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Santa Monica College was placed on lockdown Friday after reports that a suspect fired a gun inside a campus building just before noon.
Five people -- including the gunman -- are dead after a shooting rampage that began at a residence and ended on campus.
Two of the victims, found in a burning house on the 2000 block of Yorkshire Avenue, are believed to be the brother and father of the gunman, the Los Angeles Times reports. The total shooting rampage spans about one mile, according to Lewis, and police were investigating nine crime scenes by the time of the press conference. The crime began on the 2000 block of Yorkshire Avenue, where two bodies were found in a burning house.
On the corner of Cloverfield Boulevard and Pico Boulevard, the shooter took aim at a Santa Monica bus.
The shooter was then driven to the corner of 20th Street and Pearl Street (known as Lot 1 on the Santa Monica College campus), where he shot at two people inside a red Ford explorer. At this point, the shooter exited the car and fired at another victim just outside the college library. The suspect was wearing dark black clothing and had a tactical vest on, but not a load-bearing vest, said Lewis.
An evacuee named Daniel Kraft tweeted a photo of an unidentified body on campus grounds shortly after the shootings.
While the college is no longer locked down, the campus remains closed as authorities continue to investigate multiple crime scenes. California Highway Patrol spokeswoman Officer Kerri Rivas walked HuffPost through the timeline of Friday's shooting from the point of view of the CHP. A Santa Monica College student described the gunman in an interview with the Associated Press. Jimes Gillespie, 20, told The Associated Press he was in the college's library studying when he heard the gunfire, and he and dozens of other students began fleeing the three-story building.
Gillespie believes there were two shooters because he heard two kinds of gunfire – a shotgun and a handgun – but only saw one person.
As Gillespie ran away across campus, he said he saw a car in front of the English building that was riddled with bullet holes, had shattered windows and a baby's car seat in the back. An arson and explosives team was on its way to the library after reports that the shooter left bags in the building, ABC7 tweeted shortly after noon.
President Barack Obama was about three miles away from the scene at a Democratic Party fundraiser. The site was developed as a series of outdoor rooms that complement the interior functions and create a collegiate atmosphere.  The west side of the building is an enclosed courtyard organized around an elliptical lawn with areas for gathering and dining.

Sustainable design principles drove much of the design in an effort to demonstrate SMC’s commitment to the use of sustainable resources and energy efficient building standards.
To check out books or other materials, have your student ID number available, or for extra convenience purchase a Santa Monica College ID.  The SMC ID is available to Emeritus students through the Bursars Office on the main campus.
Also, take advantage of the Library's special projects.  The SMC Library has a collection of popular and bestseller books located on the first floor south.
These are the images taken on the Santa Monica College campus for use in college literature. Santa Monica College has over 33,000 full and part-time students, and 3,300 International studentsfrom 100 different countries.
SMC's College fairs have become very popular and thanks to the schools interest in our students our fair has become the largest of all other California Community Colleges. Hanging out in beautiful Santa Monica after the event and want to know what to do or where to go? Living with a roommate can be difficult, but here are some tips on how to make the experience work. Get in touch with your roommate before school starts, if you don’t already know him or her, and decide who should bring what.
Remember that looks can be deceiving, so avoid making snap decisions the first time you see your roommate. Determine how you each want the room to look and come to agreements that meet both your needs. Come to a reasonable agreement about visiting boyfriends or girlfriends, including arrival and departure times. Local Happenings and More!Stay current on the latest trends + events in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood. TRAVELING TO LA or SANTA MONICA?We are now offering FULLY-FURNISHED short-term rentals in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and West Hollywood! Whether you are planning to travel here for business, leisure, extended vacation, to visit family, or for a Summer wedding, we are happy to accommodate you! Three people sustained minor injuries inside the bus but were able to enter the hospital walking, noted Lewis. Lewis couldn't predict when students and staff would be allowed to return to gather their belongings, but said it wouldn't be Friday night.
The reports varied in description: witnesses described him as either fully armed, holding a shotgun or holding several different weapons.
At that point CHP officials were able to confirm with the Santa Monica Police Department that they had an active shooter on their hands.

From then on, the department began the process of containing and clearing the entire campus in search of other victims and suspects. Superintendent Sandra Lyon released a statement asking parents and caregivers to wait for official word before coming to schools to pick up their children. All finals scheduled on the main campus for Friday and Saturday will be rescheduled, the college said in a statement. The $16M renovation of the existing 4-story, 69,000 square foot Building transformed it into an office and instructional center for the new Bundy Campus. The design focused on creating a welcoming campus, reaching out to the community, and developing a variety of innovative learning environments. The east side of the building opens to a public space, and is organized around a translucent stair tower.
Product selection was based on the use of natural materials, materials with recycled content, and low emitting products. The goal was to showcase the architecture and create an inviting atmosphere for potential students. Once inside the library, the shooter engaged in a gunfight with police and sustained at least one gunshot wound.
This means that if you are on campus, stay out of open spaces, stay in doors, lock all doors and do not open the doors until you receive an all clear from college officials. The school is providing on-campus counseling for students and employees throughout the weekend and next week as well as 24-hour hotline support. Classroom and study spaces were carefully arranged to maximize the use of the existing building features and to encourage interaction among faculty and students. Vine covered green screen panels are focal points to the open spaces, forming “outdoor classrooms” defined by a robust plant and material palette reminiscent of the campus’ coastal location.  The perimeter of the campus has been redeveloped as a vegetated bio-swale, planted extensively with ornamental grasses.
Attention was given to bringing borrowed natural light into the interiors of the building for occupant well being and the reduction of energy use.  Energy savings were also achieved with the use of energy efficient lighting and controls, energy efficient mechanical equipment, and dual pane, low e, high performance glass. He was carried out of the building by authorities and later died of his wounds on the sidewalk, confirmed Lewis.
The new translucent stair tower ties the four floors together and provides a distinctive identity to the campus that is visible from the surrounding area.
Finishes, materials and colors were designed to define programmatic functions and assist in wayfinding.

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