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Buy the Books (Free US Shipping) Ret Cooper is a simple young man with mysterious origins, unique physical features, and no memory of his past.
Ask Us to Come to Your School or Community One of our favorite things to do is visit schools across the country and perform interactive and educational assemblies for students. Discover How The Oracle Series Explains Real-Life Mysteries The Oracle is the key to Earth’s unity and full potential, too perfect to be man-made.
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Find Oracle Quizzes on Accelerated Reader The Oracle Series was selected by Accelerated Reader, a nationally-acclaimed reading program that helps schools, librarians, and parents improve literacy. Fictional tales like those featured in a€?The Da Vinci Codea€? and the movie a€?National Treasurea€? have got nothing on these real-life puzzles. The mystery of the Phaistos Disc is a story that sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.
Some scholars believe that the hieroglyphs resemble symbols of Linear A and Linear B, scripts once used in ancient Crete.
One summer night in 1977, Jerry Ehman, a volunteer for SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, . The signal lasted for 72 seconds, the longest period of time it could possibly be measured by the array that Ehman was using. All attempts to locate the signal again have failed, leading to much controversy and mystery about its origins and its meaning.
Its pages are also filled with colorful drawings of strange diagrams, odd events and plants that do not seem to match any known species, adding to the intrigue of the document and the difficulty of deciphering it. The fact that many diagrams appear to be of astronomical origin, combined with the unidentifiable biological drawings, has even led some fanciful theorists to propose that the book may have an alien origin.
One thing most theorists agree on is that the book is unlikely to be a hoax, given the amount of time, money and detail that would have been required to make it. Kryptos is a mysterious encrypted sculpture designed by artist Jim Sanborn which sits right outside the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, Va.
The sculpture contains four inscriptions, and although three of them have been cracked, the fourth remains elusive (Read what the first three inscriptions say here).
The Beale Ciphers are a set of three ciphertexts that supposedly reveal the location of one of the grandest buried treasures in U.S. Though the identity of the code carver remains a mystery, some have speculated that the code could be a clue left behind by the Knights Templar about the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. Many of the world’s greatest minds have tried to crack the code and failed, including Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin. The Zodiac letters are a series of four encrypted messages believed to have been written by the famous Zodiac Killer, a serial killer who terrorized residents of the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The identity of the Zodiac Killer also remains a mystery, though no Zodiac murders have been identified since 1970. Though the monument contains no encrypted messages, its purpose and origin remain shrouded in mystery. Rongorongo is a system of mysterious glyphs discovered written on various artifacts on Easter Island. Most people remember long-time host Robert Stack walking through the fog, often illuminated by a car's headlights, armed with his signature trench coat and unmistakable raspy voice.
The first host of Unsolved Mysteries was none other than Raymond Burr, star of the classic TV series Perry Mason. Stack passed away in 2003 at the age of 84, so when the show was brought back again in 2008 by SPIKE TV, Dennis Farina — best-known for playing mobsters and police officers in films like Get Shorty and Out of Sight — was brought on board.
For many fans, the theme song was either their favorite or the most terrifying part of the show. One such actress is Stephnie Weir, who played a nondescript resident at a hotel in a May 1992 episode.
According to the official Unsolved Mysteries website, 47% of the wanted fugitive cases featured on the show have been solved thanks to tips reported by viewers. Cheryl Holland holds the record for the shortest time from her television debut until her capture. Jerry Strickland and Missy Mundy were wanted for armed robbery, kidnapping and murder when their segment aired in February 1988.
A friend told Alexander Graham he was featured on America's Most Wanted earlier that night. Perhaps the most astonishing story on Unsolved Mysteries was their 150th solved case – the case of Tony Miller. Eight years later, Miller was featured on Final Appeal: From the Files of Unsolved Mysteries, a spin-off attempt that lasted only six episodes in 1992. Watch extended interviews, interrogation clips, and other exclusive web content that didn’t make the Dateline broadcast. His new family and friends discover he is truly extraordinary, with supernatural powers and strange scars on the palms of his hands. Legend claims it can unleash limitless power when filled with Mother Nature’s six, pure, original elements. We offer socially-conscious and environmental-friendly products as well as life-changing experiences. Codes, puzzles and cryptic public art tease us with their intrigue: Why is their message coded? Despite the efforts of our most learned historians, cleverest cryptographers and most determined treasure hunters, history is replete with riddles that continue to confound us today.
Unlike its contemporary cuneiform Sumerian, Egyptian Hieroglyph’s origin is much more obscure.

It was once thought that the origin of Egyptian Hieroglyphs are religious and historical, but recent developments could point to an economical impetus for this script as well as push back the time depth of this writing system. Discovered by Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier in 1908 in the Minoan palace-site of Phaistos, the disc is made of fired clay and contains mysterious symbols that may represent an unknown form of hieroglyphics. Ehman was scanning radio waves from deep space, hoping to randomly come across a signal that bore the hallmarks of one that might be sent by intelligent aliens, when he saw his measurements spike.
It was loud and appeared to have been transmitted from a place no human has gone before: in the constellation Sagittarius near a star called Tau Sagittarii, 120 light-years away. Voynich, who acquired it in 1912, the Voynich Manuscript is a detailed 240-page book written in a language or script that is completely unknown. The original author of the manuscript remains unknown, but carbon dating has revealed that its pages were made sometime between 1404 and 1438. Some believe it was meant to be a pharmacopoeia, to address topics in medieval or early modern medicine.
In 2006 Sanborn let slip that there are clues in the first inscriptions to the last one, and in 2010 he released another clue: the Letters 64-69 NYPVTT in part 4 encode the text BERLIN. To this day, treasure hunters scour the Bedford County hillsides digging (often illegally) for the loot.
The letters were likely written as a way to taunt journalists and police, and though one of the messages has been deciphered, the three others remain uncracked. They were commissioned by a man who has yet to be properly identified, who went by the pseudonym of R.C. Many believe they represent a lost system of writing or proto-writing and could be one of just three or four independent inventions of writing in human history. It was one of the first reality television shows, and it was also interactive - viewers had the chance to call in with tips to help solve real-life mysteries. With Farina in tow, Unsolved Mysteries has is part of the Lifetime Network's daily afternoon line-up, proving that you just can't keep a good show down. The case almost goes cold until a hairdresser turned detective, with the help of the victim's determined mom, finds the truth. Many of the pictures of herbs and plants hint that it many have been some kind of textbook for an alchemist. The treasure was originally obtained by a mysterious man named Thomas Jefferson Beale in 1818 while prospecting in Colorado. Declaration of Independence turned out to be the key a€” a curious fact given that Beale shares his name with the author of the Declaration of Independence. Which mysterious beings built the huge statues that stare from Easter Island in the Pacific?

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