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You might be wondering why they would design a system to make you lose, well that answer’s simple. So basically these internet marketers put together a hoax video trying to make it seem like they’ve managed to build a system that will be able to allow you to make money from all of your trades.
The reason I say it won’t make you any money is because well think about it, the brokers are still in business.
Unfortunately these systems are nothing but cleverly designed hype trying to sell people a dream.
Haha I don’t think you’ll find many millionaires hanging around here Eileen, but nice try! Sienna and Rhys have  secrets that they keep from each other because neither of them want to divulge personal information but for differing motivations. The conflict rests some on their mutual secrets, some on a standard HP trope of mistrust and misunderstanding (Rhys accuses Sienna of selling their relationship out to the tabloids), but more interestingly on Sienna’s need to test herself and be autonomous and Rhys overbearing concern for her health.

In the end, I found the reliance on the old HP tropes were unnecessary and leached away part of the uniqueness. This book can be purchased in mass market from Amazon or ebook format from the Sony Store and other etailers.
The promo video itself is full of blatant actors that each claim they’ve made thousands of dollars in just a matter of seconds. I've put this blog together to share what I've learned so that I can help others do the same. They phoned me straight away and just about demanded that I put some money in straight away. Some we receive from the authors, some we receive from the publisher, and some we receive through a third party service like Net Galley. Whilst this is entirely possible, when it comes to binary systems you’ve got just about as much chance of making a thousand dollars as you have by taking a spin on the roulette.

Take a leaf out of the internet marketers game & rather than gambling with binary options look into real ways to make money online. Of course, the standard characterization is partly the reason that we read HPs but given that Sienna was a little unusual, I felt something more could have been done with Rhys. Binary options are nothing more than a gamble & these systems despite their claims that they help you win are actually put together to help you lose.
These binary options systems are popping up all over the place at the moment so clearly they’re drawing a whole load of people in.

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