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Black Lantern Superman is one of the many alternate costumes coming to downloadable content for Injustice: Gods Among Us in June!
The decayed variant takes inspiration from Blackest Night -- a 2009 DC Comics event that brought characters back from the grave as zombie agents of death: The Black Lantern Corps! If members of the Corps had to be of the deceased variety -- you may be wondering what Superman's doing running around with dirty black duds and a lust for human hearts.
It should be noted that Blackest Night featured as part of Injustice pre-order exclusives; offering a generic zombie mode and Black Lantern Batman skin. In June 1938, the first appearance of Superman (in Action Comics #1) changed the course of American comic books forever! After a period of dormancy for the superhero genre in the post-war decade; DC Comics relaunched their classic properties under modern guises, starting with Flash (Barry Allen) in 1956, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) in 1959. To further distinguish this alternate Superman from his continuing modern counterpart; the Earth-2 variety was rechristened "Kal-L" (as in early stories) and given a stylized S symbol on a more matured character. The adventures of the Golden Age heroes continued with regular crossover meetings with their Earth-1 juniors.
Written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by George Perez; Crisis would be one of the first major event series in comics history. Both Supermen combined their powers as part of a special league gathered to battle the Anti-Montior. Earth-2 Superman would strike the final blow against the Anti-Monitor, accompanied by the Superboy of doomed Earth-Prime, and a cosmically powered hero named Alexander Luthor Jr. In the twenty years between the two Crisis events; the DC Universe had been rebooted as a sequential, modern universe. While Luthor Jr used the remains of the Anti-Monitor's technology to attempt to tune the universes back to something more palatable; Superboy-Prime would rise to become one of the deadliest new villains of the 2000s! The two Supermen would attack by flying Superboy-Prime to the poisoned remains of Krypton, where that planets red sun could strip them all of their powers.
It was a touching conclusion for the first Superman, but of course, when Blackest Night saw the resurrection of dead heroes as emotive weapons against the living -- the Earth-2 Superman would return once again!
In spin-off mini-series -- Blackest Night: Superman and Blackest Night: JSA -- the Black Lantern Superman would bedevil the likes of Superman, Superboy & Powergirl!
The Black Lantern Corps were the agents of event big-bad Nekron: entity of death who even ensnared the Anti-Monitor in his plot to destroy life!
It should be said, heroes who'd been touched by death were briefly transformed by Black Lantern rings.
Blackest Night and Red Son costume packs offer three alternate skins for $2.99 (240 MS Points) and go on sale June 11!
Ambush Bug: So, how does a writer of a hit show like HBO's ENTOURAGE come to write a comic like MOON KNIGHT? Mike Benson (MB): Reggie Hudlin is a friend of mine and he was working with Axel Alonso on the BLACK PANTHER.
MB: I was already reading and enjoying Huston’s MOON KNIGHT before I was in contention to write it, so when we met for the first time it was very easy. Axel Alonso (AA): I usually go out and find them, but in this case it was Reggie Hudlin that introduced me to Mike.
Bug: There's been a lot of work done on the character of Moon Knight to distinguish him from his DC counterpart, Batman.
Bug: Any chance of seeing Tigra, Moon Knight's furry ex-squeeze from WEST COAST AVENGERS, pop up for a little bit of a love triangle? MB: Let’s just say there’s a little nod to her, but Tigra doesn’t make an appearance in the initial arc. Over the course of a year or two, I fielded a couple of proposals from writers who ostensibly agreed with me about the protagonist -- until it came down to putting it on paper when he became just another grim warrior cut from the same cloth as Batman or Wolverine. Bug: To Axel, do you have a clear long-term path that you want Marc Spector to travel down or are you more open to deviating from that path from one writer to the next depending on quality of story? AA: There are certain touchpoints that are etched in stone -- details that Mike helped sculpt and is totally down with. Bug: In the preview I got to read, there's some pretty demented stuff going on towards the end of issue #15.
Bug: One of the things that really impressed me about the pages I got to read was your understanding of Moon Knight's moves and weaponry. Bug: One of the things I have noticed with writers who make the leap from other media to comics is that they often try to write a comic as if it were a prose book, a television show, or a film -- not taking into account that there is a different type of storytelling technique altogether at play when it comes to making comics. Bug: Question for Axel, how do you work with writers new to comics to help them understand the transition from one medium to another? AA: It takes a little longer with novelists because they aren’t as used to thinking in spot visuals.
Bug: I always liked the character of Morpheus, the man who couldn't sleep, from the old MOON KNIGHT series. Bug: The team of artists that made GHOST RIDER so popular, Mark Texeira and Javier Saltares, are teaming up again with you on MOON KNIGHT.
MB: I’ll stay on MOON KNIGHT as long as I feel I have something to contribute and as long I’m having fun doing it.
MB: The entire first arc has been a blast, but the one I’m really excited about is the one with Jack Russell.
Of course, between all the obscure continuity nods, madcap humor and genius use of the Marvel universe, it was also something uniquely Slott. The first thing that strikes me is that this isn’t what you’d typically call a “Peter David comic”. While in some ways this couldn’t be further removed from what Dan Slott was doing, I am also pleased to report that it fits right in and figuratively sprints with what he’s set up. PAD’s pulled something of a “One Year Later” trick, jumping forward a few months to tease us with this new status quo. The art…well, all I can say is imagine if this guy had been drawing PLANET WITHOUT A HULK, Slott’s last full arc on the book.

The story is good enough, a classic theme that defines many heroes: guilt over the death of a loved one, and trying not to allow that guilt to translate into depression or blind rage. And the bottom, bottom line, the real reason I had to do this review is…well, the last couple pages got me misty-eyed. OK, I’m really getting sick of reading the same issue over and over when it comes to first issue Marvel comics. It’s as if the guy who wrote that god-awful Silver Surfer as an alien visitor series (you know the one from a few years back, where everyone talked about seeing an alien and then at the end, the Silver Surfer shows up on a splash page…I tell you, my tits are still tingling from that shockeroo) mapped out a template and afterwards every Tom, Dick, and Joey at Marvel has to follow the exact same path when it comes to first issues. This issue is a prime example of the tired method of decompressed storytelling that we are all sick to death of by now. The references to past Foolkillers were appreciated, although how this one ties to the one who Spidey and Man-Thing fought years ago and the one from the aforementioned miniseries is not explained. Let’s see, he’s a boy who grew up reading about comic book heroes and devoted his life to them, only to end up hating them as they became unlike the characters he knew and loved, leading him to lash out in a potentially self-destructive way?
I’ll also say it is probably one of the very best drawn issues of the year too, featuring star turns from my new favorite superhero guy Pete Woods (seriously, check this out, his stuff is amazing) and old pro Jerry Ordway. It is my sincerest hope that Chris has already made millions off his many endeavors over the years.
Betsy fights alone for three pages and is overwhelmed by sheer numbers before Sage finally steps in. In fact, I’m sure that’s the problem, because this review is the best at what it does…and what it does isn’t very nice.
The first two volumes of MIDDLEMAN were very light and silly without being stupid or just a series of repetitive setups for groan-inducing gags. Marxuach made Mexican wrestling and the cliche of an Asian sensei as trainer of the titular hero in the second volume.
All good heroes need an arch-villain and, finally, Marxuach introduces the reader to Kanimang Kang who serves that role for Middleman.
There are illiterate, deaf, mute ninja assassins, beautiful seductresses with paralyzing poisons, giant shark monsters (a concept I can claim credit for), an elephant polo match, bizarre henchmen, and even a touching character arc with Wendy forced to choose between her old life and her new life. It has been tradition in THE MIDDLEMAN volumes to include extra treats after the main story. Chad Thomas, the winner of Viper’s talent search, does a fine job illustrating a “possible” future for Wendy. I’ll start with THE EVIL INSIDE since it’s the one of the two books that I enjoyed the most. Comicspace page This is an ambitious and well-crafted tale of survival, following a young girl who is just trying to survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Septacon Studios The trail of revenge continues with this issue as our hero Michael and his pair of blazing guns continue to seek out targets for his rage. IDW Publishing I tried IDW’s first SCARFACE offering, which was a direct sequel to the popular Al Pacino film.
Story & Art by Eric Allard This comic has more KRAK-KA-THOOM’s per page than any other comic I’ve ever read. Image Comics Not sure when this one came out, but it is definitely a zombie book worth taking notice of. Marvel Comics How does the “New” Fantastic Four manage to stick around longer in BLACK PANTHER than in the pages of the FF itself?
Marvel Comics Why am I afraid the actual end to WORLD WAR HULK won’t be half as satisfying as the three alternates presented in this issue?
DC Comics This book reminded me of one of those issues that happen an issue or two after a big battle between Daredevil or Spider-Man and the Kingpin. But I did read the first two volumes of Annihilation - that's a freaking cool event comic right there. Happy Birthday Superman! February 29 is traditionally the day we celebrate Superman's birthday. Why February 29?
The answer is more unusual than you might think -- and it's got nothing to do with 1992's iconic Death of Superman event! As previously detailed; the resurrected Dark Knight was another technical new inclusion, based on the machinations of Darkseid and a little human cloning [read more].
The success of the superhero archetype brought about more creations, which eventually saw Superman joined by a veritable universe of colourful superheroes!
The introduction of this new generation supplanted their largely unrelated predecessors (Jay Garrick and Alan Scott) and created the divide of a Golden Age and Silver Age of DC Comics. The complications of this ever growing shared universe and refinements to characters meant increasing complications in the plot and sequence of events.
Come 1985; the initative of DC editorial was to streamline their catalogue of multiple Earths, removing them with a radical 12-part maxi-series called Crisis on Infinite Earths! It brought together thousands of versions of DC heroes and villains, gathered to confront the interdimensional menace of The Anti-Monitor -- a corrupt cosmic entity intent on ruling the Multiverse with the power he gained from destroying universes!
With Earth-2 erased, Kal-L would ultimately choose to fight alone against the interdimensional despot -- sacrificing himself to allow the other heroes to escape to the reborn DC Universe [a convenience of future publishing plans]. It seemed as if the final send-off to the first Superman would result in the extinction of this trio of heroes, but Luthor's powers over the dimensions would play out in the revelatory twist of 2006's Infinite Crisis! Stories like Batman Year One reframed the origins of the heroes in a modern age, realigning the timeline to accomodate a consistent run from the Golden Age to present day. Infinite Crisis challenged that on the twentieth anniversary of the streamlining, when writer Geoff Johns introduced the survival of Earth-2 Superman and his fellows. Immune to kryptonite because of his Earth-Prime origins, and intent on bringing back the tropes of the Silver Age, he waged a bloody one-man war against all who opposed him!
Superboy-Prime woud finally be subdued, but the toll of the fight would catch-up with Kal-L, who died of his injuries.
Like all Black Lanterns, his mission was to destroy life by evoking the emotions that make us easy targets!
He was ultimately undone by the combined powers of the emotional spectrum and the emergence of a White Lantern entity of life!

You can already preview the Black Lantern Superman skin as he battles Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat guests gameplay reveal trailer! This is a very recent development and Jack Russell kind of fell right into my hands and played into what was being set up.
The EXILES return to Earth 616 and unite with the recently cancelled EXCALIBER crew, making possible a reunion between Nocturne and her former teammates (including her paramour, Thunderbird) and the Braddock siblings, among others.
If you can’t tell, THE EVIL INSIDE is the horror comic of the two and it’s actually a really, really good attempt at emulating the classic EC brand of horror storytelling made famous by titles such as TALES FROM THE CRYPT and SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES. I mean if you look at how the women in this book are drawn they all look like, well, Top Cow comic wannabe super heroines.
I thought Civil War's use of an actual civil war between left wing heroes and right wing heroes was amazing, just the idea of it, people showing their true colours, but we always knew Iron man was a cunt, just not how much of a cunt.
This-- this is written by a guy who admittedly wanted to do the Punisher, and since it was taken for the foreseeable future, just made his own Punisher, but nothing here sounds like it should be the Foolkiller. Editor Julie Schwartz declared that Superman's birthday was on February 29th in a number of letter pages during the Silver Age.
In fact, the DLC technically introduces a new character to the Injustice roster, but for the full story we'll have to whip through a few decades of superhero adventure!
In the wonderful case of Black Lantern Superman, we have to go all the way back to the beginning of the DC Universe!
Sponsored by the conflicts of World War II, a Justice Society of America spawned iconic heroes like; Flash, Green Lantern, The Sandman, The Spectre, Dr. With the JSA deposed in favour of a new era, it was determined the classics would continue on in their own timeline on the parallel Earth-Two -- complete with their own Golden Age Superman!
They returned to the modern DCU to challenge its increasingly dark tone, having witnessed the new reality unfold from a pocket "paradise" universe created by Alexander Luthor Jr. Caught somewhere in the middle, Earth-2 Superman (Kal-L) would once again join his modern counterpart, battling to stop his crazed ally!
It's all a bit cosmic, but it made for one of the great DC epics of the last quarter century! The Black Lantern Superman skin being offered through Injustice: Gods Among Us is very specifically the Kal-L variety, evident in the short sleeves, wrist gauntlets, and five-fingered cape. Read our Privacy Policy.Mortal Kombat, the dragon logo and all character names are trademarks and copyright of Warner Bros. I say ambitious because both THE EVIL INSIDE and AMOUR seem to be emulating a type of comic book that barely even exists any more: the horror and romance anthology comic. THE EVIL INSIDE consists of three separate horror tales that are both entertaining and intriguing in their own ways. The Foolkiller (90s seriers) didn't even go after villians, per say, he went after idiots. Supposedly this is how Superman stays looking so young, after all he only has a birthday every four years! In 1985's "Superman Annual #11" his birthdate is mentioned as being February 29 in an actual story. Warning: If sprawling sagas of life, death and multiple universes are too much for you, you may wish to go do something boring! While there was a time in American history where anthology books of this mold sold like hotcakes, these days the multi-tale comic is a much harder sell. There’s an old school horror quality that Thompson is able to capture that brings an interesting charm to each of the stories as well as a solid storytelling narrative that brings an element of creepiness to each of the tales presented here.
So do the creators of this book actually think that guys are going to be interested in reading a romance book because it’s filled with “who wants to be the next Witchblade” contestants? While AMOUR was a pretty dry read Thompson did display a gift for natural sounding dialog in his characters interactions with each other.
If anything, it sounds like this idea should be a new incarnation of The Scourge or something, not Foolkiller. While "Time" magazine published a story in 1988 that also stated this date as being Superman's birthday. Oddly enough, Clark Kent celebrates his birthday on a completely different day. As a matter of fact, in the modern comic world the publishing of an anthology book is seen as a bad idea. THE EVIL INSIDE didn’t make my spine crawl with the heebie jeebies but it did make me smile in a way that the aforementioned EC comic line was able to back when I first read them. It’s mostly about how two attractive people meet each other on an anonymous internet date or at a nightclub or at a diner the morning before the San Diego Comic-Con.
Clark's celebrates his birthday on the day Jonathan and Martha Kent pulled him from the Kryptonian rocketship that landed in Smallville.
Unfortunately, THE EVIL INSIDE and AMOUR aren’t going to do anything to dissuade the general notion this type of comic book is a hard sell. Despite the fact that the third and final story was weakened by its ambiguousness, THE EVIL INSIDE presents an eerie enough package that I was able to appreciate it for what it was. I mean I understand that this seems to be a romance book told from the guy’s perspective but let’s be honest…is a guy really going to pick up a book called AMOUR? So it ends up being that the two meet, like each other, and begin a perfectly happy relationship with each other. I mean, if you’re going to do a romance book that you want male comic book readers to read at least put Spider-Man in it!
Benson and Marvel Editor Axel Alonso were kind enough to take the time to answer some of my questions. I mean, that’s what Sean McKeever did in the pages of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE, after all.
I just think that it’ll be a little while before many of the artists here are ready for prime-time.

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