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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. SAVIEZ-VOUS QUE LES FORETS QUEBECOISES SONT EN EQUILIBRE DYNAMIQUE AVEC LES GRANDES PERTURBATIONS NATURELLES? Leffet de la recolte et du feu sur la structure du paysage en Mauricie Rebecca Tittler, Christian Messier et Andrew Fall UQAM Universite du Quebec a Montreal.
Enjeux de l'utilisation de la biomasse forestiere a des fins de production de bioenergie David Pare Evelyne Thiffault Service canadien des forets. Le rendement acericole nest pas etranger a lamenagement forestier pratique Normand Gendron, ing.f. Naming the already known Growing recognition – Millenium Ecosystem Assessment – Ecosystem Services Journal – World wide initiatives (TEEB, etc.) Sophie. Les causes et effets de la desertification: une immense tragedie humaine La desertification A chaque jour, des millions de femmes et A chaque jour, des. Reglementation en vigueur concernant la CMO Preparee par : Ministere des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune Direction des programmes forestiers Adaptee. 10 juin 2011 Assemblee du REFORA 1 Amenagement forestier de la foret departementale de Saou Assemblee du REFORA du 10 juin 2011. TXL-6014 Perturbationsglobalesdes cycles biogeochimiquesI: Lesdepotsacides Bernadette Pinel-Alloul 29septembre2005.
Graphic of six text boxes is used in this business power point template to define succession planning process for any business.

1) Le couvert forestier initial 2) La competition des especes presentes, notamment pour la lumiere. Introduction Les forets du Quebec sont tres exploitees par les compagnies forestieres qui en font des pates et papiers. Forets Definition : surface de 5000m 2 dont 10% de la superficie est couverte par des arbres de plus de 5m. La succession ecologique Les changements des organismes et les types des organismes au cours du temps dans un endroit.
Le remplacement graduel dune espece de plante ou danimal par une autre La modification de la composition dune communaute dans. Faits interessants Le Canada a la 3eme plus grande superficie couverte par les forets dans le monde. 3The Drivers: Public Schools have become larger, more complex, and more challenging to manage Fragmented staff with different and varying level of skills, experience, backgrounds, functions Heightened focus on student achievement Demand for more scrutiny As school districts increase in size, intricacy, and accountability, they must invest more in the human capital that drives almost all of the services they deliver. The Drivers 4Others Perspectives: Others Perspectives Succession planning goes beyond the basic question of selecting replacements for positions – “Replacement Planning”) Whereas replacement planning finds backups to fill vacancies on an organizational chart, succession planning grooms talent for the future. Succession planning should encompass a dialogue about leadership in the public school district-what characteristics define it, who displays it, who has the potential to display it, and how to transition from the former to the latter. Articulate the purpose, goals, and expectations of succession planning Write a mission statement that captures the urgency of succession planning. SP should be deliberately proactive (growing the district's talent pool.) It should be used a process for reflecting on the district's future.

Pioneer Community Intermediate Community Climax Community Example of Primary Succession: *Surtsey Island, Iceland.
Level 4 Effective Leader Catalyzes commitment to and vigorous pursuit of a clear and compelling vision; stimulates the group to high performance standards.
Level 3 Competent Manager Organizes people and resources toward the effective and efficient pursuit of predetermined objectives. Level 2 Contributing Team Member Contributes to the achievement of group objectives; works effectively with others in a group setting.
Level 1 Highly Capable Individual Makes productive contributions through talent, knowledge, skills, and good work habits. Succession of Yellowstone: Following the burn many plants such as the pink a€?fireweeda€? flourished in the rich soil and exposed sunlight. The fire only burned between 2-6 cm into the soil so many seeds and roots survived Succession of Yellowstone: Lodgepole pines formed the climax community forest of the park.
Millions of new lodgepole pine seedlings were discovered growing in the park following the fire Yellowstone 1998 (10 years after fire) Fire is a necessary part of the forest ecosystem cycle! Naturally, the Yellowstone area would experience a severe fire that would replace the entire forest every 100-300 yrs.

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