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The Secret Seven haven't had a meeting for a while and only a couple of weeks remain of their holidays. Matt, the shepherd who works on Peter's father's farm, has the bright idea of housing the poor, now-homeless family in an old caravan that stands in one of the fields. Late one evening, after a visit to the cinema, Janet, Peter, George and Colin set off home. The much loved Secret Seven books are now available as unabridged audio downloads for the first time! The much-loved Secret Seven books are now available as unabridged audio downloads for the first time!
When Peter and Jack go looking for their lost model aeroplane in an old abandoned house, they find a lit fire in one of the rooms. When a sinister-looking man gets George into trouble with the police, the Secret Seven are outraged. The much loved Famous Five books are now available as unabridged audio downloads for the first time!
The next time the Seven meet this lady and her two children, her shack on the hill top at Hilly-Down is burning to the ground. So they visit the local fair, reluctantly taking with them Jack's annoying sister Susie and her friend Binkie. They're first on the scene and call in the fire brigade while a small home burns to the ground. Perhaps it was this comparison that made me think the story was going to be about finding the arsonist and figuring out why he set the place alight. Lucas Bolan works at the fair and is said to be very upset by the loss of his banjo in the fire. The Seven, along with various mothers, rally round to clean up the caravan and furnish it with useful things. Fatty and his friends would have investigated the scarecrow to look for "glues" – a cigarette pack, a torn piece of clothing caught on a fence, muddy size twelve footprints, and so on. Since Janet and Peter came on their bicycles, they ride off and leave George and Colin walking. Perhaps it was briefly explained and I missed it, but it seems that this little detail was simply forgotten, as it was clearly not the central point of the story. Whoever they are, they'll return at night - and the gang are determined to put a stop to it.
Thankfully help is at hand and the woman and her children are allowed to stay in an old caravan on Peter's parent's farmland.
They have a lot to spend because Jack's mother has given him "a whole pound" to splash out with, and the others have managed to dig around for some spare pennies as well. The owner doesn't seem to be around at first, but she soon shows up – a woman with a baby in a pram, fretting about another child who should be somewhere about the place.

Mrs Bolan is more upset by the loss of all their other modest possessions, particularly as she has her two children to look after.
Mrs Bolan is grateful, of course, but it's notable that Lucas is nowhere to be seen during all this – in fact his entire presence in the story is limited to "being away at the fair" right until the very end when he shows up for the first time. But the Seven aren't that advanced; they simply wander about looking for the clothes in the vague hope of finding them lying around, all to no avail.
It's at this point Colin realizes he's lost his watch (I never quite understood how you can just lose a watch off your wrist, assuming it's a wristwatch he's talking about) and he and George head back to find it. They meet every holiday in the shed at the bottom of Peter and Janet's garden - and solve mysteries, and eat lots of delicious food. It turns out that the fire is just a plot device to get the occupants moved into a small caravan on Peter's father's farm, where the real mystery starts. His absence, coupled with the preconceived notion that fair folk are more often than not "bad sorts," goes a long way to making him look like a shady, shifty, dodgy character, which was no doubt what Enid Blyton had in mind.
This was "proved" by the unnatural wailing sounds that filled the evening air each night after the burglary, coming from somewhere on the farm.
After a stern talking-to from Peter's father, Lucas is seen as a "good sort" and let off the hook, and the expensive violin is returned to the shop owner without question.
Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog have to find out just who is hiding in the castle.
He's an odd boy who's been hiding in the bushes – quite safe, but this does beg the question: why on earth was he left on his own in the first place? He's shy, and seems to stumble about with unsure footing, and his dark eyes have a curiously vacant expression.
But they set about trying to find the missing clothes, wondering who could have stolen such a raggedy bundle.
This is when the major crime of the story takes place – a scruffy man steps out of the shadows into the light of a shop window, and throws a brick through the glass. But, as the story reaches a conclusion, it's revealed that it's Benny who is playing the violin after dark! Then the Seven work hard for the rest of the holidays, doing chores to earn money to pay for a new violin for little Benny. It turns out, during the short scene afterwards when a policeman arrives, that the thief has stolen an expensive violin.
Jack goes to tell the rest of the Seven about the good news, but there is a catch — Susie is invited too. That was quite a neat little twist, and certainly explained his "oddness" – especially as these poor fair folk aren't able to send their child to a proper school.
And for the first time we meet her friend Binkie, (what a character!) who is also invited, and why not?
If Jack can take six friends, she is surely allowed to take one!Binkie is made out to be worse than Susie, as if that could be possible.

She seems to be quite friendly at first, but unfortunately the others are prejudiced because of her rabbit teeth, twitchy nose and the fact that she is Susie's friend. They eavesdrop seemingly at will and play tricks, taking in the Seven every time.They all enjoy the fun of the fair.
Peter telephones the fire station and the others go to see if there's anything they can do to help. She was so looking forward to being involved.As usual, it has been some time since the last meeting, so Pam and Barbara aren't sure if the password is 'Woof' or 'Wuff'.
Luckily Scamper gives it away and they get in, just!However, Colin and Jack have forgotten it altogether and Peter, strict as ever, won't let them in. Susie has been hiding in the bushes with Binkie and, once again, has found out the password and comes to their aid.The next highlight is Binkie's Secret Seven 'poem'. Her 'poetry' is not in the classic Ern Goon mould, but at least she doesn't need anyone to finish them for her.The Seven are not impressed.
No one else will agree with him, but it does seem that the characters are a little more mature in this book.
Binkie is hurt and bursts into tears and Susie has words with him, and he feels a bit guilty.The puzzling thing is that someone has stolen the scarecrow's clothes and committed a robbery dressed in them.
They think they have found the missing clothes or at least some clues, but all they find is some old clothes and Susie's old school hat.
In fact poor old Janet often wants to join in their nocturnal adventures, less so the other two girls, but Peter won't allow it.
But you will have to read Puzzle for the Secret Seven yourself to find out more about the 'WWW', if you haven't already guessed!Review by David CookThis story must take place soon after the previous spring adventure as it's set in the Easter holidays again — one week into them, in fact, though the illustrations show the nights are strangely dark for that time of the year. In it, we are introduced to two new and recurring characters.The first is Susie's friend, Binkie, a poetry-reciting girl with a 'funny little twitchy nose and teeth just like a rabbit', of garrulous and giggly nature. The other is Matt, the shepherd, who works for Peter's father and lives in a hut up on the hills with the sheep.
This sheep farming aspect is one of two new facts we learn about Old Mill House Farm, the other being the keeping of hens, whose hen houses are lime-washed by Peter and Janet.This is an absorbing story of much incident.
When the Bolan family's hillside shack goes up in flames, the Seven assist in preparing Matt's old caravan for them to live in. Later events include two thefts, one of clothes from a scarecrow and another of a violin from an antique shop by someone wearing the scarecrow's clothes, and a strange wailing noise heard on the hills at night. One instance I found very amusing was that Peter's school violin teacher was called Mr Scraper!

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