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Anyone who is dedicated to internal energy arts training is always looking for ways to get in a little extra practice in a day. Practice slow walking, accentuating the downward flow and release of the nerves each time you put your weight into the front leg through the heel. Putting pressure on the ball of your foot initiates an increase in the rising qi energy of the body. Now walk as you would normally with a heel-toe-heel-toe succession and as you do, focus on the heel and the descending energy.
Once you grasp the feeling and can release while walking slowly, gradually increase your speed until you reach your normal walking speed. Paul Cavel is the founder of Tao Arts London, editor of the monthly Tao journal, Inner Quest, life coach and senior Tao meditation arts teacher. Relaxation is essential to optimal productivity, not to mention that it helps us to prevent chronic disease like heart disease, cancer, anxiety and depression. Addicts like myself look for ways to practice in their normal activities—imbuing them with internal content. Place the heel on the ground in front of you as if you’re taking a normal step, but don’t immediately put weight into the leg. Use this naturally occurring phenomenon to increase the sense of sung in your body as you slowly put your weight into the heel of your front leg.
Adhere to all the basic postural alignments from standing qi gong (see my blog on good posture). The trick here is to use the rising energy to pick up the back leg without interrupting the descending current. Don’t go into speed walking yet because you need to stabilise internal techniques before you move too fast.

Since 1987, Paul has studied nei gong science, the I Ching and Lao Tzu’s Water tradition of Taoism in-depth, including qi gong, tai chi, bagua zhang, Taoist breathing, Taoist yoga, qi gong tui na energy healing and meditation. Do not attempt any exercises if you have a physical, emotional or mental condition that may make you susceptible to injury.
When we relax, our body repairs, our body gets stronger, and there is tremendous value in this process.
The truth is that the “to-do” is never ending, there is always another project, another promotion, more dirty laundry or another form of self improvement we need to take on. Erin Wiley is a naturopathic doctor with a strong focus on preventative and integrative medicine.
That which is unbound will naturally drop to gravity (at least while you’re on planet earth).
Bringing up too much qi energy can cause it to get stuck in the upper body, especially the head, and increase stress and tension. Use the pressure on the ball of your foot to keep the spine erect and to pick up the back leg. If we are not getting the results we want there is a sense that we should be doing more, or learning more, or taking on more to be competitive.
When we relax we assimilate our memory, our focus gets sharper, we can process information better and we become more decisive.
If we do not make relaxation part of our regular routine we will miss out on the beautiful life we are trying to create.
She is the Owner and Clinic Director of the Integrative Health Institute, an integrative medical clinic located in downtown Toronto. So begin with a little standing to generate a rising in the spine and release and relax your nerves, which will cause your body to sink.

Adding more and more to the demands on our time and energy can make relaxation feel impossible or simply counter to our beliefs about progress. When we relax we connect with ourselves, this leads us to connect better with others, we become more affectionate, we restore our libido, we feel more passionate, we become more motivated, we develop more empathy.
Erin has a strong clinical emphasis on stress related illness, anxiety, depression and hormone balance. These qualities are very valuable because they allow us to communicate better and, when we get back to work, ultimately we perform better. If your brain is not at rest, your body is not at rest and you will miss out on all the benefits of recovery and repair. As a naturopathic doctor, Erin is passionate about working with people to help them better understand their health and achieve their health goals. If you are looking for more energy, better mood, focus and concentration you are not going to find these feelings on the couch. Our nervous system is calmed when we engage in the present moment, like walking in nature, meeting up with a good friend, strolling an art gallery or new neighbourhood, or taking a dance, cooking or painting class. The difference is that relaxation engages our senses, it connects our mind and body, and it allows the mind to wander, connect and create.
With access to the internet at our fingertips it is very difficult to avoid getting sucked into the most popular distraction.

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