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While performing the movements bear in mind that any chance of re-injury will extend the problem.
Proper range-of- Motion (ROM) is important to your exercises and they should be used at least 2 times a day.
In general, exercising should be done when the shoulder has been treated with medication and anti-inflammatory injections.
These exercises assist in reducing pain, boost enlargement of the capsule and build strength of the rotator cuffs tendons.
It is important to have an ultrasound to find the exact damage of the tissues around the shoulder.

Rotator cuff stretching by standing on doorway and stretching the arm on the wall will improve the condition. Scapular stabilizer will be able to provide support for the back muscles along the shoulder and should be performed three times a week. If you perform the exercises when the shoulder is totally stiff you are at a risk of re-injuring yourself. Flexion of shoulders and external rotation of the arms will give more pressure to the shoulders.
Careful examination by the doctor should be carried out and then give a go ahead to do physical therapy.

Mobility is achieved by relaxation, passive mobilization skills and specific movements that will guarantee the required results.
The arm is held by specialist above the shoulder to perform reactive gliding pressure around the humerus. The arms can then be lifted overhead while on your stomach to try and squeeze out the stretch in the muscles.

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