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When you are pregnant and your due date gets closer, probably you get anxious with your child birth and feel curious to see your baby[Pregnancy due date]. Meditation is right way to deal with anxiousness, particularly that you face because of overdue pregnancy. If you are really worried about your overdue pregnancy, know more about various options to induce labor and child birth. Instead of worrying about overdue pregnancy, you can really enjoy the last moments of being pregnant. According to Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation in India, daily meditation practice during pregnancy improves birth weight, reduces premature births, and overall medical complications for newborns.
Meditation makes one reach another world which is so different, calm and soothing than the world we are living in right now. According to Sri Guru Granth Sahib, while being in mother’s womb, baby has direct connection with the divinity. Mother’s meditation, chanting mantras, listening devotional music, singing hymns throughout the birth of the child can help ease its transition from the ethers to the world.
It is mother’s duty to not let the child forget what he committed to God while in womb. Shiv Puran emphasizes on importance of Gyan (knowledge), Bhakti (devotion) and Vairagya (dispassion) to lead high quality spiritual life.
Transmitting the beauty of art to the unborn baby stimulates the baby’s soul to attune with her highest spiritual origins. When the baby hears and feels divinely inspired music, his consciousness and the very atoms, cells and electrons of his body vibrate and band together around the patterns of this music. After the baby is born, mother should continue to listen to hymns and read scriptures while sitting close to baby. As the child grows, he automatically gets onto spiritual path, making all mother’s efforts and duties successful. Do you have any contrary opinion to this post - Do you wish to get heard - You can now directly publish your opinion - or link to another article with a different view at our blogs. DisclaimerAll views , including those expressed in affiliated social media pages of the website, are personal and belong to the contributing author(s) in accordance with our fundamental right to freedom of speech given to us by our constitution under Article 19(1a) .
While motherhood is one of the most satisfying experience for any woman it comes along nine months of pregnancy which at times may be quite challenging in terms of physiological and psychological changes that one has to undergo.
There are various reasons for stress during pregnancy which range from physical discomfort to psychological anxieties that accompany this condition.
Light and enjoyable workouts on a daily basis not only help keep you fit but also ensure that you can relax during pregnancy. Having a daily scented bath with warm water along with aromatic oils can do wonders to lift your spirits and relax during pregnancy. In order to relax effectively during pregnancy plenty of fluids must be taken throughout the day.
Apart from the physical discomfort there are many mental stresses that confront pregnant women.
There are plenty of people around all expectant mothers who would like to render help in whatever way they can. Speaking out your worries is the most proven technique to relieve tension and stress immediately.
Picking up a new hobby or engaging in an old interest is a productive means of keeping the mind occupied and waiting out the nine months of pregnancy. Yoga and meditation are being advised by most gynecologists as sure means to relax during pregnancy as they not only sooth the mind but also help regulate several body function such as keeping the blood pressure under control and prepare the body for the forthcoming strains of delivery. It is a good idea to be completely prepared for the forthcoming phases of pregnancy leading to the actual delivery in terms of physical condition, mental stamina and financial status.

The package has been designed to cover and help wtih communication between you and your baby, stress and deep relaxation, to help baby sleep and even a hypnosis to use at a later time if you are having trouble coping with your babies crying. Click the BUY NOW button below for instant delivery of your new high quality MP3's for your ipod or MP3 player. It even includes a live recording of a heart beat to help you connect with your baby on a deeper level. A beautiful music meditation package for baby comprising of ocean sounds with gentle music box lullabies to help baby (and you too!) drift off into a peaceful sleep. This is the ideal sound recording to play from the moment your baby is born, and well into his or her first years of life. When you continue to listen to it, you and baby will find this white noise so soothing, that you will slowly be drifting off into a deep and pleasant sleep. In this guided hypnosis by Tarek Bibi, you learn techniques and ways to cope with your baby crying. Try to meditate for few minutes every day and listen to relaxing music to calm down your mind.
Research showed that ladies who meditated had cesarean section surgery down by 56 percent and use of epidural anesthesia down by 85 percent. Though baby will not understand them, yet he will be surrounded by positive energy that you create, consequently nurturing his mental growth.
The expectant mother’s body undergoes a sea change in terms of hormonal balance as it prepares to bring a new life into this world.
The increase in body weight and the bulge in the front of the body creates imbalance on the pressures being borne by the backbone and often results in mild to sever back ache. Intake of sufficient quantities of fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates from pasta, potatoes, rice and bread etc helps in supplying the nutrients required for the mother as well as the baby. A short walk, mild exercises or even round the shops trips are all that is expected from would be mothers. Half an hour in the tub is the ideal amount of relaxation that helps wear off the day’s strain. There are specially designed massage therapies for pregnant women which help them relax during pregnancy. Dehydration is one the prime causes of the uneasy feelings and sickness that often stresses out pregnant women.
The constant worry about things working out correctly and delivering a healthy baby often weighs down heavily on the expectant mothers.
Even from the first trimester work should be reduced so that you have time for yourself when you can indulge yourself. Whatever anxieties that may crop up from time to time can be discussed with your spouse and counselors not only to get smart advice but also as a means of just sharing your worries. These activities provide immense relief from the worries and fears that accompany pregnancy and are ideal means to relax during pregnancy. Aromatherapy and reflexology have also proven to be of immense help to expectant mothers in reducing the levels of stress.
Planning and preparations is surest way to remain calm throughout the pregnancy and is certainly required to make you relax during pregnancy. Sri Guru Granth Sahib describes the taste of this nectar as the one that makes you forget all other tastes. Like a video, he is shown flashes of his previous births and deaths (84 lac non-human births) and reminded what the real goal of his birth as human is. With a little care and some guidance on how to relax during pregnancy this can be a wonderful experience when you prepare for motherhood.
The growing fetus causes discomfort in the belly as it stretches to limits hitherto unknown.

Since there are bound to spells of craving suitable snacks need to be handy to meet that urge. However it must be ensured that the water is not too hot as it may have adverse impact on the fetus.
Even specially crafted massage chairs are available which have tummy holes that allow moms to lie on the tummy while taking the massage.
Added to that the mood swings which result from hormonal changes tend to make them irritable and jittery.
Learn to give yourself the well deserved rest as life will surely become much more hectic once the baby comes into this world. Regularly discussion with your partner regarding the problems that one encounters helps one to relax during pregnancy more efficiently. In cases where the stress is higher women may opt for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is a modern technique for distressing. Support from the partner during the difficult times involving emotional upheavals of pregnancy is one of the best aids to relaxation for the expectant mother.
It’s the taste one gets addicted to, and craves for it every time he sits in meditation. Seeing this, he gets scared and promises God that he will never forget him and will always work towards improving his spiritual life but the moment he comes out, he loses connection to the divine and gets immersed in Maya (pleasure of material world). The hormonal changes create mood swings which are aggravated by the fear of the unknown as the pregnancy progresses.
Avoiding biscuits and cakes will help in reducing unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy. However care should be taken not overdo things by indulging in vigorous physical activities. In order to stay calm and relaxed during this crucial phase one needs to introduce some subtle changes to lifestyle as well as relationships. Assigning a few daily chores to people who offer help is a good idea as it leaves more time for yourself and also helps reducing your workload.
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Fruits, seeds, lean meat, dairy and poultry products help supply the requisite amounts of vitamins and minerals which are mandatory to ensure healthy growth of the fetus.
Family members can be expected to help your movements in the advanced stages of pregnancy which not only ensures safety but acts as a moral support. Therefore it becomes all the more essential to understand the means to relax during pregnancy and implement them for smooth and enjoyable nine months of carrying your unborn baby. Foods that are rich in Omega -3 fatty acids and amino acids tryptophan can help raise the levels of melatonin and serotonin in the brain which aid the process of sleep to help you relax better and more effectively. However while undertaking travel, be sure to consult your obstetrician on safety precautions that need to be adopted to prevent further strain on your body.
Pleasant and short getaways help re energize the body and soul which is required during the strenuous phases of pregnancy.
Even a long vacation before the due date would serve the purpose of complete distressing prior to actual delivery.

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