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The TOS-1 Buratino heavy flame thrower system destroys the enemy by burning down its position, through waves of pressure. The system is mounted on T-72 tank's chassis, with a missile launcher installed instead of the tank turret. The Buratino's shells can be rightfully called unique as they have a double effect: an inflammatory and a thermobaric one. The Buratino is individually manufactured and is not used widely, probably because it was initially designed for use in local conflicts, as some experts say. Why Are Burmese Scientists Studying Missile Technology in Moscow?India Successfully Tests Long-Range Missile. Here is what the Kremlin wants you to believe about its secret weapons program: In about eight years, it may be able to warp your chromosomes, brainwash you with a "psycho-physical" mind zapper, and somehow release an invisible ray that turns diesel fuel into non-combustible goop, making engines stall within a radius of several miles. The first mention of these mega-weapons came in February, when Vladimir Putin, Russia's perennial leader, published an article as part of what would be a successful campaign to win a third term as President.
Though spooky, this vague bit of military fantasy was mostly dismissed by the Russian press.
Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov brought up the ray guns again during a meeting with Putin and other top officials on March 22.
Aside from expressing his gratitude, Putin did not respond to the Minister's remarks, but their exchange finally got the media's attention. The following week, however, the government's mouthpiece newspaper tried to put these skeptics in their place. In the final years of the Soviet Union, there were two laboratories working on these top secret projects, Ptichkin claimed. The piece did not cite any sources, but when TIME reached the author on Wednesday, he claimed to have spoken with officials from the military industrial complex, who he says had direct knowledge of these projects. But in the history of arms races, the practice of military bluffing is also pretty familiar. So all of Putin's talk about psycho-physical weapons should be taken with a grain of salt, says Rubanov, who headed the KGB's analytical directorate before retiring in 1993.
A flamboyant, and potentially dangerous, Russian leader claims his country has the ability to totally “destroy any part of the planet” with a frighteningly advanced technology.
After signing the internation agreements limiting the weapons they went up with bringing it to life. Russian airbases at the end of 1990s where another part of Russian jets were trashed in favor of weapons reduction. Probably that's the only case when the famous AK-47 is being used in peaceful purposing, at least some parts of it.
Russian town Tula was known for many years through history for a few things were told to be the best if bought from Tula. Africa it can be bought as cheap as $12 for one piece and no any license is needed, so even children armed with the guns. The launcher has an ammunition load of 30 missiles (the first models used to have 24 missiles).
Today the heavy flame thrower system is not very efficient, because it affects too large an area and can cause civilian casualties. In the context of Putin's other campaign promises (including his pledge to "completely re-arm" the military in five years), this seemed like just another zany bit of electoral pomp.
By the end of this year, he told them, Russia will draw up plans to create weapons "based on new physical principles," including the genetic and psycho-physical ones that Putin mentioned in February.

Russian military experts began seriously to debate what the country's leadership could mean by a genetic or psycho-physical weapon, and whether such plans were even feasible or legal.
Not only are these weapons possible, they were already in development in the late 1980s, claimed Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the same paper that published Putin's military article in February.
One of them managed to develop a kind of radiation that made diesel fuel stop burning for miles around, forcing tank columns to stop in their tracks. Both Moscow and Washington used it during the Cold War, says Vladimir Rubanov, a retired KGB General. In the late Soviet period, the military did conduct research on brain wave manipulators and other esoteric weapons, Rubanov says, but it never got very far. Taking in consideration that most types of guns are illegal to own for a common person in Russia, and clearly not legal to carry it openly except while on hunting makes this bit puzzling. Those were "samovars" - Russian giant tea pots, "pryaniki" - Russian gingerbread and "pushka" - Russian cannons as well as many more Russian small arms, like rifles for example. They say it became so popular worldwide because of it's high durability (it can go for years without any kind of cleaning or special maintenance) and extreme simplicity - it has only eight moving parts and can be stripped down in one minute. Maybe that's why some of the countries of this continent have the AK-47 depiction on their coats of arms, like Mozambique on pictures above has it both on its flag and coats of arms.
Some more countries would like to buy it too but their budgets can't afford them to do this, so Russian engineers have created a full set of fake weaponry for some countries. Advertisement By The Engineer - June, 25th 2013Power is the main reason for weaponry inventions today as the greed for power has made nations and governments spend huge amounts of their capital in order to have better weapons than others. The missile launcher is located on a rotating platform; it needs only seven seconds to shoot its full load. On the other hand, during large-scale military operations the TOS-1 is inferior to the BM-30 Smerch, a heavy multiple rocket launcher, because of its shorter shooting range and limited power.
But after the elections on March 4, when Putin won another presidential term, the government refused to let the matter drop.
On April 6, the Independent Military Review, a respected weekly newspaper, published an analysis suggesting that Putin and his Defense Minister must have gotten their terminology mixed up.
Another one, allegedly called N 10003, worked on "battlefield parapsychology." Before it was mothballed in 1991, the lab learned how to make super-human "bio-robotic killers," who could survive even the "death rays" of the enemy. That helped bankrupt the Soviet economy, and if Putin again wants to play catch up with his perceived rivals across the ocean, he would be pushing Russia toward a similar fate.
He is a 64-year old Russian politician and a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
They invest even in the craziest of ideas , often leading to absurd weapons that are disappointing and are never developed.7. By 2020, he promised Putin, the Russian military will complete the development of these weapons of the future. Genetic weapons, it pointed out, are hardly based on "new physical principles," and more importantly, they would be banned under international law.
In a surprising bit of humanism, the lab declined to pursue the science of "psychotronic generators," which could brainwash people at a distance, although this too was possible, Ptichkin's article suggested. He also happens to be a full colonel in the Russian Army, the founder and head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, as well as the Vice-Chairman of the State Duma. Lunar Nuclear BombUnites states decided to test a nuclear weapon on moon in order to enhance the public morale after the Soviet Union’s early lead in the space race. This legend tells the story of a junior spy who finds an article in the press about an American military breakthrough.

But one of the greatest mistakes of the Soviet Union was its obsession with the arms race, which many experts still see as the main reason for its collapse. The project was called 119-A, however it was never carried out as they realized that having a man on the moon is far better than to try and annihilate it.6. The article is signed by none other than Albert Einstein, so the agent rushes it over to the Ministry of Defense "with fire in his eyes," Rubanov says. Iceberg Aircraft CarrierIn the World War II the British developed a plan, Project Habakkuk, to build an aircraft out of a mixture of wood pulp and ice (pykrete). The Flying DoritoThe Flying Dorito, also known as A-12 Avenger II was an all-weather, carrier-based stealth bomber replacement for the Grumman A-6 Intruder in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
However, due to the extra cost for the over-runs, the project was dropped in 1991 after wasting more than 5 billion dollars.4.
Soviet Doomsday DeviceFormer high-ranking members of the Soviet military and the Central Committee of the Communist Party in a series of interviews to the American defense contractor BDM, admitted the existence of the Dead Hand in the early 1990s. Although there were contradictory statements concerning its deployment but for all we know, it is possibly still a fully operational nuclear- control system that can automatically trigger the launch of the Russian Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors, creating a fail-deadly deterrence.3. The Un-landable PlaneThe US government wanted fighters on all their ships instead of having an aircraft take off only from carriers. Intruder from the FutureImagine a bomber, designed to carry atomic bombs that can fly at an altitude of 15 miles and three times the speed of sound.
The B-70 Valkyrie was supposed to be the aviation dream from the future, but while it was developed, the improvements of high-altitude surface-to-air missiles, the change to low-level penetration bombing, the program’s high development costs, and the introduction of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBMs) led to the cancellation of the B-70 program in 1961. The Thunder screechAn experimental turboprop aircraft, the XF-84H was powered by a a turbine engine that was mated to a supersonic propeller.
But due to the noise that the aircraft created using its engines which could be heard 25 miles away while starting up and caused severe nausea and blew out eardrums of the ground crew, led to its cancellation. Advertisement NOW WATCH: Top 10 Ultra Heavy Lift HelicoptersTrending On Internet Today 15 Comments to 7 Military Secret Weapons Left Unfinished! The A12 Avenger II was a McDonnell Douglas aircraft and I am a retired engineer who worked on the program. All new programs have cost over runs because the Pentagon constantly updates capability requirements during engineering. Also there is so much stuff being crammed into any new design they are ALL overweight in the beginning.
Cancelling the A12 led directly to the demise of McDonnell Douglas, and its buy out by Boeing. Boeing HAD to kill the C-17 because McDonnell had painted it up in UPS, Fed Ex and DHS versions and was trying to sell it to the air freight industry to replace the 747. Reply Anotherveteran on June 18, 2015 02:29:07 What is that UNMANNED AIRCRAFT doing as your front picture?
But a space based chemical laser system could shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles in the boost stage.

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