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As surrounding nations use up the inflow to the Dead Sea, this salty lake is dropping fast, scientists warn. SAN FRANCISCO — The Dead Sea, the saltiest sea in the world, almost completely dried up roughly 100,000 years ago, which may be ominous news for the future of the water in the region, new research suggests. The fact that the Dead Sea has dried up before may have implications for the future of the Middle East.
Freshwater from the Sea of Galilee, on the border of Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, feeds into the Dead Sea via several lakes in the region. In 2011, the team drilled a 1,476-foot-long (450 meters) core, which captured roughly 250,000 years of the sea's history. The team concluded that at that point in history, the Dead Sea nearly vanished: The lake evaporated, leaving salt deposits in the process as water levels fell about 2,300 feet (700 m) until only a beach remained.
Because the Dead Sea gets its water from runoff further north, it is a barometer of water availability in the region, Torfstein told OurAmazingPlanet. If you haven't had a change to pick up BlogHer Book Club's pick Sea Change, here's an excerpt to get you started.
Within each horseradish leaf, where it unwinds from the stem, there’s a small bead of rainwater.
From his position in the grass he has a low-angled view of his wife, Judy, sitting on a fallen branch about twenty feet away.
He looks at her eyes, how she’s angled her eyebrows into an expression which is half amusement, and half worry – an expression of not quite grasping something, a complex expression she must have copied from somewhere. She pretends to put it in the open pocket on the front of her dress, patting the pocket for safekeeping effect, the suddenly lifts it again and peers into it – the droplet almost touching her eyelashes.
Embassy Suites by Hilton is a brand within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio that promises to provide what really matters most to the savvy guest. Tuesday, May 29 - We left Houghton and arrived at the Southern Entrance to the Keewenaw Waterway.
I replaced a fuel pump on my boat last year and I remember that simple but joyous feeling of success when I turned the key and heard it fire right up. NASA measures sea level rise from space, and the outlook isn’t good.In less than 25 years, the world’s global sea level has gone up an average of three inches (eighty millimeters), and is rising faster than it was 50 years ago, according to a group of NASA scientists. SIGN UP You can make changes in your own life, but what drives the biggest change is a groundswell of support. Celebrity chef Oliver Rowe cooks local produce in a pop-up cafe on Tobermory Beach this summer.
On September 24, 2002, Beck released Sea Change, a deeply personal album that was in many ways the antithesis of the fractured, weirdo pop music that defined his very Beck-ness. Not coincidentally, Morning Phase is getting more resolutely positive reviews than any Beck album since Sea Change. 5) at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, are the result of analyzing sediments drilled from the Dead Sea that captured about 200,000 years of the salty body's history. Several water-hungry countries in the region already use all of the runoff that flows into the sea, and if climate change further dries up the freshwater supply, it could worsen an already tense situation, said Steven Goldstein, a geologist at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University and a study co-author.

As that freshwater travels south through several rivers, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestine all pull water to maintain their populations.
Within the core, they found 45 meters (about 150 feet) of salt topped by a layer of pebbles, a record of an ancient, long-forgotten beach. The major desiccation happened during the planet's last warm period, around 100,000 years ago. Climate change models predict that the Middle East will get warmer and drier, similar to the conditions during the last interglacial period when the Dead Sea dried up. She has a master's degree in bioengineering from the University of Washington and a graduate certificate in science writing from the University of California Santa Cruz. He sees one there, shining brilliantly in the morning sun, as if it’s been placed, a jewel, pure and dazzling. She’s wearing one of her favourite dresses, and it smells of washing powder and warm cotton and just a hint, even in the field, of her bedroom’s mix of books and toys.
Her voice is slow and deliberate and made a little husky by a child’s effort of whispering. He smells the malty scent of her breath which is always there when he is this close, whatever the time of day or night. He nods, then waits while she reaches out, deliberately choosing a finger, then deciding on a different one, before she touches the water.
He sees not a pony but a horse, a stallion, half-way across the field, and for a moment he smiles too, because the stallion does indeed seem to be dancing. The stallion has a startled bloodshot eye, and is rocking to and fro in an agitated motion, with an edge of wildness that makes it look untrustworthy. I’m looking forward to following along on your travels via this blog as well as meeting up with you on the water somewhere someday. Yesterday, NASA’s Sea Level Change Team shared some of their findings, which includes data on sea levels measured from space using satellites.Sea level rise isn’t evenly distributed around the world. It’s a record that is heavy on introspection and acoustic, strummy California country rock. Listen to it,” and instead had to write reviews that found creative ways of referencing Sea Change. She’s four years old, and already there is a sense of such conspiracy between them, father and daughter, such gorgeous intimacy. He knows what she’s reading – a collection of poems, it’s for inspiration, for some lyrics she’s working on, and she likes to make notes in the margins.
It’s lilac, or had once been brighter than that but has faded, and is cut in an old-fashioned style which makes her more doll-like than usual, with a wide band round the waist which she tends to stroke in a comforting gesture.
She sucks in her lower lip for concentration, and he watches the corners of her mouth bending up in a little smile. Both of them see how it sticks instantly to her skin, making a small curving bridge between itself and her, before it separates into a pinhead of water on the tip of her finger, just below the nail. But her laughter deepens, becomes something else, not just amusement, but a reaction now, the kind of laugh she has when she watches a cartoon on TV.

And even there, even her being so young, there is a little worry-line above the nose on her forehead, like the tiniest of scratches. It’s standing in a patch of bare earth where the rest of the pasture has worn away, and is rocking curiously back and forth in a restless motion, as if it’s caught in something.
In some areas, the sea has risen as much as 9 inches (23 centimeters), while in other places the sea level has dropped.
This will be lovely he thinks, leading his daughter towards the plant, her hand so small and cool in his own, both of them crouching over the leaves till their shadows merge. They share the fascination of pausing to look at things they discover, in detail, her waiting for him to explain what they see. Around the hem at the bottom of the dress is an unusual trim of farm animals in a printed design, running after each other. For example, on the West Coast of the United States sea levels have actually been lower over the past 20 years, due to temporary ocean cycles.
Briefly, the sunshine becomes extinguished from the drop of water, he repositions himself, and it sparks back to life. So typical of her, really, surrounded by such a perfect morning, to enter into her own private world, so readily. They’d made up stories about these animals before, how the goose seems to chase the dog, and how the pig is seen chewing a flower. Keep it still Daddy, she says, and he tries to do so, but even the touch of his hands below the leaf, even his heartbeat in a far off part of his chest is enough to make the droplet tremble. He imagines a direct unbending shaft of light, taut and without substance, stretching between the sun and its own captured sparkle, a miniature sun in itself, caught in some bend of the refraction. And he knows even then, that he will want to hold on to this moment for the rest of his life, like the leaf holds its soft capture of that beautiful jewel, to be with her, in that wide sunny field in East Anglia, crouching by the horseradish plants. He smiles at her, at the thought of her, smiles at the way her knees are drawn together and the way both ankles bend awkwardly beneath them, giving her a childish look.
He looks at this design, stretched across her knees as she crouches in the grass, and he knows she’s itching to reach out and touch the bead of rainwater. She’ll probably knock it off the leaf, so he whispers Freya, watch this, as he holds the plant gently, from underneath, bending it gradually so the droplet begins to stretch and tremble.
The leaf has prominent raised veins running across its surface in a root pattern, and the water adheres stickily to one of them, then begins to slide along the vein’s length, rolling, leaving absolutely no mark of wetness behind it, constantly gathering into its own flattened egg shape.
The little sun in there dances and sparkles with new brilliance, and he can see how the shine from it has added an extra point of light on to the surface of the leaf.
Melting ice sheets, such as in Greenland and Antarctic, also add more water to Earth’s oceans, as well as water from melting mountain glaciers.

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