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This means that if you buy something from a link, an ad or a recommendation on this website we might get paid an affiliate commission. Meridians and Diet-Emotional ConnectionsThe ancient Chinese knew a long time ago the direct physical connection between the meridian channels of the body and the emotional state and even the diet. For example, someone who has a lot of anger or eats a lot of heavy, rich foods may get soreness, tightness in their Gallbladder Meridian. One Meridian Exercise I like to use comes from the 14 Meridian Qigong Exercises, which are the Heavenly Pillar exercises. Bring your head to center while inhaling, then tilt to the right, exhaling.  Again feel the connection in the muscle fascia from your feet to your neck as you stretch in this exercise. Turn your head to the right, exhaling.  The mind should be on the Yong Quan point (K11) on the right foot. If you are interested to learn more about Meridian Qigong and theory don’t miss our Meridian Qigong Teacher Training starting January 5th in Bali. Next is an article from Xinhua News Agency about the rise of the international reputation of Qigong. When Chinese around the world celebrate their Lunar New Year next month, six delegations, organized by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA), will visit seven countries - Canada, Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia and the United States, all places they have never been before. During the visits, 40 plus trainers of qigong, a system of deep breathing exercises, will demonstrate their skills in squares of big cities, and hold news conferences to introduce this Chinese traditional art of fitness. According to Zou Jijun, vice president and secretary general of the CHQA, these qigong trainers are professors in sports universities, and state-level trainers from China's provincial areas. As the double-digit growth of China's economy continues, Chinese traditional culture has become a focus for the outside world. Qigong (also written as Chi Kung) refers to the type of exercise that manages the health of mind, body and breath. In its 5,000-year history, qigong has absorbed different traditional Chinese cultural schools. Nowadays, qigong has been classified into two categories: one is Medical Qigong, which is used in some Chinese traditional medical treatment, and the other is Health Qigong, which people use to stay healthy. Zou said that based on traditional qigong practices and the needs of modern society, the CHQA has released four sets of practice forms, the oldest one of which, Wu Qin Xi (Frolics of Five Animals) dates back some 2,000 years ago.
In order to attract more foreign practitioners, Zou said the CHQA has held three rounds of overseas promotion activities since 2006. As the number of practitioners of tai chi and qigong is increasing in Japan, Etsuko hoped she could open a Chinese fitness center after returning home. However, Hu believes what's more important is that the philosophy qigong embraces promotes not only the integration of body and mind, but also the environment and mankind, society and individuals. This site contains materials from other clearly stated media sources for the purpose of discussion stimulation and content enrichment among our members only. Check out one of our amazing Medical Qigong meditations and discover the amazing quality for yourself.  Just click below and enter your email address on the following page for a free instant download! Discover the Fire offers the perfect way to learn Qigong online.  Qigong is the ideal art form to regain your health, find happiness, and discover spiritual peace. Right now you can enjoy all of our available courses for one low monthly or yearly membership fee.  Pick a course and get started today!

Join the #1 online community for learning Qigong online.  Our courses are suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners. Learn at your own pace and choose from any of our available online courses.  Our courses features high quality audio, video, and written documentation for the very best learning experience. There are three very simple things I do each time before practicing Qigong that I think can benefit most any practitioner. I have been religious every morning about the magnification meditation since you have sent it, and it has done wonders.
I love the idea of your website and the courses and I love having a place to learn qigong online.
It is really great to have a wide range of Qigong sources available on the Internet through the “Discover the Fire” website. She will be facilitating this, 1 hour, weekly class, every Tuesday Morning beginning July 7th at 10:30am.
If we look at this from a western perspective, the muscle fascia lines in this area of the body may tighten or knot. White Tiger Qigong specializes in Medical Qigong, Martial Qigong, Qigong Retreats, Qigong Teacher Trainings and more. In order to better promote Health Qigong, they will also train local trainers so that the trainers can spread the concept abroad. Its Chinese characteristics and healthy lifestyle may attract foreigners who are interested in Chinese culture and health," said Zou. Some typical Chinese symbols, like martial arts, acupuncture and tai chi have spread around the globe.
Every morning, senior citizens gather in parks and on riverbanks to practise qigong, making it a typical scene of Chinese city life. I find that tai chi and qigong are interrelated, and qigong can help me breathe more smoothly," said Etsuko.
They have visited nearly 30 countries, in which more than 50,000 foreign people watched their demonstrations, while 10,000 plus began to practise the exercise. When people enjoy their Chinese-style fitness, they experience the unique Chinese concept of life and humanity at the same time. With this promotion method of training the trainers, Zou Jijun of the CHQA believes that more and more foreigners will be interested in Health Qigong. They practise tai chi and qigong in the parks every morning, instead of laying on a bed with their lives being maintained by medical equipment," said Hu.
In the rapidly growing modern international society challenged by environmental pollution and social conflicts, this philosophy seems critical for building a harmonious world.
It has numerous health benefits and is practiced for spiritual enhancement, medical purposes, and even self-defense.  For COPD patients Qigong helps you breathe. I was having all kinds of trouble with my back and other issues and I’m happy to say that I can feel the strength returning and the pain is gone. Really enjoying being a member of DtF and look forward to continuing to grow in my Qigong practice.
Qigong is a gentle way to add exercise to your life that provides excellent physical and mental benefits.

I wrote detailed information about the meridians in an older blog post Meridians and Muscle Fascia. As you can see the Gallbladder Meridian flows from the foot, up the side of the body, over the hip, crossing the oblique’s, up the side of the neck and eventually over the head. Qigong, one of the cultural symbols, is going abroad to show off the skills which have taken thousands of years to develop.
Qi, as used in the context of the phrase qigong, refers to both the signal that controls the functioning of the body and the actual functions of the body. Chinese people practiced it to prevent minor diseases, improve their immune system and prolong life. Adjusting the breath can improve the functions of internal organs," said Professor Hu Xiaofei of Beijing Sports University.
She gave up her well-paid job in a bank in Japan's Osaka March last year when she decided to go to Beijing. Now the CHQA has more than 50organizations overseas, and deployed trainers in 29 countries. This is especially helpful for morning practice when your mind may be tempted to wander and focus on the day ahead. There are no click me buy me messages that really put me off, there is no pretentious talk and self-promotion. When someone has excessive anger or eats a lot of heavy, rich foods it may effect the Gallbladder meridian or muscle fascia line that crosses this area of the body. Through Meridian Qigong, we can stretch and gradually work out the knots that the tightness has created, thus freeing your Qi and circulation throughout your body. The word gong is the short form for gong fu (kung fu), which means training with time and effort. According to the BSU, hundreds of foreigners like Etsuko come to the university to study qigong every year. The exercises seem perfectly selected both for beginners and slightly more experienced practitioners. When there is too much stagnation in a particular meridian, it will then cut off proper circulation from the organ to the body parts that that organ feeds and vice versa. The symptoms could be a tight neck and headaches as we can see the Gallbladder Meridian crosses over the head. After a year of practice, she found it was still interesting, but had become more and more difficult. All these requirements will help build a moderate, peaceful and amiable character, a typical Chinese person's character created mostly by Confucian philosophy. What is happening the fascia around the neck is tightening which then pulls on the muscle fascia line going over the head, causing a headache.

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