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The truth is most of those perfect heads of hair we all drool over, have a little help… namely, a team of stylists and super expensive extensions– and who has the time or money like that? With my stick-straight, paper thin hair and gorgeous-tress day-dreams, I have become somewhat of an extension junkie over the years. Well this month, I was introduced to a new line of extensions that are way better than clip-ins and transforms your hair into longer, fuller locks in minutes– literally.

I like to keep my hair away from my face, so my go-to looks are usually pinned to the side or  half up-half down.
Below you can see how easy I was able to style my hair, pulled back a bit and no sign of the hair band!
Simple enough to use casually as well as for special occasions, these extensions are not made of human hair but are a better quality than most clip-in synthetics I’ve used to date.

Corine is an over-scheduled Mom of 3, confessed shop-aholic, clothes horse and chief Complicated Mama®.

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