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A pyramid is a three dimensional polyhedron, where all the sides other than the base are triangular.
The concept that a simple geometric shape could generate energy through meditation seems hard to believe. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account.
We are proud to stock the excellent Buddha Maitreya Ascension Head Pyramid - Meditation & Healing Tool. For this reduced price, the Buddha Maitreya Ascension Head Pyramid - Meditation & Healing Tool is highly respected and is always a regular choice with many people. One of His Holiness Buddha Maitreya's Shambhala Healing Tools - highly spiritual tools for Personal and Planetary Healing that transmit the Light of Love and healing blessings of the American born living incarnation of Buddha Maitreya. A perfectly handcrafted, 24K gold plated copper 51 degree Head Pyramid measuring 9" square at the base. Includes a complimentary Soul Therapy Meditation Music CD (A $15 value) performed and produced by Buddha Maitreya to use for meditation with the Head Pyramid for greatest effect. The New Zealand military have released hundreds of previously classified reports detailing claims of UFO sightings and alien encounters.
The reports, dating from 1954 to 2009, were released under freedom of information laws after the New Zealand Defence Force removed names and other identifying material. In about 2,000 pages of documents, members of the public, military personnel and commercial pilots outline close encounters, mostly involving moving lights in the sky. Some of the accounts include drawings of flying saucers, descriptions of aliens wearing "pharaoh masks" and alleged examples of extraterrestrial writing. One of the most comprehensive files concerns two sightings of strange lights off the South Island town of Kaikoura in 1978, one of which was captured by a television crew aboard a plane in the area. The incident made international headlines at the time but a contemporary Air Force report found it could be explained by natural phenomena such as lights from boats being reflected off clouds or an unusual view of the planet Venus. UFO’s and extraterrestrial aliens have been documented in Earth history for tens of thousands of years, much longer than what the bible has the origins of the Earth. The Nazca lines of Peru are, without a doubt, the most enigmatic and mysterious geoglyphs ever discovered on the planet, but the discovery of an Ancient Indian Mandala makes the Nazca lines, even more, mysterious.
Many of us have wondered, together with countless scholars, what the exact purpose of the mysterious lines is… yet no one has been able to fully understand, nor answer, the exact purpose of these mysterious lines. These are some of the questions that have been asked for decades, yet no one has been able to answer them.
But perhaps one of the most enigmatic depictions of Nazca is what is known as the Mandala. The Mandala is considered a ritual symbol in Indian religions and represents the universe. The Mandala at Nazca seems to have been carved with extreme precision and detail, created on the ground measuring around 180 feet across, with an inner circle of the same diameter. The Ancient Hindus were among the first people on the planet to use a Mandala spiritually, but the most famous Mandala most of us know are in fact made by Buddhists. Archeologists today have failed to understand, or even ask, how an ancient symbol, that originated half-way around the world, got to a remote, arid mountain near Nazca.
According to the myth recorded by Juan de Betanzos, Viracocha rose from Lake Titicaca (or sometimes the cave of Pacaritambo) during the time of darkness to bring forth light. This would mean that in the distant past, when Antarctica was much different than it is today, ancient civilizations could have developed on the now-frozen continent, leaving behind marvelous constructions, telling the story of a time, when our planet was inhabited by different civilizations, at a completely different time, omitted by history and mainstream researchers. In the video, Fuentes (hoping your Spanish is up to scratch) goes through the main characteristics of the Pyramid and other structures that could be located on the vast sheet of ice, making comparisons to the Great Pyramid of Egypt. According to a research from 2009, scientist studied the icy continent collected samples and came across pollen particles in Antarctica suggesting that the ecosystem of Antarctica was very different in the past, pointing that the summer temperature reached around 20 degrees Celsius at one point. According to researchers, during its long history, Antarctica was located farther north and experienced a tropical or temperate climate, meaning that it was covered in forests, and inhabited by various ancient life forms. Well… given the little we know about the life on our planet in the distant past, it is likely that people lived on this now, icy continent and developed as a society just like people did in Africa, Europe, and Asia.
If we go back to Africa, we know that Scholars and Egyptologists have long suspected that the Sphinx is much older than believed, possibly even over 10,000 years old. This means that if the climate in Africa and other parts of the world changed drastically,  it is possible that the same thing happened in Antarctica in the distant past.
Explore Orion's Belt and the pyramids with physicist Nassim Haramein as he points out the evidence showing the absurdity of the 'mainstream' version of reality of ancient structures - along with some mindblowing discoveries. Haramein has spent most of his life researching the fundamental geometry of hyperspace, studying a variety of fields from theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry to anthropology and ancient civilizations. Combining this knowledge with a keen observation of the behavior of nature, he discovered a specific geometric array that he found to be fundamental to creation and from which the foundation for his Unified Field Theory emerged.
This article will prove that the Theory of Evolution fails many challenges, not simply one. The Theory of Evolution will never become a law of science because it is wrought with errors.
A desired trait can be produced in dogs by selecting dogs with a particular trait to produce offspring with that trait.
Many different types of dogs can be developed this way, but they can never develop a cat by selectively breeding dogs.
New variations of the species are possible, but a new species has never been developed by science. If natural selection were true humans at northern latitudes would have black skin, but they have white skin instead, except the Eskimos who have skin that is halfway between white and black. Many evolutionists argue that melanin is a natural sunscreen that evolved in a greater amount to protect dark-skinned people who live near the Equator. Animals like bears, tigers, lions, and zebras living near the equator have heavy fur while humans living north of the Artic Circle have bare skin.
The snow leopard grows thicker hair but the jungle leopard would also if moved to a cold climate. The cheetah in Africa is an example of an animal in the cat family with very limited variety in the DNA. His famous book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, has a title that is now known to be scientifically false. Life did not start with a bolt of lightning striking a pond of water as claimed by the main stream scientists.
They are taught that if given enough time, a monkey at a typewriter could punch keys at random and eventually type President's Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address. What are the odds that a simple single cell organism could evolve given the complexity of more than 60,000 proteins of 100 different configurations all in the correct places? A forth-grade elementary school class was observed at the park playing a three-legged race game, where adjacent legs of the two kids were placed into a bag. Actually, it was brainwashing kids into conforming to a system in which they are not allowed to have individual thoughts or opinions.
The brainwashing of school children continues by teaching them there is no absolute right or wrong, and the teacher is absolutely positive about it. The body and soul of Darwin's Theory of Evolution was the idea that evolution was made possible through natural selection.
Darwin's theory suggests that millions of generations later the changes will result in new species. We are told by evolutionists that a fish wiggled out of the sea onto dry land and became a land creature. Books published by evolutionists have shown the giant Cetiosaurus dinosaur with the long neck extending upright eating from the treetops. One day during the assembly of a skeleton for a museum display someone noticed the neck vertebrae were such that the neck could not be lifted higher than stretched horizontally in front of them.
Evolutionists will now claim the animal evolved a long neck because he had the advantage of eating from bushes on the other side of the river. The evolutionist will claim that the presence of many individual species proves evolution. Evolutionists line up pictures of similar-looking species and claim they evolved one from another. Evolutionists line up the most promising choices to present a gradual progression from monkey to modern man.
Charles Darwin admitted that fossils of the transitional links between species would have to be found in order to prove his "Theory of Evolution." Well, these transitional links have never been found. Evolutionists try to form these individual species into a link according to similar major features such as wings or four legs, but this simply proves the Theory of Evolution to be a fraud.
The presence of individual species actually proves they were not developed by an evolutionary process. All life forms would be a continual blend of characteristics without a clear definition among the species. The fossilized bones of a new animal have been found in Ethiopia near the site where "Lucy" was discovered many years ago. This find gives us a lot of information about the animal because major parts of the skeleton were unearthed (assuming these are all from the same animal).
The evolutionists call the animal a "transitional species" and a human ancestor even though it has a head exactly like a modern-day ape.
So, it looks like an ape, it has a head like an ape, it has arms like an ape, it has shoulder blades like an ape - It is obviously an ape, not a human, pre-human or humanoid. Remarkably, some quite delicate bones not normally preserved in the fossilisation process are also present, such as the hyoid, or tongue, bone. Judging by how well it was preserved, the skeleton may have come from a body that was quickly buried by sediment in a flood, the researchers said. This climbing ability would require anatomical equipment like long arms, and the 'Lucy' species had arms that dangled down to just above the knees. The fossil record simply does not support the evolutionary theory, which claims there once existed a series of successive forms leading to the present-day organism. Fossils prove the sudden emergence of a new species out of nowhere, complete with characteristics unknown in any other species. He also, clearly demonstrates that there is no support coming from his specialty molecular biology. The theory that evolution can occur in spurts, because the fossil record shows it did not occur gradually, is a wild stretch of the imagination. The Coelacanth fish was touted to be a transitional form with half-formed legs and primitive lungs, ready to transition onto land. The Archaeopteryx fossil was herald by evolutionists as a significant transitional missing link.
The dinosaur creature appears to be a reptile with bird characteristics of wings and feathers.
The Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), with its duck bill and webbed feet, is a unique Australian animal.
The monotremes have lower body temperatures than other mammals and have legs which extend out, then vertically below them.
The Platypus males have spurs on their hind feet that deliver a poisonous venom like a snake. The Platypus of Australia has characteristics of many species but certainly is not the missing link to all of them. Scientists fraudulently claim a newly-discovered fish is the second bridge fossil gap between sea and land creatures.
The scientists are claiming the fish walked around on the ground out of water and breathed air. Evolutionists are now claiming that a dolphin captured with two little extra fins near the tail is proof that dolphins evolved from four-footed animals related to the dog. The Theory of Evolution states that minute improvements in an individual within a species increases the likelihood of survival of the offspring. This progression is an uninterrupted branch of the "evolutionary tree." These lines of progression can be seen in any biology text book for many species, including mankind. The siblings of an individual on the uninterrupted branch may fail to develop the minute improvement and may even suffer from an inferior evolutionary change.
The other 99,999 individuals may each begin a neutral or inferior branch that may continue for millions of years but will eventually stop, because the last individual on the branch fails to produce an offspring. The odds that the branch will stop producing offspring is increased when the minute evolutionary changes are inferior.

This hypothesis of the "missing inferior evolutionary branches" was developed and posted here by the author, Kent R. Thousands of biology professors at universities around the world, including Darwin, have completely missed this serious deficiency in the fossil record, because they have only been searching for the superior evolutionary branches, not the inferior branches. Where are the fossils of horses with weak bones that fractured early in life and thereby prevented an offspring from continuing the branch?
Scientists a century ago believed the smallest single living cell was a simple life form. The smallest single-cell creature has millions of atoms forming millions of molecules that must each be arranged in an exact pattern to provide the required functions.
The cell has an energy-producing system, a protective housing, a security system to let molecules into and out of the housing, a reproductive system, and a central control system.
The odds that the correct proteins could somehow come together in a functional configuration to make a living cell are so high that it will never happen. Charles Darwin made a sketch in his notebook in about July 1837 that has come to be known as the Tree of Life.
Darwin did not know that the key to a person's identity (DNA) is locked solid in every cell of the body.
The DNA changes only when an egg and sperm are joined to form a new DNA with chromosomes coming from the male and female donors.
Scientists have now solidly proven that 80% of the life forms in Darwin's Tree of Life have DNA much different from the adjacent lower DNA and could not have evolved from the predecessor. Some animals have DNA sequences that are identical to sequences in plant DNA, but they obviously could not be related according to the Theory of Evolution. The scientific study of complex biological structures has made enormous strides in revealing Intelligent design in nature. One example is the motor and propeller propulsion system, called a bacterial flagellum, found in many bacteria, including the common E. The evolutionist ignores the problem surrounding the human female egg and the male sperm in the evolutionary theory.
The female egg contains the X-chromosome, and the male sperm contains either an X-chromosome for the reproduction of a female or a Y-chromosome for the reproduction of a male.
The female eggs all develop within the ovaries while she is a baby (fetus) within her mother's womb.
However, the environmental experience of the female cannot change the chromosomes within her eggs and cannot have any effect upon her offspring.
A harsh winter, or some other environmental condition does not affect the testes in any way that would alter the chromosomes in the sperm.
There are no ways possible whereby environmental adaptation could occur through the male part of the chromosome.
The fact that the DNA works as a software, making humans - for example - better adapted to the environment, can be easily proven. Those who walk bare foot develop extra layers of skin on their soles, or those who work the land with their hands, develop extra layers of skin on their palms. In conclusion, based on my knowledge, improvements are to be expected, but never radical mutations which would result into an entirely different kind]. The scientific fact that DNA replication, including a built-in error checking method and a DNA repair process, proves the evolutionary theory is wrong. Our Healing and Meditation Pyramids are powerful personal tools for achieving deep meditative states and accelerating healing on the spiritual, the mental, and the physical levels.
Each healing meditation pyramid comes with a master crystal which Thomas will personally source.
The sovereign energy of the pyramid is unique and powerful as the energy within the healing meditation pyramid bounces from the equal sides of its walls and collects in the center.The copper capstone keeps the energy intact acting as a conduit which spreads the energy downwards. The base and sides of the healing meditation pyramid are crafted from high grade stainless steel. Being portable, it is able to be placed indoors and outdoors for relaxation and meditation. The Healing & Meditation Pyramid, is tailor-made according to the energy of the individual or the energy of the workplace by Dr. Thomas also has eight Healing Masterships – Tera-Mai Reiki, Tera-Mai Seichem, Usui Tibetan Reiki, Japanese Reiki, (Gendai Reiki Ho), Usui Reiki, Karuna, Sekhem and Seichim. For more than three decades their passion for sharing their knowledge and gifts are helping people from all around the world. To place an order for your personalized Healing and Meditation Pyramid, simply contact us by email or telephone.
You will receive your personalized Healing and Meditation Pyramid approximately 14-21 days after you have placed your order.
Please note: When you place your order for the Healing and Meditation Pyramid, you will be immediately notified if any extra courier costs may apply to your destination.
An order can be cancelled within five (5) days only from the date the order is received with payment in full.
The Atlantean Crystal Head Band advances the evolutionary speed at which we are able to open our Third eye and natural psychic abilities. Reiki "ray-key" is a natural healing method allowing life force energy to be absorbed into the body to promote self healing and accelerates the body's ability to heal itself.
Join Pyramid Healing Systems Tours and visit Egypt's Sacred sites with Spirit-Centered people. Pyramids Home Ordering Pyramids Pyramid Plans Testimonials My Pyramids Pyramid Links How Pyramids Work How To Align A Pyramid Pyramids Photo Gallery Contact Me!
One can feel the currents flowing through the body, bringing enhanced life force and increased sensitivity to the spiritual worlds.
This was especially true when we filled the pyramid tubes with Azeztulite, and also Rosophia and Pink Azeztulite.
When you are starting to meditate under a pyramid, always keep in mind that you are have a shape which is 4 times higher and bigger than you. Always wear loose clothes and clothes which are of light colors like white or dull like gray.
There are Pyramid caps available which can be used during reading, learning, cooking, resting, etc. Pyramids transfer cosmic energy into human body and so all sorts of metal or leather materials should be removed from your surroundings as they can have a reverse effect.
Keep the room neat and clean, you will not only enjoy the moment but also be content at heart. It is advised to keep pregnant ladies and kids below 3 years away from pyramid meditation, or they shouldn’t stay there for more than 20 minutes.
Always pray that you are thankful to your parents, nature, God and cosmic energy of the Pyramid before you start off with meditation. The Buddha Maitreya Ascension Head Pyramid - Meditation & Healing Tool is certainly that and will be a great buy. Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools have provided some nice touches and this results in great value. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Ascension Head Pyramid is an effective and simple to use meditation and healing tool for yourself and others - a form of vibrational, energy medicine that transmits the healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the American born living reincarnation of Buddha to help a person attune to their higher mind and awaken, integrate and heal the Soul. The Buddha Maitreya Ascension Head Pyramid helps awaken the Soul or Buddha Nature - the divine, enlightened essence within all Life. The capstone is etched with a Metatron's Cube on each face, a sacred geometric form that contains every platonic solid and represents the Monad and Soul. There are over 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs also called biomorphs.
Depicted in an extremely remote area, it sits atop an arid mountain plateau, causing confusion among those who have been able to observe it directly. Today, the mandala has become a generic term used to describe any diagram, chart or geometrical pattern that represents the cosmos.
In addition, several other smaller circles, approximately 20 feet in diameter are etched in the landscape along with a series of strategically placed holes.
While Skeptics remain unconfident, suggesting that these structures are mere natural formations, satellite images and accounts of people traveling there tell a much different story. Even though this is something considered as unlikely by mainstream scholars, the only way we will know for sure the secrets hidden beneath the ice is by exploring the continent and allowing society to see the results. If researchers manage to prove that the pyramids of Antarctica are man-made structures, the discovery could cause a major revision of the history of humanity.
This specialized selective breeding can continue for generation after generation until a breed of dog is developed.
In fact, the most modern laboratories are unable to produce a left-hand protein as found in humans and animals. The people from Russia and the Nordic countries have white skin, blood hair and blue eyes.
A leopard from the jungle near the equator has fur like the snow leopard of the Himalayas. As an example, a computer was programmed in an attempt to arrive at the simple 26-letter alphabet. Any student who uses logic and solid scientific evidence to question the Theory of Evolution is ridiculed and insulted into submission. This concept is based on the suggestion that those members of a species that are a little stronger, a little larger, or run a little faster will live longer to procreate offspring with these superior adaptations. The deer that can sense danger the quickest and run the fastest are able to escape the predator on a more consistent basis. Do you think the whales are trying to expedite a multi-million generation plan to grow legs? The fossil record (petrified bones found in the ground as at the Dinosaur National Park in Jensen, Utah, USA) shows no intermediate or transitional species.
The long neck actually placed the Cetiosaurus at a disadvantage in his environment, just the opposite from the natural Theory of Natural Selection. Look at the feet with the big toe spread away from the smaller toes exactly like a modern chimpanzee, not like people. Darwin was hopeful that future fossils would prove his theory correct, but instead, the lack of transitional links has proven his theory to be wrong. If evolution were true, all plants, animals, and insects would be in a continual state of change. The number of bones of the Ape-girl skeleton are unique because Lucy had only a few head fragments. The evolutionists call the animal a "human-like" female child about three years of age and an "individual." This is not a "human-like" fossil.
Scientists many years ago claimed a tooth found was Nebraska Man, a pre-human fossil millions of years old.
The find consists of the whole skull, the entire torso, and important parts of the upper and lower limbs.
The hyoid bone reflects how the voice box is built and perhaps what sounds a species can produce.
There is considerable argument about whether the Dikika girl could also climb trees like an ape.
It also had gorilla-like shoulder blades which suggest it could have been skilled at swinging through trees.
The growth of biological knowledge is producing scientific facts that contradict the evolutionary theory, not confirm it, a fact that famous Prof. The theory states that infinitesimal changes within each generation evolve into a new species, but the scientific fact remains.
Darwin assumed transitional forms would be discovered in the fossil record over time, but that has not been the case. He knew that a failure to find the missing transitional links would seriously cripple his theory of evolution, but he was hopeful the missing links would be found some day.
We now see that the fish recently caught is exactly like the 350 million-year-old fossil. The fossil was discovered in a limestone quarry in southern Germany in 1861 and has been debated ever since. It had the skeleton of a small dinosaur with a tail, fingers with claws on the leading edge of the wing, and teeth in the jaws. Finding a few species with characteristics similar to two other species does not prove a link.

It and the two species of echidna are the only monotremes or egg-laying mammals to be found on earth. These features, together with their egg-laying ability, are more like that of a lizard than a mammal. The scientists have apparently forgotten that the first fossil gap, Archaeopteryx, shown above was also a fraud. Each of these individuals represents a new branch on the tree that is moving away from the uninterrupted branch. Only a few of these individuals will begin new branches that will eventually become a new species such as a Zebra. The theory of survival of the fittest or natural selection also works in reverse to produce death to the branch where the changes are inferior. 2 above that the missing intermediary individuals in the branch of the evolutionary tree present a serious problem for the Theory of Evolution. The theory developed that perhaps lightning struck a pond of water, causing several molecules to combine in a random way, which by chance resulted in a living cell. The components of the smallest living cell have the obvious arrangement showing intelligent design, just as the Boeing 747 did not appear from random parts stacked near each other in a junk yard. Darwin developed the Tree of Life theory, claiming that some species were lower in the branches of the tree and evolved into the upper branches. The DNA does not change because of external adaptation to the environment as taught by Darwin and still falsely taught in universities by biology professors. The human female like other mammals has XX sex chromosomes, and the male has XY sex chromosomes.
Evolutionists claim environmental factors cause small changes in the offspring in the evolutionary chain. Her body cannot go into the eggs contained within her ovaries at her birth to make an intelligent genetic change. Neither is there any scientific evidence that environmental experiences change the genetic code within the sperm. 5." Based on my knowledge, the DNA, which is the software of all living things, can bring improvements to a species, though I agree that it cannot change it into an entirely different kind. Increased resistance to cold can be observed in the descendants of the nomadic tribes, such as gypsies, even though they are no longer living in harsh conditions. Thomas Tassioulas, a 7th generation Clinical Metaphysician, has been working with pyramid energy and other energy tools for over 35 years. Thomas ensures that all healing meditation pyramids are personally hand crafted and metaphysically balanced, charged, and programmed.
The master crystal is then cleansed and programmed to complete the personalized healing meditation pyramid. Many sleep in the Healing & Meditation Pyramid to improve their sleeping patterns and for inner peace and healing. They are both teachers and spiritual growth facilitators and have lectured at Public and Private Hospitals, Tertiary Institutions, and educating Medical Practitioners.
Thomas Tassioulas will be sent to you when your personalized Healing and Meditation Pyramid has been dispatched.
Your personalized Ikosohedron Harmonizer will balance and harmonize you and your environment, at home, or at your workplace.
This is another powerful tool that allows you to look into the future dimension of yourself and has the capabilities to explore other places and spiritual experiences. It is given by "laying on of hands" in several positions on the head, front and back of the body. The Atlantean communicator is a link with the other people living on our planet or other beings in spirit that allow a message to be transmitted for your personal development. A priceless experience of Spiritual Self Development that will profoundly change the rest of your life!
Pure Copper is the ideal metal for conducting and amplifying these currents of healing and awakening.
Azeztulite fills the body with Spiritual Light, transmuting old patterns of contraction, and awakening the cells to the Light of the Great Central Sun. Recently pyramid meditation has become very famous because it helps us to stay in harmony with the people and environment around. There are a few important points which people should not neglect when they start practicing pyramid meditation. That will make you feel more positive and you will have the sense of spirituality alive, while you meditate.
Used on a daily basis, it helps to protect from astral influences, de-crystallize negative patterns or habits and truly heal mind, body and emotions. It helps a person enjoy a quieter mind, calmer emotions and more vitality - healing physical, emotional and mental problems and supporting a more caring, virtuous and loving reality in their daily life. Like Bill Hicks said, I think they (the Christians) are testing me and my patience with them! If natural selection were true, humans in the tropics would have silver, reflective skin to help them keep cool, but they don't. This is the opposite of what one would predict if natural selection controlled skin color.
The cheetah DNA is so identical that the skin from one cheetah can be grafted into another cheetah without any rejection by the body.
After 35,000,000,000,000 (35 trillion) attempts it has only arrived at 14 letters correctly. The students who submit become non-thinking robots who dare not question the dogma presented. This procedure can be done with humans only because there are many extinct monkey and ape species.
Evolutionist claimed the 350 million-year-old Coelacanth evolved into animals with legs, feet, and lungs. There should be millions or billions of transitional links if evolution were true, not simply a few. Platypus are readily identified by their streamlined body, webbed feet, broad tail, and characteristic muzzle or bill which is soft and pliable. The Platypus has made a joke of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and his unproven theory of natural selection.
One superior individual of the 100,000 is missing, but now we have an even more serious defect in the theory.
In fact, scientists have been unable to create a single left-hand protein molecule as found in all animals. The top scientists in the world with unlimited laboratory resources cannot change inorganic matter into a single organic living cell. He selected species that looked similar to each other and placed them together, like placing the zebra below the horse. This short time period between the creation of the sperm and conception within the female precludes any possibility that the male can be a part of the evolutionary process.
Over the entire human genome, that works out to roughly 30 errors every single time the genome replicates. This is achieved by providing Thomas with your personal details such as your full name at birth, place of birth, and time of birth if known. Copper is not used for the base and side construction because the primary use of the healing meditation pyramid is for humans.
Katherine Tassioulas, Thomas and Katherine initiate people into higher vibrations worldwide, educate and teach spiritual enlightenment, and lead the most amazing spiritual tours to sacred and spiritually significant places worldwide. Their work combines Energetic Healing techniques with principles to provide integrated and balanced healing, leaving profound experiences for those who study and travel with them. Seichem is a natural healing method and powerful tool that works with Reiki and adds an extra dimension to healing. It rises the feelings of calmness, well being and gives us a positive attitude to face life and situations with courage. The 51 degree pyramid is a temple whose sacred proportions relate to both the human form and the sacred geomancy of the Earth and its relationship to the Moon, Sun and Cosmos. Marinus of Tyre, a Greek geographer, cartographer and mathematician used the name in a world map of the second century A.D.
They have black skin, just the opposite of what the theory of natural selection would predict.
The theory of natural selection is wrong because it cannot create something in the DNA that wasn't there in the beginning. This brainwashing results in children who are unable to think logically, scientifically, and accurately.
This wiggling and choking continues for millions of generation until the fish chokes less and less. The scientists had sculptured an entire ape-like skeleton from information they found in one tooth. The missing link problem is getting worse, not better, with the discovery of more fossils. It is now known that the natives of the Comoro Islands had been catching and eating the fish for years. Most layers of the earth's crust are completely devoid of all life, but then a layer will appear that is teaming with an absolute abundance of separate species, each containing millions of individuals.
Life did not originate by the accidental sticking together of a few molecules as Darwin taught. The DNA of all life forms, including plants and trees, absolutely destroys Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.
The propulsion system of the bacteria has 40 moving parts made from protein molecules, including a motor, rotor, stator, drive shaft, bushings, universal joint, and flexible propeller.
Copper is great for use as base and sides for pyramids when humans are not placed in them.
Thomas Tassioulas is a 7th generation Clinical Metaphysician, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Reiki and Seichem Master Practitioner and Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Psycho-Physical Healer, Esoteric Astrologer, Registered Trainer and Assessor, with a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. They are leading authorities on the Metaphysical and Esoteric studies of Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools and other civilizations. Thomas and Katherine are Metaphysicians and Psychophysical Healers from birth going back several generations.
It is a dynamic healing tool that can be used by therapists, healers, and practitioners that are working with the healing of the human body. These healing energies can be channeled for self healing or for the healing of others or living things.
The 51 degree pyramid represents the Word of God and Evolution - prana, vitality made manifest into form.
If so… why would ancient mankind create art that cannot be fully appreciated from the ground? His gills evolve into lungs so he can breathe air on dry land, but now he is at risk of drowning in the water. These lies were exposed when real scientists found the tooth to be from a peccary, an animal similar to (and closely related to) pigs. Thomas is currently a director of the Australasian Institute of Health and Healing, Pyramid Healing Systems and National Institute of Hypnotherapy.
Other stones such as the Synergy 12 and Ascension Stones offer powerful blends for a wealth of transformational experiences. By the use of this technique of meditation a lot of meditators, have expressed, their results to be very fruitful. They have experienced memory recall, visions of the past incarnation, telepathic communications and an increase in awareness. Helps to balance the pituitary and pineal glands as well as the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
Hang over any area like a bed or desk to help maintain a sacred space and transform, transmute and protect from negative energies. Has a transcendental effect and can be used for long distance healing by placing over pictures or names of people.

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