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With her debut album Breakage that came out earlier this year, the 21-year-old Norwegian Ellen Sunde is returning to the UK with the hauntingly delicate electronica of her alter ego, Sea Change.
Underpinning elements of synth pop, acoustic instrumentation and a low-key whisper of 80s choruses with looped beats and hypnotic harmonies, Sea Change’s music is engrossing, poetic and never less than heartfelt – the kind of dreamlike songs that draw you out of reality into somewhere ethereal and leave you blinking in gentle astonishment as they fade. Her current European tour includes six shows spread around the UK from 2-10 May. Be sure to catch this uncommonly mesmerising performer. Norwegian Arts is a celebration of the best Norwegian creative and cultural happenings in the UK. We hope you enjoy our features and please subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you stay ahead of the cultural calendar. We've sent you a confirmation email, please visit your inbox to confirm your email address. We are working with governments, industry and members of the public to find and implement sustainable solutions for a future free from ghost fishing litter. Our global Sea Change campaign is dedicated to preventing ghost fishing litter from entering UK waters and to protect thousands of British species currently affected. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fishing litter – or ghost gear - enters our oceans globally each year and the impact it has on the environment and marine mammals is devastating.

The ghost fishing gear that pollutes UK waters may have been lost, discarded or abandoned and can create potential death traps for marine mammals and coastal wildlife. The size and origin of the ghost gear problem in UK waters remains poorly understood, but it is clear that entanglement in ghost fishing gear is a threat to animal welfare. Thin pieces of fishing line can wrap around a limb or the neck of an animal, causing infections, constrictions and sometimes death.
The Leatherback turtle is the most common species of turtle found in British waters and its global status is critically endangered.
Enter your email address to get updates with our latest news, appeals and campaigns worth sharing. Last week we received these exciting photos from C Toms and Son, which show how construction of our new barge’s hull and deck has progressed so far. We anticipate her arriving in Maldon under tow next spring to start fitting out and rigging. This website makes minimal use of cookies however your continued presence signifies agreement to their use. Twelve pupils from St Joseph’s School in Ipswich have taken part in their annual sailing exercise with Sea-Change, reports the East Anglia Daily Times.

The Year Four students trained on board the Thames barge Reminder from Maldon, Essex under the expert eye of Richard Titchener and his crew.
Scientists at Harvard University in Massachusetts say the rate of sea level rise in the world's oceans (stock image shown) has been underestimated. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Sea Change’s live shows and festival performances have captured the attention of the international music press, drawing comparisons with the likes of Fever Ray, Lykke Li and MO and building her a reputation as a unique and uncompromising artist who makes convention-flouting music that is, definitively and irresistibly, her own. This is we are taking a lead role in tackling this phantom menace by carrying out research and working with partners and stakeholders to explore and clarify why this issues needs to be urgently addressed. Other animals are trapped by nets, leading to drowning, decapitation, amputation or starvation. Seals trapped in netting often find themselves unable to move as it tightens around their neck or flipper.

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