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It only takes two ingredients for somewhere to be romantic; a nice place and the right company. It doesna€™t always have to be expensive mini breaks, Ia€™ll give you some ideas from what to do at a moments notice on a rainy day through to making the most of the UKa€™s beauty spots.
Go to the train station and pick somewhere within a couple of hours travelling time that youa€™ve always fancied going to but have never got round to it. This beautiful city is compact enough to walk around in a day but could keep you occupied for a week.
You can sit in the steaming mineral bath on the roof top looking out at the beautiful city. This busy little seaside town has had an influx of foodie businesses since the patronage of a well recognised TV chef. This can be a cold and windy city at the best of times so visiting in August when the Edinburgh festival is in full swing is perfect.
The castle and Holyrood House are whimsical to wander around when ita€™s warm and you can sit outside for a drink in Princes Street gardens on your way between. By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The Lake District, for example, has scenery that inspired William Wordsworth to put pen (or quill, more likely) to paper and write his famous daffodil poem. Check out our Great Date Guide for some ideas on where to go – all voted for by eHarmony members.

Four days for a first holiday is a nice length – enough time to relax and enjoy yourselves, and not so much time that you’re counting down the days until you get the bathroom to yourself again.
Cheap online travel agents like Expedia are teeming with affordable holiday packages – often still with quality airlines and five-star accommodation included. Or you could go for a gastronomic-style holiday with a trip to France or Italy – think buttery croissants, lovely coffee and the best ice-creams you’ll ever share. For some, nothing but the blue of the Indian Ocean or the fiery heat of South America will do when it comes to romance. Jetting off to far-flung shores often guarantees you not only good weather but one of those, epic, we’ll-remember-forever type holidays. If you’re looking for a holiday where the romance comes more naturally, you might want to avoid the stereotypically ‘romantic’ cities like Paris. Start off with a romantic photograph of you with a rose and then spoil it all by taking a photograph of you pointing a gun at the camera.
It’s an exciting time and planning your trip is half the fun, so we’ve put together a few romantic holiday ideas to get you started. And there’s something to be said for leaving the stress of departure lounges and hire cars for a holiday further along in your relationship. There’s cream teas and impressive cliffs to be found if you head for the Devonshire coastline, as well as city-breaks galore. There are some great places in Europe to visit too – Portugal, for example, is surprisingly cheap, amazingly hot and home to some breathtaking views.

Plus, with the Eurostar you can book your tickets at the station 30 minutes before departure and be in Paris a couple of hours later – how’s that for a last minute, no-hassle mini-break?
So if you’re looking for sun, sea, turtles, elephants and great food, it sounds like they’ve got romantic thing down. But be warned, you’ll be sharing your jaw-dropping views with gooey-eyed just-marrieds, and everyone will either be asking you how your wedding was, or which beach you’re planning to pop the question on (that other big relationship question, usually after ‘will you move in with me?’ and ‘will you stop squeezing the toothpaste like that?’). Candlelit dinners overlooking the Eiffel Tower can sometimes feel a little highly charged, especially for a first trip.
It’s a good idea to open yourselves up to this kind of conversation before you go so it’s tension free when it comes to booking flights and paying for things while you’re away. Plus, with plenty of quaint cottages to rent and country hotels to visit, a staycation is a fun and affordable romantic holiday option. Not only is it a fun way to get into the vacation mood, but it’ll make sure you’re both on the same page about what your holiday will look like.

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