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In this case, it doesn’t really hurt if you haven’t seen the Argentinian original film which won an Oscar for best foreign language category, it was a superior film by all accounts, but I don’t think this remake is all that bad. What’s most interesting is the dynamic between the three lead characters, there’s a bit of office flirting made complicated by ambitions and playing by the rules, and all the while, Jess seems less enthusiastic about Ray’s 13 year-investigation, either grief has taken a toll on her or she’s come to the point of acceptance.
Thirteen years later, Ray comes to Los Angeles and re-connects with the team, as he believes he’s found the killer, Marzin (Joe Cole), and pushes for Clair, now a District Attorney, to re-open the case and help find Jess true closure. As always, this is all for your consideration and comment.  Until next time, thank you for reading! When it comes to movies, there's something for everybody on SBS, SBS 2, NITV and On Demand.
Hollywood, being the idea-less mecca of moviemaking it is, naturally snatched up the remake rights, and five years later it has arrived.
Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Ray Kasten, a former FBI agent who specialized in counterterrorism in the aftermath of September 11th. The romance between Ricardo Darin and Soledad Villamil in the original is arguably that film’s strongest element. Billy Ray is a fine writer and director, but there just doesn’t seem to be a unique voice to justify telling this story again. It has everything you hope for in a mystery thriller with twists and turns and revelations around every corner.
A term so often used in conjunction with sports in describing one team’s surprise victory over the supposed better opponent. The consistent, taut undercurrent from this building climatic scheme is sometimes relieved with moments of mild levity and explorations into two of the character’s interpersonal relationship from both past and present, but ultimately, the story remains edgy and tight.
Bruce Beresford's critically-acclaimed adaptation of the Nene Gare novel tells the story of an Aboriginal family's attempts to forge a new life for themselves within the segregated society.
Director Wolfgang Murnberger brings another of Wolf Haas' cult novels to the screen in this wicked black thriller. Set in a sleepy Austrian mountain village, ex-detective Simon Brenner has grown weary of his job repossessing cars and embarks on an extended getaway to the countryside. Legendary British rock band Spinal Tap is followed by a documentary film-maker during their attempt at an American comeback tour. Combining big hair, big egos and big hits, this thrilling mockumentary exposes the ugly beauty of rock 'n' roll. Through lyrical images, Manganinnie journeys across mountains towards the coast with Joanna, a white girl, in search of Manganinnie's vanished tribe.
Benjamin, a retired court employee, decides to write a book about an old murder case that he believes wasn't properly solved.
Described as the ‘trial of the century’, the Holocaust was shown on TV in 37 countries and was the first time the horror of the death camps had been heard live directly from its victims. The trial became the world’s first ever global TV event, and this film tells the extraordinary story of the production team that overcame enormous obstacles to capture the testimony of one of the war’s most notorious Nazis.
He is now head of security for the New York Mets after quitting his previous job due to a murder case he was never able to close. Isla Fisher appears to have been replaced this time around out by Lizzy Caplan (though she doesn’t get a huge amount of screen amount of time in this new clip.
This case then gets caught between bureaucracies, anti-terrorism priorities, and a certain guilt that ends up haunting Ray for the next 13 years until he finally tracks down the man who should have been arrested for Carolyn’s death.

And for some fans, it is a reason to celebrate.  But then there are the painful, unforeseen, losses of human life that occur which can unsettle even the most stout-hearted people, especially when the loss hits home on a personal, familial level. At the urging of headstrong teenager Trilby, the Comeaways relocate from their family camp, to a house in the main town. But before long he becomes embroiled in the convoluted world of the locals of a supposedly quiet town. The poignancy of this film derives from the Aboriginal woman's gradual realization that her people and the tribal way of life are forever gone. Academy Award pundits everywhere were debating whether the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film category would be Jacques Audiard’s crime epic A Prophet or The White Ribbon from the great Michael Haneke. For thirteen years, he has been scrolling through mugshots every day to find a new lead on the man who murdered his partner’s daughter.
Ejiofor and Kidman are two actors up to the task, and the screenplay lets them down time and again. Her grief and anger about the loss of her daughter is believable and real, and in a revenge movie or just a drama about a grieving mom, this kind of performance would be welcome.
Nicole Kidman exudes beauty and authority, she balances the two like it’s nobody else’s business, Julia Roberts is the most phenomenal of the three, playing a grieving mother, her performance is so genuine, you can feel her excruciating loss, Roberts looks and sounds like a person whose world had crashed and burned all around her. Nearly every character acts like they are in a different kind of movie, though the actors are giving it their all. When he thinks he’s found the guy, he goes back to Los Angeles to visit the new district attorney (Nicole Kidman), who also happens to be the woman he loves, and his former partner (Julia Roberts) about reopening the case. Here, though, her character has been expanded from the original film and takes up an inordinate amount of time that could be devoted to either the tracking down of the suspect or the love story.
It only acts as a way for Alfred Molina to yell at Ejiofor about stopping work on the murder investigation and getting back to his counterterrorism duties.
The film also smartly plays the politics of it all in terms of what happens when fear-mongering and thirst for power drive an agenda thus pushing murder to the side. Well, it was released a couple of months later, and it was a hard movie to argue against winning. Instead of a fresh take on a murder mystery, this feels like a mid-level thriller that came out twenty years ago. It feels like four scenes were missing where this love story was actually fleshed out, and instead it comes off awkwardly.
We understand her wallowing in anger and desire for justice, but every scene with her hits the same beats over and over again.
You’ll end up getting as frustrated as Ray, but once the revelation hits you, you’ll find yourself conflicted between justice and revenge.
A retired legal counselor writes a novel hoping to find closure for one of his past unresolved homicide cases and for his unreciprocated love with his superior - both.
It mixed a gripping crime procedural with a beautiful lost romance with excellent craftsmanship, most notably in a long take that starts as a wide shot of a soccer stadium and goes into the crowd and back halls for a foot chase.

Their best scene together is an interrogation scene (it’s actually the best scene in the movie) where there is passion to be found, but it is not there before or after, sadly. Recently retired criminal court investigator Benjamin, decides to write a novel based on a twenty-five year old unresolved rape and murder case, which still haunts him. Peter Bradshaw on the dark, sinewy thriller that beat the favourites to win the best foreign Oscar. Also the theme of love permeates the from its first scene: is a about separation, memories and unrealised dreams.
Thankfully, for the rest of us there is resolution and fulfilment in the end, the door closes before our and cease to exist. At the 2010 Academy Awards, Juan Jose Campanellas The was the surprise winner of the Oscar for the years Best Foreign Language over such big hitters as Michael Hanekes The White Ribbon and Jacques Audiards A Prophet. Murder, mystery, and revenge are at the center of Argentinas THE, this years Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language. Its hard nowadays to talk about Argentine filmmaker, Juan Jose Campanellas latest feature without discussing its Oscar win for best foreign language. The alternates between two time periods to portray when the case fell into his lap in 1974 and his present of 1999. How that reflects on the and any possible positives it could have on the relatively healthy Argentine industry could be interesting to watch. It was considered surprising when this years Oscar for Best Foreign Language went to the Argentinean thriller The, which bested the higher-profile likes of A Prophet and The White Ribbon. Description: The, gripping mystery romance that won this years Best Foreign Language Oscar and was Argentinas most popular domestic three decades, arrives on Blu-ray and DVD September 21 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Privacy Policy Terms of Service California Privacy Rights Mailing List Press Kit MPAA Parental Guide Ratings.
Benjam?n Esp?sito (Ricardo Dar?n), a retired judiciary employee writes a novel about a unsolved crime occurred in 1974 where the victim. The begins in Buenos Aires, 1999 with Benjamin Esposito (Ricardo Darin) writing about a couples departing exchange at a train station in a spiral notebook. Argentina had at least one marvelous non-nominated last year, Lucrecia Martels The Headless Woman, but no way was the country going to submit that one. This year both acclaimed French entry A Prophet and Michael Hanekes The White Ribbon lost out to the little seen The, leaving many to wonder: Did the Oscars drop the ball again? Campanella to receive an Academy Award nomination?after Son of the Bride (2001)?The beat out higher-profile contenders to win the Oscar. As fine a as is, there was the odd time when I felt like it almost fell into the completely ridiculous and if it had done that then I felt like it would have lost me completely.

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