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Reiki is Japanese in origin and has practitioners all over the world and is the universal life-force. Reiki works to relieve any form of illness but also integrates well with standard medical practice, either physically or psychologically. Reiki teaches the body to embrace perfect health so is perfect for people with busy lifestyles. I have a free book for you to download which launches via this Reiki website at the beginning of March 2014. About MEMy name is Lynne Mackenzie and this is my website about the health benefits that REIKI can offer you to enhance your life and your general well being. Did you know that there is a powerful, unseen life force within you, that flows through your physical body via junctions (chakras), nourishing your cells and organs along the way, all the while maintaining your overall health, vitality, and wellness? And that, when this life force gets disturbed, weakened, or blocked, the affected tissues and organs within your body can restrict their function, adversely affecting your health at best, causing major disease at worst? Armed with a well-tuned level of consciousness, through a series of defined hand gestures, a skilled Reiki practitioner will work to infuse much needed life force energy to the disrupted chakra field. With thousands of scientific research studies supporting its limitless psychological, mental, and physical benefits, meditation can be used side by side with, or as a powerfully effective alternative to Reiki (please note that meditation has a great deal more scientific backing than Reiki). What if, with just the press of a button, you could have access to the same deep, highly pleasurable, extremely beneficial meditative states as someone with decades of meditative experience?
Well, thanks to Equisync®, you can achieve precisely the same electrical brainwave pattern of profoundly deep meditation quickly, safely, and easily. Eastern countries consider both Yin and Yang.  They practice Healing Arts complementing them with exercise such as Martial Arts or Yoga.  Both aspects together create the perfect balance in which we can further expand in our Spiritual journey! In this Strengthen YOUR AURIC FIELD Workout you will meet with like-minded people and work with energy in movement, internally and externally. Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy involves the use of heated basalt stones that melt away tension and stress from your body. This is not like a typical Spa Hot Stone Massage> This treatment is an energy intense massage incorporating Reiki and Reflexology. In order to progress in the philosophy, Reiki meditation must be utilized to its fullest extent.
I have a fascination with nature and in the two pictures you can see below skylines and the beauty of the Sun’s rays! It promotes peace and relaxation that can diminish anxiety or stress brought on through illness, helping to enhance their well-being.

My name is Lynne Mackenzie and I am very experienced MASTER in Reiki healing and Angelic healing…so I hope you will bookmark my website and become part of my online Reiki experience. I have been practising for many years and have many private clients who come to see me for REIKI healing, angelic healing as well as readings. And there is a highly powerful way of harnessing this life force energy, maximizing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
Once the Reiki healer has cleared the blocked energy field, it will flow naturally, restoring normal function.
Practiced for thousands of years, meditation is the number one way to allow the free-flow of life-force energy, clearing any block, at any location in your physical or astral body. And get the same powerful results in much, much less time, plus a limitless number of of other life -enhancing benefits? This healing surprisingly works just as good and leaves you feeling light and refreshed just how you would feel after a deep full body massage. Although, some are known to be toxic which is the action of man, for example dying the colour of crystals.
In addition to this, meditation also offers you the opportunity to connect to your higher spiritual self and Your mind is your instrument…learn to be its master otherwise suffer as its slaveassists you in gaining an overall balance within your life, all in all making for an improved, more refined you.
For some people hot stone massage can bring harmony, pain release and alignment in the Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Firstly, the healer must KNOW what they are doing and be in a good frame of mind before interfering with somebody else' energy field.
Today’s modern word is an understandably hectic place however, by dedicating a short amount of time towards a regular meditation or deep relaxation programme, over time you will notice an improvement in many areas of your life, including an improvement to your energy levels.
For example Rose Quartz is used to attract love into your life by opening up your heart chakra and help fill you with love.
Meditation is one of the simplest, yet most powerful ways of taking control of your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, your energy levels and your higher spiritual self, all resulting in an improved you.Ways to meditateThere are a few different ways in which you can meditate. This can sometimes make you feel fuzzy at first, but is nothing to worry about, the body has to get use to this extra space that has been created and will adjust accordingly. Not only is Rose Quartz used to attract romantic love into ones life, but it also enhances and helps restore peace and understanding in all relationships, family, friends, associates, work collegues etc.. You will feel very light and relaxed after a reiki healing so, it is important to drink plenty of water, do not drive for at least 20 minutes after a session. So you see one crystal has many benefits to it, and when giving a reiki healing I like to create a crystal grid around the client.

The healing can relax you so much, you are sometimes left in a meditation state and shall feel very relaxed. I will choose the appropriate crystals by asking clients where they feel they need boosting, whether it be to restore confidence, relieve panic attacks or destress a noisy mind.
There will also be a softly spoken female, or male if you prefer, who soothingly speaks to you while you relax, helping create a visualisation of a quiet, peaceful and tranquil place. Crystals are also used to heal physical pain by holding them or placing on certains areas of the body. Crystals have the ability to draw out negative or unwanted bad energy, so it is important that crystals are cleansed regularly.Crystals such as celestite help connect you to angels, guardians and spirit guides to enhance spiritual awareness. If you don’t have a guided meditation track to listen to you will need to picture a calm and peaceful scene in your mind, such as a forest, a lake, a waterfall or anything else that makes you feel calm and at peaceTry to feel everything about that scene. Ideally, regular meditation of at least 20 minutes is best but even 5 minutes will have a positive overall effect on your four energy systems.
When it comes to returning to your full wide awake self, take your time to gentle come back into the room.
If you visualised yourself walking through a scene of nature, now visualise yourself walking back the way you just came. Become aware of all the sensations on your body and be aware of your breath as your lungs fill up and then exhale. As your mind begins to return to where you are sitting, or lying, be aware that at any time, when you wish to, whenever you need to feel calm and relaxed and stress free, you can visualise the path you took in your meditation and immediately return yourself to that place of calm and tranquillity and that every breath you inhale fills your body with positive energies and then exhales the negative energy that may be accumulated within yourself.
When you are back in the room fully, open your eyes, sit up and enjoy what will be a wonderful sensation.Your brain wave frequenciesMeditation works by assisting you in controlling the brain wave patterns within your brain.
Your brain operates on either Alpha, Beta, Theta or Delta brain wave frequencies and these different frequencies are associated with different mental states of consciousness.Your Beta wave patterns represent the most intense state of alertness and heightened mental activity. Your brain will be operating on a Beta frequency while you are awake and this gives your brain maximum power to absorb all the information it needs to from your five senses and the world around you.Your Alpha brain wave patterns are associated with a relaxed state of mind, relaxed, however still mental conscious and alert. At the heart of Ricky's mission lies a calling to help humanity realize its potential by reconnecting with the Love & Compassion awaiting within our hearts.

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