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I told Jerry to take a few deep breaths and relax for a few minutes and we took a second reading.
If you do have high blood pressure, there are ways that you can lower if fast, and avoid having your doctor reach for his or her prescription pad. Reducing Stress can lower blood pressure instantly (within 15-20 minutes, but unfortunately it is a normal part of life. I have used the following system to lower my blood pressure fifteen or twenty points in just a few minutes. Let your thoughts wander, but come quickly back to your pleasant focal point if stressful thoughts intrude.

The Mayo Clinic Gives us some general guidelines, but a lot depends on how much belly fat you have.
Most of us know that exercise is good for us but did you know that it does a remarkable job of lowering blood pressure? There are a number of heart supplements that are backed up by solid clinical studies showing their support of blood pressure health. Click here now to purchase Vital Life Nutritionals Krill Oil from our Heart Supplements Store.Special limited time offer! The only thing different that I am doing is taking the Krill Oil, the Red Yeast Rice with Citrus Bergamot, and the exercise program that you outlined for me.

The last time his blood pressure had been checked his doctor said that it was in the borderline range. Garlic and Krill Oil are great natural supplements with several benefits in addition to lowering blood pressure.

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