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Renowned Cape Town-based professional runner Linda Doke has been scouted by the UK founders of break-through meditation app Anamaya to launch an exciting new self-development module to help people achieve their goals. Anamaya’s innovative mobile application is the first time expert therapy-based modules on topics such as anxiety, relationships and emotional awareness have been coupled with more than 350 meditations to help users develop their mind for ‘a better way of being’. Donned ‘South Africa’s queen of trail running’, Linda has achieved a string of ultra-distance trail wins over the past nine years, including several multi-day desert stage races, the 108km Outeniqua Quest, Fish River Canyon Ultra 100km and , most recently, achieving the mixed record of the 214km Drakensberg Grand Traverse with team mate Ryno Griesel. Linda’s specialist module ‘Living with Purpose’ will be available as part of the Anamaya app on iTunes from 28th April. Linda Doke comments: “Many people will plod through life, typically unaware of their true passions and desires, and while in this mode, it is extremely difficult to have the drive and determination to push yourself. The Anamaya application is donating 20% of all proceeds to Karuna Shechen, a philanthropic organisation providing essential care and education to children in the Himalayas.
As you change into your running clothes, begin to notice the physical sensations in the body.
As you begin to run, while a keeping a strong awareness of everything that’s going on around you, bring your attention back to the body. If you’re running for fun or simply to keep fit, then it’s helpful to actively encourage an awareness of what’s going on around you.
Because you’re more present and more aware, it’s quite likely that the way you think when you run (your mental habits) will also become more apparent. One of the so-called problems of being more aware is that you become aware of not only the pleasant sensations, but also the unpleasant ones.
Whether it’s the shortness of breath, the tightness of the chest, the aching of the thighs or cramping of the calves, all of these seemingly-disruptive experiences can be used as effective supports or objects of focus for your running meditation. Whether you are running for fun or taking it more seriously, you’ll find this exercise far more manageable if you break it down into sections. Her experience in taking part in such long and gruelling endurance races means she is fully aware of the importance of setting challenging goals, and having the drive and determination to be able to achieve these goals. The module will help users grasp the importance of passion, purpose and perseverance as key to achieving objectives. After recently celebrating its 10,000 meditation mark, the app is now delving deeper into physical and mental wellbeing, with the addition of unique self-development modules led by a range of industry experts.

However, once you take the time to recognise what you truly enjoy, it becomes a lot easier to set yourself goals and work towards achieving them.
A variety of in-app purchase starting from just ?1.49, unlocks additional meditation areas and therapy modules. Perhaps the legs feel heavy from a previous run, or the shoulders tight from sitting at the computer.
This might be other runners, cars, parks, fields, buildings or anything else you pass along the way. When you first notice the pain, the instinctive reaction will be to resist it, to get rid of it, which will usually involve either stopping or beginning a long mental battle to try to forcibly overcome it, ignore it, or suppress it in some way. Some people find that stride by stride is the best way to focus, whereas for others it is street by street, or even mile by mile. Each unique chapter features motivating advice, alongside sound, practical emotional development techniques from some of the world’s leading psychologists and specialists. Like my passion for trail running, once you find something you really love to do, make it your mission to progress and excel yourself, constantly looking at how you can move forward.
Matthieu introduces the application providing details on his charity and offering his unique insight into the impact meditation can have on your health and wellbeing.
And while there's much to gain from performing the physical activity, there's a lot we're missing out on when we slip into a semi-conscious state when doing the exercise. It’s amazing how often people run exactly the same route every day and yet how little they know about it, how little they actually see. Rather than try to "get away" from physical discomfort, see what happens when you rest your attention with the feeling. Obviously, you need to be aware of your own physical capabilities to respect your body, and take appropriate action when necessary.
One popular method is to break down the run into every ten strides, or every twenty, or even every hundred. Sign up for the free Take10 program to get the basics just right with guided audio programs and support to get your Headspace, anytime, anywhere on the Headspace app. It’s pretty normal for the mind to wander when you’re running, regardless of whether the thoughts are related to the running itself, or something quite separate.

If you have the time and inclination, you can even take a couple of minutes to sit down and allow the mind to rest before you begin. This process isn’t done with any sense of judgment or analysis, you are simply building up an awareness of how you feel.
Once you’re running you can return to whatever pattern of breathing feels most natural for you.
Try doing it as if you and the pain are not really separate, so less of "me and my pain" and more of the simple, direct experience of "pain." The results might surprise you. However, if you feel you can continue without doing any lasting damage, then try moving even closer to the discomfort, as if you are sinking down into that feeling and experiencing it in a very direct way. But the only way to ensure that you’re performing to the very best of your ability, is to leave the thinking behind and allow the body and mind to work together with a combined physical and mental focus. If you do this each time you may start to notice a pattern that will help you to respond more skillfully. So remember that idea of gentle curiosity, not frantically trying to notice everything around you, but being interested in the things that grab your attention.
Obviously, the longer the distance you intend to focus on, the more difficult it is to remember these principles, so make a point of building in regular checks to see if you’re present throughout the run. So here is a mindfulness exercise from the meditation experts at Headspace to use next time you go for your run.
In moving closer to it, in fully experiencing it and even encouraging it, you'll experience a complete shift in the usual, habitual dynamic and very often the pain is released as a result.
If there is, you already know what to do with it -– watch it, observe it, become aware of it. You may well find that in the process of awareness, the tension naturally releases itself anyway.

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