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Digital Records for e-Social Science, or 'DReSS' for short, is a Research Node of the ESRCa€™s National Centre for e-Social Science, which seeks to promote Digital Social Research. The nodea€™s work has resulted in the development of the Digital Replay System, or DRS, a next generation a€?CAQDASa€™ tool.
Human interaction is increasingly conducted through digital mechanisms, and DReSS provides a suite of tools that support qualitative social research in the 21st Century. The Corpus Linguistics Advanced Research Education and Training (CLARET) Workshop, University of Nottingham, April 29 2010. The NCRM Qualitative Innovations in CAQDAS (QUIC) Node, University of Surrey, 13th January 2009.
The NCRM Qualitative Innovations in CAQDAS (QUIC) Node, University of Surrey, 13th November 2008.
The 4th International Conference on e-Social Science, University of Manchester, June 18-20 2008. The Electroencephalography (EEG) Unit, Neurophysiology Department, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, May 19 2008. The Work Practice Technology group, Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE), Grenoble, France, April 29 2008. The Corpus Linguistics Advanced Research Education and Training (CLARET) Workshop, University of Nottingham, January 21-22 2008. The Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics (CRAL) Seminar Series, University of Nottingham, October 17 2007. The 2007 UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (NCeSS Booth), University of Nottingham, September 10-13 2007. The 2006 UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (NCeSS Booth), University of Nottingham, September 18-21 2006.
The 2005 UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (NCeSS Booth), University of Nottingham, September 19-22 2005.
The CAQDAS Networking Project, Team Analysis of Multimedia & Multiple Digital Records, University of Surrey (2009).
NCRM Collaborative Project Shaping Next Generation CAQDAS Tools, NCRM QUIC Node and NCeSS DReSS Node (2008). New Zealand e-Research project Building Research Capability in the Social Sciences Network (BRCCS), supporting the use of DRS in Access Grid Research (2008). Economic and Social Data Service Data Exchange Tools and Conversion Utilities (DExT) project, exploration of data exchange standards in qualitative software (2008).
National Science Foundation and ESRC Special Activity in the Area of e-Science a€?Collaborative Exchangea€™, supporting integration of DRS with the Social Informatics Data Grid (SIDGrid) (2007).

Oxford e-Social Science Node (OeSS), workshop on the ethics of e-social science research (2006).
Report of the International Panel for the 2009 Review of the UK Research Councils e-Science Programme, RCUK Review of e-Science 2009, RCUK. Russell Brand strongly suggests that, like him, people should not vote and he positively encourages widespread revolution. Although Brand had not thought through his argument, made vast generalisations, encouraged the public to stop using their voting rights and was unable to suggest an alternative system, he was able to gain significant amounts of attention in a very short time period.
Why are people so compelled by this, turning it from a video that had only a few hundred hits, to becoming two videos that (at the time of writing this blog) now have over 8,000,000 hits, plus a host of other versions, which are also in their 000’s? People like to see content that stands out; maybe it is shocking, compelling in quality or ‘laugh out loud’ funny.
The juxtaposition of conducting an interview with a well-known comedian on a serious political programme, is in itself interesting viewing. Cardiff council has unveiled proposals for what it says will be a€?the most radical step changea€? in social care in Wales for a generation.
The Labour-run authority wants to launch an arms-length company to provide adult social care in the city a€“ the first scheme of its kind in Wales.
The company, known as Cardiff Cares, would have its own workforce and provide adult care services like domiciliary (at home) care. The spin-out company would compete for business against private sector care providers, which the council believes will help lift standards in the industry. It hopes to improve care provided to Cardiffa€™s elderly and vulnerable by ensuring the staff are better paid and motivated than those currently in the private sector. A report being presented to Cabinet on Thursday said the system of competitive tendering pushes down prices and, as a consequence, depresses the pay and conditions of care workers. It says the process of awarding large contracts, based largely on price, contributes to a€?the race to the bottoma€? because return to shareholders is the key driver for private firms. Councillor Luke Holland, Cabinet member for adult services, said the current system was a€?not fit for purposea€?. He said care provided to some of the most vulnerable people in the city a€?should and can be bettera€?. A return to the days of the council providing adult social care itself, however, has been ruled out as too expensive. Cardiff Cares would take overall responsibility for managing the provision of adult care services which the council currently commissions, either through direct services or arrangements with other providers.
According to Essex council, Essex Cares a€“ the first company set up by a local authority to provide social care services a€“ has supports 115,000 people a year and has a 100% satisfaction rate.

On Thursday, the Cabinet will agree to set up of a task force to examine how the care market in Cardiff can be modernised by a€?reducing significantly or abandoning the councila€™s reliance on competitive tenderinga€?. One way the council believes the reliance on large contracts with private firms can be reduced is to encourage more service users to make a€?direct paymentsa€?. In the first year, the council hopes to double the number of people making direct payments, which allow people to have control over the services they receive.
The Social Care Modernisation Task Force, which will be made up of various stakeholders, will report back in May before setting out the first steps for change in July.
It looks as if those in charge of Cardiff council, Heather Joyce and Russell Goodway, are about to make massive cuts to the city budget (a€?Labour warning: This is a budget unlike any othera€?, Echo, January 25).
I dona€™t know where David Gorton (You Say, December 31) gets his information from but public sector workers do not get two thirds of their final salary as a pension. The DReSS developed tools that enable qualitative researchers to exploit traditional audio-visual and textual resources alongside new forms of data gathered within digital environments, such as GPS, WiFi, and other sensor-based data. Like other CAQDAS tools, DRS enables the synchronisation, replay, and analysis of audio and video recordings. The extremely popular interview between Jeremy Paxman and Russell Brand filmed for Newsnight was primarily publicised straight afterwards, by viewers using Facebook and Youtube.
Mr Brand states that politicians do not listen to the public, and that they are a privileged class who don’t understand or connect with the working people of the country. When I first watched it, it had 505 hits; by the same evening this video had over 300,000 hits. Whatever type of content your company decides to produce, it has to ‘speak’ to your customer in a way that they will feel driven to share it with the widest audience possible. Distinctively, DRS also enables these conventional resources to be combined with data recorded in digital environments. In the interview, Brand presents himself as if his sincerity is unquestionable, although Paxman quotes him as being facetious and his comical side is clearly expressed.
Brand’, as it is called on the most popular Youtube video, is a great concept and it clearly worked as a viral piece.
We have been in a recession, and many in the country have been calling out that a Conservative led coalition does not understand the plight of the country.
Extremism is on the rise all over the UK, with racial attacks taking place on a weekly basis.

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