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A swimmer in distress that starts displaying the Signs of Drowning may reach final      submersion within 15 to 45 seconds. At two minutes of submersion, a drowning victim has a 92% survival rate if recovered and CPR and artificial respiration is performed properly. At ten minutes of submersion, a drowning victim has a 14% survival rate if recovered and CPR and artificial respiration is performed properly. Consider if you are in the water at the beach and witness a drowning submersion – how long would it take you to get out of the water, get to a phone, call 911, identify your location, 911 dispatch first responders to your location, and recover the victim?
Note: survival rates may vary due to age, health, water  temperature, and other varying factors.
HISTORY – The Signs of Drowning, also known as the Instinctive Drowning Response was created by Francesco A. If you are looking at taking on a project manager role then you will no doubt be interested in seeing whether you already have the right kind of characteristics to make a good job of it. No matter what other skills and abilities you possess you definitely need to be able to organize your time in order to make the most of them.
This isn’t a skill which a lot of us need to use very often in other jobs, which is why it can be one of the most demanding ones to pick up. You are unlikely to ever get given a piece of project work which doesn’t mean working with a team. You will probably be in meetings a lot of the time once the project really kick into gear, and you will be running a lot of them too I would imagine. Of course, the rest of the abilities and characteristics we have looked at here won’t mean much if you continually make bad decisions. Email UpdatesGet the latest project management articles right in your inbox.Email Address *We will not share your email address with anyone. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This templates works on microsoft office PowerPoint 2010 and available under Powerpoint Templates templates.

It is the kind of role which requires a broad range of attributes so let’s check out a few of the main ones. This means knowing what needs done at all times and then carrying out the relevant tasks in order of priority. When you become a project manager you need to get used to having to negotiate with stakeholders, end users and possibly other people as well. This means that it is essential that you can lead other project workers without taking your eye off your other responsibilities. This means that it is important that you know how to control a meeting and how to get what you want from it. Many of the projects you get given will involve you taking a lot of decisions, and they often won’t be easy ones. The task was to pick a company and speak about some of the negative accusations it faced and what they were doing to improve or deal with the accusations.
It has been reviewed and updated over the years, and is now a straightforward statement of values, intentions, and expectations. This is a difficult skill to learn, as it is something which tends to come naturally to those people who have it. Big, complicated projects can have a lot of people interested in them and can also see you need to deal with even more people. The experience and ability of the team you are given will play a big part in making this part of the role easier or more difficult. This is a skill you will learn with experience and from going to a lot of different meetings, although you can also take courses on it. For this reason, it is a huge advantage if you have good analytical skills and are comfortable weighing up a large quantity of information. However, by making a real effort to get yourself sorted out you can hopefully improve your organizational abilities. If you aren’t used to negotiating then this is definitely something you will want to learn before too long.

However, whatever type of situation you are in you will need to be a strong and fair leader.
I enjoyed going to meetings run by other project managers at first, to let me see how they did it.
The good news is that these decisions will often be able to be taken without a great deal of time pressure.
Unfortunately Hollywood has taught us what drowning doesn’t look like.  With actual drowning there is very little splashing, no waving, and no yelling or calls for help of any kind. Your team members will want to see this in everything you do so don’t forget that they are people too and each one needs to be dealt with differently. I picked up a lot of good tips this way and it is definitely something I would recommend if you get the chance to do so as well. For example, you could get some trays for putting your outstanding work in, rather than leaving it all in one big heap. You might need to give one motivational talks now and then while with others you will need to give them training or start giving them more chances to show their initiative. Sometimes you will see that coming up with a decision and then doing nothing about it for a day or so if a good thing. You could also think about making a to-do list at the start of the week to guide you through the work which needs done before the week is out.
If you have already led a team you already know this but if you haven’t then it is time to start thinking about how you will lead your project team. This way you can come back to it with a fresh approach and see whether it still looks right.

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