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Legal By accessing this website, you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, which covers the use of cookies. Most people don’t know this, but Starbucks has a secret menu created by dedicated baristas and enthusiastic customers. Ever notice custom frappuccino suggestions scrawled on blackboards in the store, with a barista’s name as the creator?
This one can taste like caramel dipped apples, or even like a slice of cinnamon-scented apple pie topped with caramel. If the barista is unfamiliar, just tell them it’s a chai infusion in apple juice after asking for it hot or iced. Now you can have your favorite two-layer drink in frappuccino form (albeit without the two distinct layers). Perfect for a tart treat in the summertime, this one will only be available when their refreshers are on the menu.
Add toasted coconut flakes if those are available on top, along with whipped cream to top it off! Have you seen your friends talking about drinking butterbeer, ferrero rocher frappuccino, red velvet frappuccino and other weirdly deliciously named drinks on social media?
Some of these have become popular and wide-spread, but you should know the recipe as asking for a drink by name will not be familiar to some baristas.
I have discovered even more recipes (apart from the 35 in this post) and there will be a second and third blog post for this starbucks secret menu..
If the barista is unfamiliar, just tell them it’s a chai infusion in apple juice after asking for it hot or iced. I can’t get enough of those hazelnut chocolate sweets, and now I can have them in drink-form!

If you happen to carry around any of the candies, you can drop them in when you get your order! You can also try this combination (with or without the chips) in non-frappuccino iced drinks, or even hot drinks!
Or if you want something easier to order, ask for a vanilla bean frappuccino with cinnamon dolce syrup added. You can also order any drink with a french vanilla flavor just by ordering something with half vanilla and half toffee nut.
Tastes just like the holiday chocolate turtle candies, and is a nice substitute if you’re missing Caribou Coffee’s frozen turtle mocha drink. Inspired by the chocolate coated caramel cookie candy bar, this is another drink with a few variations.
Or for a simpler version, order a chai tea frappuccino with cinnamon syrup added, and garnish with cinnamon powder on top.
This one is crunchy, nutty, and packed with caramel flavor, but not as strong of a caramel punch as the caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino.
Our favorite is a mocha frappuccino with peppermint syrup (number of pumps according to your taste) and java chips blended in!
Order a half white chocolate mocha, half regular mocha frappuccino with 2 pumps of raspberry syrup (or 3 for a venti) and top with whipped cream! That’s how most ring it up on the register, too–although I’ve also seen some do a chai latte minus milk and with apple juice, which will be a bit more expensive. This is one of the combinations that is thanks to Starbucks introducing their fruity summertime refreshers. Just ask for a double chocolate chip frappiccuno with white chocolate mocha in the place of the regular mocha syrup.

It’s different than the preparation of most other frappuccinos, so be very clear in your requests. Omg I want to try them all…Thank you so much for posting this as it give me new drinks to try out.
Some of these have become popular and wide-spread, but you should know the recipe as asking for a drink by name will NOT be familiar to almost all baristas. When summertime refreshers are available, try ordering a Valencia orange refresher blended with the vanilla bean frappuccino base. Lucky me found this list and I can’t wait to share all these yummy-looking drinks with you people! I’m still compiling the menu and trying to remove the repeats, so please be patient and check back soon for more menus!
Just order a toffee nut frappuccino with caramel drizzle & whipped cream on top, and top with sea salt (somewhere between one and two packs depending on taste and size). Alternatively, vanilla bean powder added to a vanilla frappuccino with added almond flavoring. Neu ban co Nhu cau giao tiep tieng anh voi nguoi My ban ngu, du hoc, cong viec, vui long lien he voi Chung toi Viber WeChat tango 01699785780 Bob 0909755021. American Crazy English club , tieng anh tieng viet thanh DAT club mien phi the thanh vien cho 50 nguoi tiep Theo o Nha trang.

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