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When Hitler stole pink rabbit-Anna must run from her home with her family, as her father is anti-Nazi, leaving everything behind.Follow her across countries, schools and homes.
Russian countess Anna has fled from Russia and hides her identity as a housemaid, despite having lived the life of a rich countess her whole life.
The magic toyshop-A unique novel about childhood, love, beauty and the destrcution of it,magic weaved in every page. Wither-a new story about a dystopian future, when women die at 20, men at 25, where Rhine is sold as a bride to Linden, trapped by his evil father and in love with his servant, Gabriel. Noughts and Crosses-A story of love and friendship, where the Crosses, the black people, are in charge over the white Noughts.

The Book Thief- Liesl, who steals books and has lost her brother and mother,is sent to live in Munich with a German family during Hitler's uprise in 39. Katniss Everdeen, 16, takes her younger sister's place in the Games, a televised punishment in which 24 teenagers must fight to the death-and there can be only one winner. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. But when she falls in love with the son of the Dowager she works for, an engaged man, will it be revealed? Easy to read, which is fine as there are 3 series, 2 set in the modern day and one in WW2, and this particular one has 12 or so books in it.

Will she and Gabriel be able to escape, or will Rhine have to live out the rest of her days amongst weak Linden, her two sister wives, young, naive Cecily and gentle Jenna, and Linden's scheming, perhaps murdering Father? To win, Katniss must kill innocent people, including the gentle Peeta Mellark, find food-Katniss must survive.

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