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When you add a password to your account, besides setting a password hint, you should create a password reset disk in case you need it. Step 1: When entering a wrong password, it will show you the Password hint and you can reset password as following picture.
Step 2: Click NEXT and select your USB password key disk drive to reset the password with a new one. This USB Password reset disk only use in a certain account which you have created before, or it won?t help. If you don?t have a password reset disk and you need to regain access to your system with a few minutes, see bellow. The method is easy for a computer newbie and it?s the fastest if you don't have the reset disk.
I know, It's kinda stupid really, But i actually still have 2-3 floppy drives still in the cupboard. HAHAHAHAh Microsoft needs to get with the times no one uses floppies anymore well most of us. Many who know about it already can skip this part and proceed to the steps in the following section. Now that you have successfully created the Password Reset Disk, remove the drive properly and keep it in a protected place because anyone who gets to this drive can break into your computer easily. 101 websites for getting things done - an informative book which will make you more productive and efficient. Do you have a flair for writing and understand technology, software, gadgets and web applications well? Windows Password RecoveryEasily reset your locked Windows admin and other users' passwords.
It's no doubt the most frustrated situation you may come across since you have enjoyed this latest operating system for only a short time. Windows Password Recovery is the most professional and easy-to-handle Windows 8.1 password reset tool.
This method also has a requirement that you have shared your Windows 8.1 computer with another admin account. There are few things in the world that can bring my anxiety levels as high as they are when I forget a password, especially to a service that I actually need.
One of the few reasons why using a Microsoft account in your Windows 10 PC is a good idea is that resetting your password is as easy as it can get. If everything else fails, the command line can be your best friend though the process is considerably more complex here. This process is definitely more convoluted but it is also guaranteed to work and thus worth a try if all else fails.

Forgetting your password is understandable but there are several things you can do to prevent you from being locked outside of your account when it happens.
However, It?s only a moment for youforget Windows 7 password and it may take you several days to regain access to your system.
But in this step, make sure your computer is boot from USB drive, you can set a BIOS if necessary. Try my Step by Step Guide to Resetting a Windows 7 Password for an easy walk-through!Note: There are several additional ways to reset or recover a forgotten Windows 7 password, including password recovery software.
Chances are good that your computer booted from your hard drive (like it normally does) instead of from the disc or flash drive you inserted, which is what you want. Whatever password you set in Step 11 is still valid.Tips & More InformationHaving trouble resetting your Windows 7 password? But those who are not aware of it can read this intro about it as a quick reference. Many a time it happens that we somehow forget our Windows password. Insert your USB drive and wait until it is listed under My Computer (Windows Explorer) with a proper drive letter. When you see the Forgotten Password Wizard window take a look at the information and proceed pressing Next. In the next step, select the drive on which you are willing to create the password reset disk. Fortunately, it's not insurmountable and the only thing you need to do is to reset Windows 8.1 login password in simple steps. For any reason you lost the password, it enables you to reset Windows 8.1 admin password and other account password in simple steps.
When you input the incorrect password in Windows logon screen, the "Reset Password" option will pop up, click it. If you are the only user of your computer, move to Windows Password Recovery to reset Windows 8.1 logon password. And seeing as how my Windows PC is actually the most important part of my technology-infused life, forgetting its password can be an excruciating experience.
You will have to enter the BIOS settings in order to change the boot order so that it prioritizes your flash drive or DVD.
Once you are greeted by the Windows setup screen, press Shift + F10 to bring up the command prompt.
You will need to get back to the login screen now which might mean that you will have to change the boot order again or remove the Windows 10 installation device.
Right click in your original account whose password you have forgotten and select the “Set Password” option. If you have problems with how to create USB windows 7 password reset disk, you can see more details in MS website.

As long as you have access to any other Windows 7 computer (another in your home or a friend's will work fine), you can burn a system repair disc for free.
See Get More Help for information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech support forums, and more. We may skip this process by booting windows in the Safe mode, but that doesn’t give us the administrative rights to several actions. You can ignore doing that but it is recommended to do this to make this change so that you can identify the proper reset disk.
And all that is true even though I already know how to reset my password and get my stuff back. The website will give you three options and you will want to click on the “I forgot my password” choice and then click on Next. This method will replace the Utility Manager (the options found at your login screen) with CMD so that it can be used in the later steps. However, when booting from Windows 7 install or repair media, a hidden drive is available that usually isn't.
I cannot imagine how it feels like to be in the dark, looking at the incorrect password screen and feeling the last glimpses of hope fleet away. The majority of users should already have extra security methods set up like another email address or a mobile phone number. Another thing you can do, which is actually geekier, is to create a dedicated password reset USB drive.
If you create one for yourself, it will help you reset your password in case you forget it. If you belong in that group of users, just select one of the options and follow the steps to register your security code. The second one will let you create a new account which you can use to reset the password of your original account. Finally, you can always create a separate account that you can use in the same way I described above but you will probably forget that password even easier.
The process of resetting your account using this method is quite fast and you will have your PC back in no time.
Leaving it wide open is not recommended either but the hard truth is that anyone who gains physical access to your computer can gain access to your information anyway.

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