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Read an ExcerptDark brows clenched in irritation above narrowed smoke-grey eyes, Francesco Mastroianni drove through the gathering gloom of a chilly March evening. SEDUCED…No woman on earth was immune to the devastating charms of billionaire bachelor Jack Tarkenton.
She's carrying his baby--so she will be his bride!Italian billionaire Francesco Mastroianni was captivated by Anna. This is an alternate-cover edition for ASIN B00AO6NH64.Damien Whitfield lost his father when he was an infant, and then lost his mother when he was a young teenager.
This third novel in The Virgin Billionaire series finds happy-go-lucky Luis Fortune living with the love of his life, Jase Nicholas, in the same Upper West Side building where they first met.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. But their passionate affair was cut short when Anna's father attempted to blackmail Francesco into marrying her.Seven months later, Francesco is shocked to see Anna again. Vicious rods of rain hit the windscreen of the throatily growling Ferarri, adding to his already sour mood. Though Jase has renovated the 95th Street apartment building and restored it into a grand single family home again, Luis finds himself longing for Alaska and the ties he's built with Jase's family, especially Isabelle, Jase's grandmother. Over the next ten years she combined writing novels with bringing up her children, gardening and cooking for the restaurant of a local inn – a wonderful excuse to avoid housework!

On her deathbed she made him promise to seek revenge for those she held responsible for her death. But neither Jase nor Luis can leave New York full time.Even though Luis is still busy with his modeling career and contributing posts to Elena's Romantic Treasures and Tidbits, Luis misses Alaska so much he becomes involved with an organization, The Angel Association, which helps unwed mothers find alternatives to abandoning their newborn babies. If she's carrying the Mastroianni heir, that can mean only one course of action for Francesco: marriage!
He was too fond of Silvana even to think of turning the weekend invitation down and spoiling her pleasure in showing off her new home. In 1987 Diana realized her dearest ambition – the publication of her first Mills & Boon romance. She never thought she'd have to accept a second convenient proposal—this time from her daughter's real father.
Damien grows up fast and conquers the business world, going from a homeless boy to a billionaire bachelor. He becomes so immersed he can't pass a dumpster or trash container without looking inside to see if there's an abandoned baby.To help take Luis' mind off missing Alaska, Jase plans a romantic weekend getaway in the country with old friends, Roland and Josh.
Trouble was, his cousin Silvana and her husband Guy had recently moved from their swanky London abode to a newly renovated manor house in a county that sent a shiver through him whenever the name was mentioned. Luis falls in love the little Pennsylvania town, but he's not fond of Roland and Josh's open relationship and their casual attitude toward sex with other men.

Although Meg consented to be his bride in name only, Jack would have his child's mother as his wife—in every sense of the word. So a few months later, Luis decides to surprise Jase for his birthday and buys an historic old home in the country that needs extensive renovations.But on the day Luis buys the dream house, he also learns a shocking secret about Jase's past.
Sierra grew up with a monster of a father after losing her mother at the tender age of six. She never thought she'd have to accept a second convenient proposal - this time from her daughter's real father.
Finally, her father does a business deal with Damien Whitfield, selling Sierra to the highest bidder. Damien and Sierra may both be running from old demon’s and forging ahead to what they think are their perfect futures, but fate has a way of changing everything. Although Meg consented to be his bride in name only, Jack would have his child's mother as his wife - in every sense of the word. That was the impression she'd seemingly arrived at, and although he hadn't lied he hadn't disabused her, too delighted to have found himself falling for the beautiful, gentle Anna who, so it had seemed, had been in love with him, the man, not with his financial clout.

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