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We will look at the affect of stress on the body and using breathing, visualisation and muscle release techniques to get the body to place where it will allow itself to relax and rest. Combined with candles, aromatherapy oils, gentle music and massage and stretching I hope this will be the most relaxing hour of your week with techniques you can use at home. You will need to bring two pillows, a blanket or two and pyjamas and a teddy bear are optional.
If you have any health problem or anything you'd like to discuss before hand please do get in touch. This treatments begins with a wonderful hot stone back massage, deep tissue work on the legs, on to the feet for Thai Foot massage, an organic aromatherapy facial and completing this divine treatment with a head massage.

A thorough consultation including a postural and skin assessment is done which follows onto testing the reflexes of the feet to asses what is happening in the body.
I will make up a blend of aromatherapy oils that will support the mind and body but also encourage the body to work more effectively and restore any imbalance. This package will also include the blend of oils chosen, made into an organic body lotion for home use.
First, children will learn breathing techniques for relaxation, yoga poses and games as well as a full yoga curriculum teaching Tools For Life. Always the Seeker, he has always yearned to “Know” the truths that are only known when they become“Self Evident” in your consciousness.

SonnY has been a devoted student and active member of the Christ Center of Divine Philosophy in Oklahoma City. The teachings of Audle Allison and teachings of Billy Butenhoff are the basis for the classwork. SonnY has been a Devoted Student for over 22 years and an active teacher for over 20 years.      Copyright 2013 All One Yoga.

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