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The Secret of Crickley Hall is a new take on the classic ghost story in the same way that his bestseller Once was a new take on the classic fairy tale.
The Secret of Crickley Hall reached a bitter sweet conclusion this week as Eve learned the truth about the death of her son but helped to rid her home of a sinister spirit named Cribben. On the technical front, the episode did have some rather silly moments such as when five year old Stefan shoved Cribben about 20 feet across the attic and over the balcony at the top of the stairwell. 1943 – At Crickley Hall, a home for London orphans evacuated during The Blitz of World War II, eldest orphan Maurice Stafford tells six-year-old Jewish German orphan Stefan Rosenbaum that house owner Augustus Cribben wants to see him.
11 Months Later – Gabe asks Loren if she will help him convince her mother to move temporarily so that they will not be in London on the anniversary of Cam’s disappearance. 2012 – Eve worries about the girls getting into the cellar where there is a padlock over a deep old well.
1943 – Nancy meets Maurice and learns that everyone must remove their shoes because the noise of footsteps carries throughout the building.
2012 – Eve dreams of Cam saying, “I’m not dead mommy.” She goes downstairs and notices small puddles on the floor that lead from the open cellar door. 2012 – Reverend Andrew, the priest at the church, tells the Caleighs that 68 people died in the flood.
1943 – Nancy returns to class and instructs Maurice to fetch her a glass of water from the well in the cellar. 2012 – Loren punches her bully in the nose after being insulted about her kidnapped brother. 2012 – Gabe and Loren agree not to tell Eve about the fight, instead blaming Loren’s injured hand on a hockey accident. 1943 – Nancy goes to the church and pretends to apologize to Magda while the children are there for a service. 1943 – Nancy tosses stones at the window of the children’s bedroom and summons Stefan to let her inside Crickley Hall. 2012 – The school bully uses keys from her grandmother, who is a housekeeper at Crickley Hall, to sneak into the house.
1943 – As floodwaters enter the house, Magda and Maurice flee Crickley Hall in fear of Augustus. 2012 – Percy tells the Caleighs that he set up Stefan with a friend who lost his child in The Blitz.
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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Suranne Jones plays mother Eve, whose child with whom she shares some kind of psychic bond with disappears when she falls asleep while he’s playing in a park. A young woman, Nancy Linnet begins teaching there and soon uncovers the abuse that the children are subjected to at the hands (or cane) of Augustus, and beneath that expressionless face is a sadistic bully. The past begins to bleed through to the present as ghosts of children begin running around and the ghost of Augustus makes his presence felt by whipping Eve, Cally and Loren. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
Enter your email address to subscribe to the latest updates and receive notifications of new posts by email. Parapsychologist Gordon Pyke revealed himself to be Maurice Stafford who everyone presumed to be dead. That was a move that Bruce Lee would have been proud of and frankly it left you wondering why Stefan hadn’t put the smackdown on Cribben much earlier in the story. The horror genre is not often represented in British TV with the last notable series being ITV’s Marchlands, which aired in February 201.
Back in the present Eve and the family visit the church where the graves of orphans who perished in a flood are being attended to by Percy, played by David Warner who appeared in the horror classic The Omen. The scene where Loren gets into bed and is whipped by Augustus’s apparition will probably induce a few nightmares.
Some of the children are persecuted by the people who run the home and have found places between the floors and walls of the home to avoid the adults. Sadly, the BBC already let that cat out of the bag in the preview for the finale that followed last week’s episode. Suranne Jones, Tom Ellis, Douglas Henshall and Donald Sumpter star in this 3-part BBC halloween drama - an adaptation of James Herberts chilling haunted house tale that sees a family move to a year after their son goes missing. So this is a welcome series especially with Christmas approaching the perfect time for ghost stories. The pair with daughters Cally (Pixie Davies) and Loren (Maisie Williams, Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones) arrive at Crickley Hall early on in the episode so we get straight into the haunted house the event the viewer is waiting for.
We see Percy as a young lad (played by Iain De Caestecker) back in 1943 and he is the only character from the past who appears in the present and will probably be the key to unlocking the secrets of Crickley Hall. Any normal family at this point would leave but they are tied to the place because Eve is adamant that this place may hold the key to them being reunited with Cam.

Nevertheless, it was interesting to find out exactly how Stafford escaped the clutches of the deranged siblings that once ran Crickley Hall. However, the acting was strong so the sub-par action sequences had minimal impact on the episode as a whole. Series: Based on the novel of the same name by author James Herbert, The is a television miniseries produced by the BBC and broadcast at the end of 2012 in three parts, each running just shy of an hour in length. Throughout the remainder of the episode we flash back to 1943 where we learn that the house was used as an orphanage during the war run by the creepy Magda (Sarah Smart) and Augustus (Douglas Henshall). This is a clever move as it gives the family a good reason for staying there whilst there are ghostly goings on.
Cribben curses Maurice for disturbing his peaceful moment and demands that the boy return upstairs. Eve and Gabe argue but the shouting and anguish isn’t at Eastenders level even at the beginning when Cam goes missing. There is abuse but that mostly happens off-screen and its pretty tame for a post watershed show.
All Free (0) All Paid (3) Amazon Prime (0) Amazon (3) Itunes (3) Comcast (0) Hulu Plus (3) Buy the; About the Show. Based on the novel by best-selling British scribe James Herbert, the thriller begins a year after Caleigh (Suranne Jones, "Doctor Who").
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Ahearne has form with horror himself: he created the cult vampire series Ultraviolet, long before bloodsuckers became ubiquitous TV bores, and the Martin-Shaw-as-exorcist drama Apparitions. Episode Three [9:44] Having been a huge fan of James Herbert since the days of " Rats", I was engulfed with enthusiasm when I first read about the cast that had been brought together for Find great deals on eBay for the james herbert. Free delivery available If you did not see The when it was televised before Christmas and you love onedge -seat stuff, then this is the for you. A year after their little boy goes missing, Gabe and Eve Caleigh and their two daughters move to to try and escape the past. The orphans live in terror of the Cribbens, especially Augustus whose brutality knows no bounds.

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