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Some of the many uses for the Proteus mind machine include: brainwave synchronization, experiencing ganzfeld affects, meditation, human enhancement and biofeedback. Totally programmable. We’ve developed a simple yet powerful Windows 98+ hosted programming tool, available free of charge. Totally upgradeable. Proteus uses advanced Flash memory for both session and operating system data. Wavetable audio. PROTEUS includes stereo audio digital to analog converters, enabling production of binaural beats and other waveforms.
199 program capacity. Proteus ships with expanded versions of the best programs taken from our earlier products (especially Orion and MindLab). Free Proteus Editor software. Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t charge for our software—you can just download the latest version of Proteus Editor from the Proteus support site.
Create “random” programs within constraints you choose (for example, frequencies constrained to 9-12 hz and segment lengths of 1 to 3 seconds). If you’re looking for an advanced light and sound system but don’t want to pay $349 for a heavy metal case, chances are the Proteus will do most everything you want it to.

They are calculated by our staff and vary depending on your location.  When your ship charge has been calculated a PayPal money request for that amount will be sent to you. If you do not we will email you again and remind you.  If we do not hear from you your order will be cancelled and PayPal payment refunded.
Using flashing lights and pulsing tones, we can gently and safely guide the brain into various brainwave states. Developed with the serious experimenter in mind, Proteus includes a host of powerful programming capabilities.
Proteus includes two independent color channels, each of which has its own brightness and pulse rate.
This means that you can not only download new session groups into the system, but also that the entire operating system can be upgraded. You can store up to four different waveforms in Proteus, and we include an audio waveform creation tool with the bundled software.
We’ve fine-tuned our AudioStrobe decoder circuitry, providing a much crisper, more intense experience.

This means that Proteus sessions can shift smoothly between up to 4,096 colors in real time, creating extraordinary visuals and mapping colors more precisely to states of consciousness. Plus, there is plenty of space remaining for you download your own creations—about 2,000 segments altogether in two separate banks. For example, lower frequencies can be set to soothing green, while higher, energizing frequencies are the appropriate red; the “peak performance” color amber lies in between.
The Proteus by Mind Place is a light and sound mind machine that generates pulsed sound and light frequency stimulation for inducing altered states of consciousness, generally referred to as the delta, theta, alpha and beta brainwave states.
If you cannot come to a decision as to which light and sound unit is best for your specific needs, then choose the Proteus – you will be glad you did!

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