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Buccleuch Property has unveiled plans for the development of a new family restaurant, south of the Sheriffhall roundabout in Midlothian. The Edinburgh based developer has submitted a planning application for its Sheriffhall South site to Midlothian Council after the conditional sale of a 1.4 acre site was agreed to British brewery giant, Greene King, for the construction of their Farmhouse Inn concept. Buccleuch Property is to develop the necessary infrastructure works, including an access road to service the site and the remaining seven acres of development land, with Greene King lodging a separate planning application for its 290 cover restaurant.
The Farmhouse Inn restaurant is part of a national expansion programme by owner Greene King which already has 900 restaurants in the UK. Buccleuch’s Sheriffhall South development comprises two sites of 9 and 11 acres on either side of the A7, immediately opposite Dobbies Garden Centre and just off the Edinburgh City Bypass.  The initial infrastructure works are expected to commence on site in spring 2014.
The site already has excellent transport links and will further benefit from the nearby new Eskbank station nearby, part of the Borders Rail Link, which is due to open in 2015.
The new development sits close to Buccleuch’s 50 acre Shawfair Park, a Business Park adjacent to Edinburgh City Bypass which has established itself as a commercial hub for South Edinburgh, and gateway to the recently announced South East Wedge, Scotland’s newest and largest urban extension. Shawfair Park is home to Spire private hospital, the Scottish Qualifications Authority, medical supplies company Ortholink and pub chain Marston’s, as well as a Park & Ride facility. The Administrative Report considered by Council and its committees Council approved this Local Area Plan by passing a Secondary Plan By-law.
Presents the Pre-Plan Assessment and Drinking Establishment Study to Council as background information in support of the upcoming area plan process.
Provides a snapshot of the area in both its physical form as well as its social-economic composition.
Dan Vandal was the City Councillor for St Boniface from 1995 - 2004 and again from 2006 - 2014. During that time, he served as Chairperson of Protection & Community Services, Property & Development as well as Public Works Committee. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in these publications. Documents identified with are available for download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and require an Adobe Acrobat Reader.
A By-law of the City of Winnipeg to promote the orderly use and development of land and the location of buildings and structures in the City of Winnipeg, excepting lands covered by the Downtown Winnipeg Zoning By-law No. On March 22, 2016 Council adopted the 2016 Operating Budget for the Planning, Property and Development Department.
On March 23, 2016, Council adopted the results of a Comprehensive Fee Review that adjusts all other fees charged for various permits and services. A By-law of the City of Winnipeg to regulate the condition of vacant buildings and to discourage the boarding of vacant buildings. A 20-page brochure outlining the permit application process and construction requirements for the development of basements in residential buildings, including building code, plumbing, and electrical permit information as well as the inspection process. A 24-page booklet outlining the zoning and construction requirements for construction of open, uncovered decks on residential buildings, including FAQ's, documents required, zoning, structural specifications and the location and hours of the Permits Office.

An 8-page booklet outlining the process for members of the Manitoba Home Builders Association to follow to expedite permit applications. A 36-page booklet outlining the construction, zoning and electrical requirements for residential garages, sheds and gazebos. A 20-page guide to the plans required when applying for a building permit for a house addition. A 20-page booklet providing a guide to the plans required when applying for a building permit for new house construction, including information on documents and plans to bring along, requirements for plumbing and electrical permits and material specifications.
A 2-page brochure outlining Manitoba Building Code requirements for security bars on residential windows. A 20-page booklet outlining the construction requirements and building permit application and inspections process for swimming pools.
A 32-page homeowners’ guide for electrical installations in single- family dwellings, detached garages and sheds. A 2-page pamphlet outlining the permit and inspection processes for electrical and plumbing permits related to additions, rec rooms and new single- family homes.
A 2-page pamphlet outlining the procedures to be followed to prepare for an electrical inspection of a building that has been flooded.
A 2-page pamphlet outlining typical projects requiring a permit, what a building permit is and why it is required, the value of the permit to the homeowner and the location and hours of the Permits Office. A 2-page pamphlet describing the New Home Master Plans Approval Program that is available to builders, and provides a 5-day permit approval time for properly completed applications. A 2-page brochure providing general guidelines on the involvement of a professional engineer in residential construction, how to retain their services, and where to find Building Code information and requirements.
A 2-page pamphlet providing a guide to the Building Code requirements for wheelchair ramps, and includes a helpful illustration with dimensions. A 2-page pamphlet providing guidelines and helpful illustrations for the installation of a sump pump and pit for an existing single-family home.
A 2-page pamphlet providing a guide to the stages and requirements in applying for a building permit for new construction and additions.
An 8-page booklet outlining general requirements and responsibilities of consultants, contractors, the City Authority and building owners in ensuring that Life Safety tests are performed in the appropriate manner in buildings where they are required. A 2-page pamphlet providing guidelines and a checklist for permit application submissions for interior alteration and occupancy work in multi-storey, multi-tenant buildings. A 2-page pamphlet outlining the Building Code requirements for Occupant Loads for Assembly Spaces (spaces regularly used for a gathering of people for a variety of reasons). A 2-page pamphlet outlining requirements for permit approval of temporary tents, large stages, large bleachers and other temporary installations for special events.
A 2-page pamphlet outlining the permit application process and the Building Code and Fire Department requirements for tents that are under 900 square feet, used on a temporary basis for a special event.
A 2-page guide to assist in locating requirements in the Manitoba Building Code that may be relevant to those involved in electrical designs, inspections, installation or maintenance.

A 2-page brochure outlining the information required for electrical drawings for new construction of commercial and industrial buildings.
A 13-page document detailing requirements for document submissions when applying for a commercial electrical permit. A 2-page guide to the electrical and building by-law requirements for the installation of electromagnetic locks.
A 2-page pamphlet providing a guide to emergency lighting and exit signs in commercial and industrial tenant spaces, including definitions, and applicable excerpts from the Manitoba Building Code. A 1-page document outlining qualifications for personnel conducting verification of fire alarm systems in the City of Winnipeg. A 2-page pamphlet providing a guide to the by-law requirements for garages and vehicle service areas. A 2-page brochure outlining requirements for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning in commercial or industrial buildings. If you are undertaking a project or routine maintenance activity near a waterway, this handbook applies to your work. A 31-page document and checklist to be completed and submitted with all permit application submissions for commercial projects involving new construction and additions.
A short-form version of the Building and Site Design Summary that can be used for commercial projects involving new construction or additions to 1-storey, Group D, E and F buildings. This document lays out the process, standards and expectations for creating sidewalk patios associated with food and drink establishments.
We are proud of our knowledge and experience in all sectors of land and property valuation, law, management, compensation and marketing services, whether for private or corporate clients.
We celebrated 150 years in 2010, our expertise and knowledge goes from strength to strength.
Our experience includes many building types including residential, public and urban design projects. He enjoyed working with the many business owners and board members over the years on many exciting projects. However, in the event of a discrepancy between these brochures and the governing City of Winnipeg By-law, the By-law will take precedence. Dan's belief has been that in the long term, more density will translate to a more vibrant, exciting neighbourhood, where the ability to live, work and play has never been greater.
Our creative process tailored to our clients needs allows us to produce innovative architecture at all scales.

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