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More articles on Invest Made Easy >> Malaysia Unit Trust vs ETF, which one is Better Performing? The secret to creating passive income is to have a system that is predisposed to wealth and success. A job or a self-employed situation is not going to create passive income or real wealth for you. That’s how we’re having $600 – $3,000 days in empower network, by leveraging the efforts of others using a system that works for you. Ready to experience the freedom of $600.00 days produced from an auto-pilot business building machine?
There are lots of things to note - but I will limit myself to the simple (which I put in the Santangels presentation). If someone disagrees with you they are certifiably crazy: Bill Ackman, Valeant and Herbalife edition.
That said, there are a load of people who make a full or part time income from their music related talent every month.
There’s more than one way to make money from your music, and you should take advantage of them all!
There are ways you can use your talents to make more of a income from yourself, and potentially earn a job leaving salary (Disclaimer: Results will vary depending on your talents, how much you work you put in and the like). In this guide we’ll look at what some of those income streams are, and let you know how you can get started with increasing your earning potential. Why tapping into multiple sources of income is important for making more money in your music career. A good number of the ways you should be aiming to make money from your musical talent, whether you’re a singer, rapper, producer, or instrumentalist.
Many musicians who earn a livable income from their music do so by taking advantage of multiple income streams. Admittedly, it’s often hard to simply go down one avenue and earn a full time wage from your music.
So, income diversification might be the way for you to go if you’re looking to make a full time living from music. If you go out with the intention to only make money from say gigging, you’re limiting the amount of money you can potentially make. By putting yourself in different situations and allowing people to hire your talent, you’re opening yourself to more job opportunities and therefore a bigger overall income. If you were songwriting alongside doing paid gigs, licensing your songs and teaching music however, you’d still be making money if one avenue hits a rough patch. While not all of the below jobs are ones that will work on improving your personal music brand, you can still use them to your personal advantage. By being around people in the music industry who are already where you want to be you’ll learn a lot. While some of the below income sources can be set up once and continue earning you money over time (E.G.
That fact that you only have so much time in the day will impact the amount of income sources you can personally aim for. My advice is to go with as many revenue sources as you can without compromising on the effort put into each one. One of the increasingly popular ways of earning a income through music, is teaching your talents to other aspiring musicians. This guide shows you what goes into making good instructional videos, and you can use software use as Digital Access Pass to protect your content and deliver your lessons to students.
Teaching is a good way of making additional income for an increasing amount of musicians, so if you’ve something you can share with beginner musicians, you may want to consider this. Instrumentalists: As with singers, there are courses you can go on for teaching other people how to play instruments. It still amazes me how many musicians are losing out on money simply because they don’t register themselves with a royalty collection company.
If your song is played on a popular radio station with a lot of listeners for example, you’d get a lot more then if it was to get played on a small radio station with a much smaller listen base.
It’s the job of royalty collection companies to track where your music is being broadcasted, and collect money on your behalf for these plays. Royalty collection companies vary from country to country, so do some research to find out who deals with this in your country. Licensing your music for use in TV, films, adverts, computer games and the like is becoming an increasingly popular source of income for many musicians.

Competition for licensing your music is becoming increasingly tough, as more musicians try and get involved in this area of music monetization. All: Look into licensing companies who accept music submissions, and submit your music there. All: If you want to take this stage more seriously, you may also want to build up personal relationships with specific companies.
Most of the guides on this site are by Shaun Letang - the founder of Music Industry How To. The only way to achieve passive income and wealth is by utilizing leverage, either in the form of people and systems or leveraging money through investments.
Then friend me (opens in a new window), Shaun Letang, for all the latest guides.When it comes to making money from their musical talents, many musicians struggle.
Trying to make money from just selling downloads or just getting paid gigs alone is leaving a lot of money of the table. They may only make a small amount from digital downloads and merch sales, but when they combine that with teaching others music and royalty collections, they may be making a full time living! If you do this in the right way, you can also give yourself more time to focus on your personal music as a result.
Just be sure to keep your ears open, remain friendly and network ready, and take advantage of any opportunities as they come up. Day jobs, families and the like also play a part in how much time you can dedicate to pursue different income avenues. Newbies who are looking to gain the same talent as you, and need someone who’s experienced in the field to pass on their knowledge. This will allow you to deliver it automatically without having to be at each lesson, so it’s largely a passive income once set up.
There are many singing teacher courses out there, so take one to learn how to effectively pass your knowledge on to other people. They’re not as widely available as singing courses, but if you can find one then maybe go with it. You can do this in local newspapers, on your website, on relevant forums, on social sites and the like.
As I mentioned above, this guide shows you what goes into making good instructional videos. Often the price for joining is low, and can be made back easily if you’re music gets a decent amount of exposure. The above mentioned types of media often require multiple songs to be used in their projects, and often outside song makers are called upon to supply the music for them.
So this might be having their song in a certain amount of computer games, or being played a certain amount of times on a TV show.
That said, there is still room to get in and make money with this avenue, so I suggest you make it one of the paths you pursue. You can do this by creating songs mentioning their product, and contacting them personally.
Even if they was to only make 10% of your overall income, that’s still 10% more money you make every year.
Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and make people WANT to hear it.
At the same time, I hope that the articles written here would also benefit many others who share the same vision as me. My topic: how to fake your accounts from the perspective of the fraudster (and hence how as an investor to tell if a company is faking its accounts). Talk about music sales slowing down is easily found on the internet, and many take that as a sign there’s no money to be made for the average independent artist. The great thing is that there will be people willing to pay for use of your skills if you’re good enough. You may build up a relationship with them or their management team along the way, which could end up leading to other opportunities. Also, think back to how you were taught to produce, and use the best parts of those lessons on your students. You can use software use as Digital Access Pass to protect your content and deliver your lessons to students.
The amount will vary depending on where your music was play and for how long, but it’s all money that ads up. And besides, you might make more or less on music sales, depending on your audience and how well you push them.

We achieve this without ever taking from someone but rather giving  value and allowing the system to do the work for us.
At the end I suggested that even if you were right and the company was a fraud you could still short the stock and lose money - someone with deep pockets might buy the fraud. When it comes to generating income, it’s a good idea to go from relying on one income stream to many.
Doing one alone may bring in a welcome monthly income padding, but doing three, four or five may bring you in a good full time living. This may be in the form of a collaboration, in the form of them recommending you for other jobs, or simply by giving you ideas for other links you can pursue.
Essentially, you’re creating as many tributaries as possible to come together in one new, predictable larger stream. Or for an in-depth fool proof guide on how to get people to listen to your music, get our online music business course here.
Software companies sell stuff that is barely tangible - they sell it up front and for cash.
Look at it this way, money is a river while you’re working and a reservoir once you retire. Take a look at this comparison between EPF return vs KLCI return between 1986 to 2008:Data from i3investorAs you can see, regardless of the ups and downs of the KLCI, EPF has consistently generate positive returns.
Chatham House rules don't much matter in the face of a major scandal (and Autonomy is a major scandal). They do however have an obligation to service that software for a long time after they sell it - so the unearned income is relatively large (usually a multiple of receiveables). This could include income from multiple pensions, social security, rental income, part-time work, or investment income all rolled into one large stream. So this morning (Australian time) my email was full of press asking for on-the-record comment. Autonomy was booking as income lots of cash it had not received (which is why the receiveables were large) and not booking any obligation to provide future services for that income. The second largest allocation is invested into Equity asset class at 36%.10% is allocated to "Inflation asset" where in actual fact it is made of 6% in real estates and 4% in infrastructure and natural resources.
I commented to both Deal Book (New York Times) and Reuters.Jeff Matthews commentary I tested my draft Santangels presentation on Jeff Matthews - so he had my views on Autonomy. Most importantly they are responsible for technology - and the technological issues are broad. The strengthening of the US dollar against major currencies had enhanced returns from our global investments and further demonstrates the benefits of our diversification strategy in the light of weak domestic equity markets."It is clear that EPF is struggling to obtain decent returns from the domestic stock market.
So did many people in the UK including the writers of FT Alphaville who have beenA scepticalA of Autonomy for years. In other words my insight was not unique: many other people (including more than one blog reader) shared similar insight. The increase was mainly due to the higher income recognised in EPF's global portfolios, capitalising on a price rally in both emerging and developed markets during the quarter."As investor, what should you do?Now that we know that the reason behind EPF outstanding dividend declaration is due to aggressive expansion in foreign investment, shouldn't we consider diversifying our investment into foreign market as well?
Working that out is primarily the job of a finance and accounting function at Hewlett Packard - and that function was led by and continues to be led by Catherine Lesjack.
Catherine Lesjack is ultimately responsible for the financial parts of HPs due diligence on Autonomy and she failed. If you're interested to explore further into foreign stock trading account, you can try searching the internet for more information.On the other hand, you can also consider investing through unit trust funds that specializes into overseas investment. To get an idea on how unit trust funds are performing in markets such as China and Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, you can check out my Top 10 Best Performing Unit Trust Funds Review. Speaking of investing overseas via unit trust fund, there is an ongoing campaign by Eunittrust that offers investors an opportunity to invest into selected overseas funds for as low 0% sales charge . You can check out further information about the campaign HEREI hope this post has helped you get a better understanding of EPF's investment approach and how this organization has continue to perform beyond expectation. John PS: There has been much criticism of Meg Whitman in the blogosphere, twitter and amongst my readers.
This post also serves as a wake up call for us investors to not just invest into local equities. Autonomy was a deal done by Leo Apotheker (the previous CEO) and the currentA CFO Catherine Lesjack - it is them who bear primary responsibility.

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