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The 49th World Congress of Integrated Medicines was held on Nov 12-13-14, 2010, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease health care costs. If you have little or no experience with meditation, "Our Online Meditation Course" will get you up and started quickly and easily. Sahaja Yoga meditation programs are offered entirely free of charge by a not-for-profit organization in all major cities in America. Sahaja Yoga  conducts several meditation programs in schools, universities, community and senior centers across the country. The above lovely story, that I had found it super sahaj (thank you Isabelle for sending it over, it really inspired me) – it clearly  represents the  equivalent to the Self-Realization process that is initialized through the awakening of the Kundalini energy along all the seven chakras until Kundalini reaches Sahasrara chakra.
A promise: In case you continue reading the article until  its very end, something Sweet is waiting for you with Love. Q: Right, can we then come onto the point of in Sahaja Yoga obviously there are certain recommendations as the way you should live.
Q.: But back we come to this thing, how does a person get to the stage where they can give this sort of help to others?
Creation has to have its fulfillment and His beautiful creation is manifested in the human being. Thank God, I was not a scientist, otherwise I would have finished my life making an atom bomb. In this system, we have used a very wonderful system of putting 5 capsules one to another & the first capsule, the lowest one explodes and triggers the movement of the rest of four capsules.
All pervading power is of Holiness which corrects, which guides which co-ordinates, which Loves and which organizes everything for you to get this awakening within you.
This article is mostly addressed to those that have basic knowledge of the chakras and the divine principles that are governing them.
Like we should know, if you are dealing with a computer and you know how computer works, how it acts, how it is programmed everything, without programming it, without working it out, without building it up. And this is what has to be there for all us to know what we are as human beings and what we have to do to emancipate the other human beings. You have to grow up, dignified, and you should mature so that you can yourself do things properly. The entire posting left me just thoughtless.No words to thank the composer and creator who compiled with such great wisdom to bring home the words of love.
Thank you the team for such beautiful compilation work and such vivid illustration of our seeking and promise of the grant of God to human. Let us thank ourselves for we have such lovely persons around to speak about divinity in such plain lucid truth yet so enjoying and relishing.
I love you all the team of Halton who have tried to connect not only Halton but the world .
The article is a wonderful reminder of the richness and potential contained in the virtual world…. The website itself I really like alot…it is friendly, joyful, and so, so colourful with such interesting spiritual wisdom too. Thank you so much , this is indeed helpful , in such stressful time of today the world full of aggression amazing to see Humanity achieving its fulfillment. Sahaja Yoga has been in the latest many years my joy and trust in God; it is helping me travel all over the world and surrender my path in life in the hands of Shri Mataji, knowing that whatever is comes is the best for me. And being so far from Canada, love to you all from Sahaja Yogis from Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong.
It was a pleasure to read Shri Mataji’s interview, her answers so simple and yet so full of Wisdom.

It was organized by Medicina Alternativa International & the Open International University for Complimentary Medicines.
Meditation involves achieving a state of 'thoughtless awareness' in which the excessive stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without reducing alertness and effectiveness. Meditation is currently offered in NY, NJ, CT, PA, MD, MS, MI, IL, MN, TX, FL, GA, CA, WA and other states in America. This site was made to help people learn about Sahaja Yoga meditation, a simple and natural technique for calming the mind and connecting with the spirit in our hearts, which in turn helps us be more balanced and joyful day to day. If you are put to the mains then the computer starts working by itself, but it is the way you understand a machine. Thank God, I am not a psychologist, otherwise I would have gone mad, listening to mad people. So one must understand, how Kundalini awakening is the most important thing that has to happen.
I mean if you build it up you know how it works but without doing that just you know a computer how works and all the machinery about it is a tremendous knowledge. The whole face changes, the whole movement changes, the style of talking changes, automatically as if, you know the machinery has changed within. Thanks to the team of Halton which brings in such a wonderful subject topic that touches heart and gives joy of speaking and expressing spontaneously about it. And how comical it is when you realise that your own judgment in what you expect is nowhere close to what you are getting and how good it is for you to just be a spectaor and let the things roll the way they roll. Here you can learn about this approach to meditation and find music, guided meditations, and stop thinking techniques to help you. This is as simple as this that, you see when you go to extremes you go either to the left or to the right, if you go to the left you get emotional problems, you go to the right you get mental or physical problems, simple as that when this Kundalini rises, she pierces through all these centres enriches them, it’s a vital force, so enriches them and also put then together, so that all the time the energy is flowing to them because it is also connected to the mains.
I am talking of Divine Holiness, the Love of God which has created you, which wants you to know Him. If he cannot find out his fulfillment, he cannot reach perfection in anyone of his endeavors.
This is one of the things, that it makes you humble and extremely loving and compassionate. The glimpse of the higher awareness lurks from each and every sentences from the series of text.
You’ll also find links to recommended websites, books, free online courses and Spanish materials too.
Through this kind of explosions from one to the other, through that built-in mechanism, we have been able to achieve a very high acceleration for the spacecraft.In the same way our evolution has taken place.
This is the most important happening in the history of creation.It is like laying out the garden, then you plant the, trees, the trees have flowers and now the time has come, the fruits must appear.
The whole thing is in the seed, in the same way in the human seed the whole picture of what he is going to be, is built in the whole mechanism, is placed within. Meditation is 100% easier when we do it together – please join our free classes wherever you are in the world.  Happy meditating! A person who has a Mother, very loving and nice-it’s a psychological fact-becomes a very nice person. He must be loving flowers, if not flowers he might be loving his horses, but he knows what is Love. In thousands and thousand of years of time this has come to its fulfillment and if it is to be done by me, if I am the person who is supposed to trigger your Kundalini, why should you have any objection? Every individual who is seeking the TRUTH will know it.The trouble with truth is, that you have to seek it with all humility in your own being. So, first to know about all these things after feeling that Paramchaitanya is different from just to talk about it.

You will be granted the privilege of entering into God’s Kingdom with these User Id and password to log in to heaven. And if he can understand that spark of love, from where it has come, Love that I am talking about is a Synthesis of All these Powers. So, in the same way a human being was created out of amoebae or amoebae was created out of all the elements. I have known many people who think they are spiritually nothing and they have not achieved anything.
That is how I see it: Sahaja is the only alternative where they(seekers) can seek their satisfaction .
Yes of course, you feel the cool breeze on your hands every finger tip, you can feel the different centres that are within you and if you know how to correct them you are alright, I mean we have definitely cured cancer, we have definitely cured epilepsy, we have definitely cured many, many diseases..
It is the happening, the actualization by which you reach that state of awareness, by which you develop the dynamics of collective consciousness, by which you become collectively conscious, is an awareness which develops within you – is real actualization.
Just see, if you introspect you’ll find out that you have developed into a real spiritual giant now. Nobody can touch you, you can do everything, you can look after yourself, you can support others.
So Kundalini force is in everything, but in the most affective, the best, the highest form, it is in human beings.
Whatever are the powers of all these that they were singing yesterday, all these powers are manifesting in you, but still you leave it to chance, and I should say, you leave it to others, not to yourself. It is this force which exists in everyone and evolves everything, say from carbon to the amoebae stage and from amoebae to animal stage and from animal to human stage. We do not know how they evolve but it happens in Nature, that elements start changing their forms and mass and they become different elements; we have no idea of this because we have no way of measuring the quantity of this change that is taking place.
Then the animals also change, from fishes, many become reptiles, out of reptiles many become mammals, from mammals, many become primates, monkeys and then human beings. It is such a complicated organ that if you start studying them you will be amazed how things are made. I sent four telegrams to my daughter and today she says, she received one telegram after one month.Human beings have been given freedom to understand, to develop their own efficiency, to receive the ultimate knowledge of the Creator of this creation and the powers of the Creator.
That is why, the Kundalini is placed in the human beings alone though there is Kundalini force and there is Kundalini in another form in everything that exists. Only in the human beings, this force is kept in the triangular bone in dormant state, to trigger their last jump into the unknown. Now this Kundalini exists, this is there.But to begin with, if I say before starting all this creation, who was created first, it is most interesting and may not be very congenial to the mind of a scientist.
It is much beyond science I am talking now, that much before anything was created on this Earth.Holiness was created, that we call the Pavitrata. This atmosphere of Holiness He created to protect all the people and all the creativities which are there and which are being created by Him, otherwise nothing would work out.. It means that the LOVE program is set up to run on external HEARTS but has not yet been run on your HEART. Many people feel all they need is an annual checkup to stay heart-healthy, but the Manufacturer suggests a schedule of daily maintenance for maximum efficiency.

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