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Rocket Power is an animated series which debuted on Nickelodeon on August 16, 1999, airing new episodes until July 30, 2004. Otto Rocket (Joseph Ashton), an obsessive, compulsive, and all-too successful and courageous athlete whose cheeky attitude and short sighted judgment often get him into trouble. Regina "Reggie" Rocket (Shayna Fox), Otto's big sister by one year, an aspiring publisher who while no less competitive and skillful as an athlete happens to be of calmer disposition. Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez (Ulises Cuadra; Gilbert Leal), who is Otto's best friend, a daredevil on wheels and aspiring videographer. Raymond "Ray" (sometimes "Raymundo") Rocket (John Kassir), the widowed fortysomething father of Otto and Reggie and the owner of the Shore Shack , a beachside diner where the gang often chow down.
Lars Rodriguez (Lombardo Boyar), a teenage tough guy, has taken it upon himself to make life difficult for his little brother Twister and the other kids from time to time.
Eddie Valentine (Jordan Warkol), the self-styled "Prince of the Netherworld," is a sometime participant in the Rockets' activities and a frequent target of Lars' bullying. Sherry and Trish (both voiced by Lauren Tom), Reggie's best friends, surfers, and members of the state volleyball team. A made for TV movie, Race Across New Zealand, was shown on Nickelodeon in February 2002 (opposite the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City) and featured activities such as Zorb riding and floating down underground streams, as part of a junior sports competition.

Another telefilm based on the series, Reggie's Big (Beach) Break, centering on a spring-break type sports and music beach festival, aired on that channel in July of 2003.
Klasky-Csupo announced shortly thereafter in their online newsletter that a third telefilm, Island of the Menehune, about a trip to Hawaii and telling a bit about Raymundo's late wife Danni or Danielle (who got a brief mention, but not by name, in the show's Christmas special in December 2003), would be shown on Nick at some time in the future, and it aired in July 2004. The show has also had cameos from sports figures, for example skaters Tony Hawk ("Enter the Hawk-trix") and Andy MacDonald ("Beach Break]]"), and hockey players Luc Robitaille and Martin Brodeur (Power Play).
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Also You can find City Pictures and Cartoon Bilder,Cartoon Pictures, Cartoon Fotos from other sites. The son of a magician couple, he favors an outfit of a hooded cloak and a scary mask reminiscent of Darth Maul. That telefilm subsequently led to a wedding between Ray and Tito's cousin Noelani (voice of Kim Mai Guest) in "The Big Day" (the last new episode to be aired) later the same month.
Los personajes usan palabras como Brother, shobies (turista), y otros términos que usan los surfistas. In fact, due to the activities in the subject matter, the producers retained a Surfer Magazine staff member as a language and technical consultant to make sure that things like ocean waves and skate park halfpipes worked with some degree of credibility.

Además Raymundo es un excelente surfista catalogado incluso como leyenda, Raymundo "El Desgarrador". En su negocio también se venden tablas de Surf y patinetas, negocio llamado Tablas Rocket. Tiene un pequeño sobrino llamado Keoni Makani, quien vive en Hawaii, y lo visita en ocasiones.
Tito al igual que Raymundo es una leyenda del Surf en Hawaii, es amigo de Raymundo desde que eran muy jóvenes y ambos han participado juntos en muchos concursos de Surf y otros deportes playeros.
Habitualmente se lleva muy bien con ellos, pero no permite que se salten las reglas, si pasa cualquier cosa los suspende del parque ya que él es el responsable.

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