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Secret Key’s Snow White Cream is a Niacinamide containing cream for brightening the skin. The jar is made of plastic and contains an extra plastic separator between the lid and the cream.
It makes your skin look a bit more even and appear softer, but it doesn’t cover your redness completely. This entry was posted in asian cosmetics, beauty, review and tagged affiliate links, asian, kbeauty, korean, korean cosmetics, makeup, MeMeBox, primer, Secret Key, skincare, Snow White.
I don’t know if it will fade scars, but it will help to lessen the pigmentation difference. It contained a bunch of really nice products which I integrated into my skincare routine and they work out great for me. It contains the in-deep description and probably the ingredients, too, in Korean only, but on one side of the box you can find an English description, written in ornamental lettering, as if it was taken from a fairytale’s book.
Since the plastic jar doesn’t feel really sturdy and the lid is probably not perfectly closeable, I would recommend you to not throw the plastic separator away. It looks  and smells like Nivea hand cream at first, but as soon as you feel it on your skin you’ll notice the difference, because it kind of emulsifies on your skin and feels soft and melts easily. It didn’t give me any breakouts after using it for quite a time now, and I think my skin tone has improved and looks more even. It is no cream which fulfills wonders and makes you wake up as beautiful Snow White Princess.

If you want to try a Korean beauty box I would say that MeMeBox is one of the best subscription boxes so far. This product contains niacinamide which is an amide of vitamin B3 which helps the skin whitening naturally. As for the texture is quite sticky which I disliked, color as you can see in the small amount I applied on my forearm is white milk. The point is that you can not use this product more than once a week because the side effect Niacinamide has as severe dry skin redness, after knowing this is a product that can not be used lightly either.
Snow White is one of my favourite fairytale and in my opinion the packaging Secret Key created for this product line is the perfect hit. Since the cream contains Niacinamide it is important to close the cream as tightly as possible and the lid gives at least some additional protection. I really do love the scent, but if you don’t like intensive scents, I would not recommend you to buy it- or if you are unsure, buy some samples beforehand.
Don’t expect this cream to change your skin color and make you look like Snow White, but the Niacinamide will help to even out your darker spots with the time.
But well, this to me is an bonus on my skicare because I use this like a primer because reduce the redness. The main color used for designing this package is white and black for the lettering and the elegant fairytale-ish ornaments. The paper card box also contains a clear colored plastic spatula, so you don’t have to use your fingers and keep contamination low.

Because of its melting properties it blends in nicely with the skin and leaves the skin slightly brightened and definitively more radiant.
The application of the cream feels soft and nice on the skin and the scent is really nice, too. They have also lots of differently themed  boxes and you don’t have to subscribe for it monthly, but you can choose yourself which and when you want to get a box.
I wanted to try it for over a year but I never got the chance to buy it, and like someone heard my wish it was featured in a beauty box. For oily skin it might be also enough moisture, but I normally use some moisturizer before, especially when my skin feels tight and dry (In the image below I didn’t use any moisturizer).
I will not say that the brand is bad but this product and all that advertising you see on eBay and FB is fake because no whitening the skin. I also would have wished for a vacuum pump bottle instead of the plastic jar, because it would preserve the Niacinamide longer.

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