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Pregnancy classes including Yoga, Pilates, Maternally Fit and YogaBirth are all available at the Vitality Centre for pregnancy and post-natal exercise. A holistic pregnancy yoga class that will leave you feeling energised, relaxed, prepared and connected to your baby. Yoga poses and breathing techniques to help you stay centered, balanced and energised during your pregnancy. YogaBirth classes are specifically tailored for pregnancy and can be attended from 14 weeks of pregnancy through to the birth. Toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles and the back, working on pelvic floor muscles and relieving and aligning feeding shoulders and upper body.
Exercise class consisting of both cardiovascular fitness and strength training based around the use of fitness balls and hand weights with a particular focus on core stability and pelvic floor training.

If you have any questions about which class would be best for you just give us a call on 020 8871 4677 or fill in the contact form below. You can view the class timetable here or read on for descriptions of all of our great classes. This class will help you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally to birth-with-awareness, embracing whatever comes your way through the journey of pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. This class is designed to help the new mum get her body back from the demands of pregnancy.
You can also read how other expecting ladies experienced our classes in our Testimonial section. YogaBirth offers a safe and effective sequence of breathing and yoga postures adapted to the physical and emotional changes that occur both in pregnancy and labour.

This is a space to give to themselves when so much of their energy is righteously going to the newborn, creating a supportive baby-friendly space to be with other new mums and babies. Suitable from 12 to 42 weeks of pregnancy, open to all levels from complete beginners to the more experienced practitioner.
The class incorporates exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which will assist in the birth and information concentrating on aspects relevant to pregnancy, labour, birth and mothering.

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