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Breathing techniques to reduce stressBy Wellness MedimanageDo you know of anyone who does not have stress? The brain sets the breathing rate according to the carbon di oxide levels rather than the oxygen levels. If you are not able to concentrate on your breath, you can also place your hands over the chest, and feel the chest expanding as you inhale air.
For the beginners, lie down with your spine comfortably straight or else if you feel comfortable sit straight, resting your back against a wall or on the back of your chair.
To understanding the breathing pattern, you can place your hand on your belly just below your navel and feel it moving as you breathe.
When you get committed to repeating a japa, your mind automatically goes towards japa whenever it is free.
Slowly start visualizing yourself sitting on the sea shore and visualize the waves touching your toes.
You can further use this technique to visualize thing that you want to achieve in your life.
From the moment we start feeling anxious, our blood pressure and heart rate rapidly increase and we start breathing improperly – we take fast, shallow breaths.
The nervous system has to respond to this stress by increasing the production of cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline which should help the mind cope with the stressful situation. If you live under pressure and stress all the time then you will not only experience mental problems, but physical problems too.
Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual discipline that is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety in any individual. There are numerous studies that have confirmed that regular practicing of yoga can lead to reduction of anxiety episodes, but it also relaxes the muscles in which we can notice tension because of the stress.
Whilst it is true that there is no research on the effects of certain yoga poses on anxiety, there is a study that has confirmed the positive effects of several specific poses.

This study served as inspiration for Amy Cuddy, social psychologist at Harvard, to reveal a set of power poses that have proven to be helpful when it comes to reduction of cortisol and boosting testosterone levels which ultimately leads to reduction of anxiety and improve self-confidence.
Taking deep breaths and practicing deep breathing with the help of your diaphragm will also support your nervous system. Check this easy and simple char of breathing exercises based on yoga in order to get rid of stress whenever you start feeling tension.
When the person is stressed their heart rate increases, blood pressure increase, breathing gets faster. Since we are always breathing, we can practice breathing with awareness at any and every waking moment. Placing your hand on your abdomen helps you concentrate on your breath by creating awareness on your abdomen.
When deep breathing and chanting japa is combined, the mind simply works in another direction and you feel stress free, calm and relaxed. In this way, japa becomes a way of keeping the mind meaning fully and pray fully occupied and thus helps to release pent up tensions and anxieties. Deep breathing and visualization can be done sitting in the office, while commuting or even when you are lying on your bed getting ready to sleep.
Or visualize yourself amidst green pastures and beautiful and colorful flowers of various types all around you.
Visualization is a powerful technique that helps to attract all that you desire by making you more positive and helping you to concentrate on thing that you want to achieve and helps you find way to achieve the same. Simply learning to breathe in the right way can help to reduce stress and makes you calm and peaceful. Stress related symtoms are seen commonly in our work place like headache, breathlessness, palpitation, anxiety etc etc. Typically, a person who is stressed takes small shallow breaths using their shoulder instead of the diaphragm to move air in and out of the lungs.

When you breathe deeply it sends a message to your brain to relax which in turn sends the same message to your body which helps to lower stress. While performing your breathing exercises concentrate on the air entering your nostrils and rhythm of your breath. If you feel that you unable to concentrate on your breath or perform abdominal breathing or mindful breathing, you can try chanting while breathing.
You can put on a soothing music of the sounds of the waves or the wind blowing to help you visualize.
The hectic lifestyle along with juggling various responsibilities, commuting, and financial crisis can add to the stress levels. For majority of us shallow breathing has become a part of our life even when we are not stressed. Breathing exercise helps you relax and offers other health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, slowing a fast heart rate, and helps with digestion. Your upper chest and stomach should be still and allow the diaphragm to work with your abdomen.
Stress is a part of life, but its intensity increases or decreases by the way you handle it. While observing your breath also notice the movement of your abdomen, observe rising and falling of your shoulders as you breathe. As you keep observing your breath and your body movement, you will start observing that the air that you inhale is cooler than the air that you exhale.

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