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My children have become all too familiar with the sound of the smoke detector and they have mastered "stop, drop, and roll". Seriously, if I could invest this much time in any other job, my family would be in a much better financial position. Yes, it's sad that a big post can make me so cheery and a day of crickets can make me contemplate quitting the blogging gig altogether. If you use Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, everybody already knows everything there is to know about you. This is only true if you actually do post up every significant and not-so-significant event. My guess would be that the reason people are driven to post everything they do on facebook would derive from some form of narcissistic behaviour traits and maybe friends should recognise it and point them towards psychotherapy. I have cousins that I hadn't seen in almost 10 years, but I was friends with them all on Facebook. See I usually find that even if someone has posted about something on FB there are plenty of details left out to still actually engage in. Obviously this isn't true for everyone, but for example I recently went on a holiday (to see the full solar Eclipse in Cairns, frik yeah!) and I did make some posts about it. My real friends i see all teh time, even the ones i only see once a year, are closer friends than 95% of the people that added me when i did have a facebook account.
Years ago my morning routine began the same way every day: I used the bathroom (pee as much as you can), undressed (you have to be completely naked) and placed myself on the scale, after exhaling (don't want air weight), I'd look to see what the "number" was for the day.

If my pants get a little snug, I take it that I'll go to a single cookie for dessert versus several. I, like everyone else, fluctuate a few pounds here and there, but overall I'm always in the same 5-pound weight range.
Better questions are: "How do you feel about yourself?" and "Are you making healthy choices?" Those should be the real questions.
It takes a concerted effort to go a whole evening without echoing something that's already been said on my blog.
Unfortunately most jobs don't allow you to take your kids to work or have the uniform of PJs. I don't think it would be because they aren't necessarily meeting friends in real life, I think often those transactions would be very one sided and they wouldn't have much trouble finding things about themselves to talk about even if they have been posting them constantly. It makes situations like the comic portrays happen, but it also allows you to share that information with people that you don't see regularly. I went to Sydney earlier this year but I didn't post an instagrammed photo of every meal, or post hundreds of photos of everywhere I went. Maybe its the vacant expression on his face, but juggler Tukasz Uczkiewicz looks like he could pull off these tricks in his sleep. I occasionally weigh at the doctor's office, but for the most part my scale goes unused, and guess what ?I'm okay!
If that makes me less "real" as a blogger then, well, take another look at this picture which I previously shared on my blog.

Because at least with me, when people ask me what I've been up to, I'll often say not much, when I've done a few things. I would leave the bathroom feeling awesome, in control, ready to take on the day in a positive way because the "number" was right.
I'd almost instantly wondered how I'd failed my body, promise I'd eat good all day and be down on myself because the "number" was wrong. I was afraid of stepping on that scale and letting it dictate my mood for the day because I wanted to be happy and that scale just might tell me otherwise. I needed a belief in myself that I was doing the best I can, that my body is a wonderful machine, and I was way more in control than that scale ever was.
Then I feel stupid, like it's supposed to be "hush, hush" and I don't want the paparazzi to find out what my next blog post is all about. All these over-sharing, always-on social networks create situations where there’s nothing left to talk about!

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