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Our WordPress Password Recovery series is sorted according to the popularity of the tutorial mentioned.
Recovering your password using the MySQL CMD involves lesser number of steps and can be thought of as an universal password recovery system; in the sense that it can be used in almost any plausible scenario. However,  you need to have a working understanding of databases and how WordPress interacts with one. Most shared hosting providers, VPS, dedicated servers use a variant of Linux which include CentOS, Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu to name a few. In case the last command does not go according to the screenshot, delete the the single quotes and manually type them in the CMD. LastPass, as it is one of the most complete and user-friendly password management software out there.
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Have you decided to self-host a WordPress blog or website but are unsure of which hosting company to use?

Which automatically will reset the password (because you wrote the file with the command to do it (step 3)). So first you have to create file as stated in point 3 and then, using a command line (Start->Run->CMD(ENTER), run mysqld-nt.exe with --init-file param pointing to that file.
This means that you may have copied your database files from another location or you have edited my.cnf settings and they no longer match the real ib_logfile0 file size.
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All you have to do is delete ib_logfile0 and ib_logifle1, and mysqld will cause InnoDB to regenerate the two innodb log files. By default, wherever the datadir of mysql is, there is a default error log which is usually hostname.err.
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Almost every mobile application requires User Sign up, Login, Logout and Password reset functionality. In this course we will create a fully functional examples that you can take and integrate into your Swift mobile app. I would highly recommend using it. And every time you login to a new website, make sure you actually save the password!
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Also, very often mobile apps use left side menu as navigation which is some times called Navigation Drawer.

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