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She knows that I love mango fruit so when she saw this body lotion she immediately bought it for me. For me it is a bit strange for a lotion to have a mango scent but my first impression was wrong. The fragrance is an all over body mist so it does not last as long as parfum but for the price you can spritz on again mid day and feel fresh and ready to go all over again. It is my favorite scent, it's so fresh and when you get out of the shower it is the first thing I head for and spray all over me!

The scent is so soft you cannot even get tired of it; the fact that I got this for free makes me use it sparingly. This is also the best gift to get any girl that loves body spray and is also looking for something not too strong yet smells so good. I've been using it since I was a young teenager, and even now it manages to make me smell light and fresh all day long!
The only downside is I wish it lasted longer, there are times when i can still smell it hours later but sometimes it's like it just disappears on me.

The scent was very refreshing and my absolute favorite out of all the scents that victoria's secret offers.

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