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Prince’s fortune could potentially be handed over to a secret love child that he fathered in the 1980s according to new reports. The company Heir Hunters believe they have found a man living in Minnesota who is the son of the late singer and therefore could be entitled to his earnings. The man contacted the company which says it is “America’s premier international genealogical research and heir finding firm” in a bid to claim what he says is his.

However, if the man’s claim is found to be false, it’s believed the money could go to a sibling of the Raspberry Beret singer.
Heir Hunters are also dealing with a claim from a man who says he shares the same father as the late star and therefore is his half brother. The company admits that they have been swamped with ‘hundreds’ of similar claims, however, these are the only two they believe to be potetianllt legitimate.

From theirA exiles around the world, theyA spoke to the BBC for a Panorama investigation into the alleged corruption of the most powerful man in the world.

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