: Ambient A beautiful and meditative meshing together of piano, guitar and organic soundscapes, the music of Carinthia is both calming and musically enchanting. 1 is our instrumental album, intended as meditation music for times of prayer and reflection. Plus - we've also included are a couple of instrumental tracks from our latest album Echoes Of Wonder!

Tony Anderson - Ember & Spiriteaux Genre: Cinematic Fantastically cinematic yet still emanating a sense of calm reflection, Tony Anderson's 2014 single Ember and 2015 single Spiriteaux are truly beautiful additions to this selection. Port Blue - The Albatross (EP) Genre: Ambient Port Blue is a side project of Adam Young (better known as Owl City) - this ambient release is a beautiful introduction to a more meditational side of his music making. A beautiful piano performance with a gentle backing synth - perfect to foster a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
This album, Atlas: Year One, is compiled of 30 songs, not all of which are as meditative as Moon and Uranus - which we've included in our Spotify playlist - but all well worth checking out!
Bayside Worship - Selah Genre: Instrumental Just the one song from Bayside Worship concludes this list of our favourite Christian meditation music, and it's a beautiful instrumental piece that invites the listener into a time of reflection and contemplation.

Buy now (iTunes)We really hope you have found or will find this music to be helpful in times of meditation and prayer. If you have any other suggestions (or maybe you write meditative music yourself), do let us know below!

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