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Obviously, clinics and similar institutions were built to make addicts quit their addictions and there are dedicated ones for each of the major addictions. Although these are many advantages, there are also several shortcomings of addiction therapies in clinics and similar institutions. With self-help programs, addicts learn how to break their addiction within their usual environment. About Author :  Frank Lavario, founder and author of the Lavario self help programs against addictions. Personal Development Plans can often be “something and nothing” – a paper exercise, but they can also be useful. If you would like to get much from this piece of writing then you have to apply such techniques to your won web site. Patients should spend an hour or two per day working through all the materials that they receive. My colleagues and I have been supporting addicts from numerous countries and cultures during the last few years.

Usually, psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy and physical education are used to support addicts breaking their habits. Addicts apply new strategies how to manage pressure, stress and craving in a healthier way and they learn how to prevent and contain relapse. On the other hand, in the long run, progress can be greater and can be achieved while investing much less money into the treatment .
If they stay focused on it during a period of several weeks, they have good chances to overcome their problems and improve their quality of life substantially.
Sessions in counselors’ offices are frequently chosen but clinics, self-help programs and self-help groups are options, too. In clinics, specialists are available to answer questions and they will help analyze psychological problems. Another good thing about self-help programs is that the therapy and the subsequent progress can happen immediately.
The advantage of rehab center is that patients can be fully concentrated on their therapy and don’t face major distractions.

Addicts will meet others with similar problems and may open up and talk about their own hopes, frustrations and traumatic experiences that they might have experienced earlier in life. Addicts are taken care of around the clock and the world inside the clinic is somewhat artificial.
Addicts can find it very stressful to face normal life with all its temptations once they are at home again.
Three out of four patients face strong relapses within the first year after going to rehab.

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