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Were the crimes of September 11, 2001 solely the work of Osama bin Laden and nineteen troubled young Arabs, or were more powerful people involved? CANADIAN INFERNO: Why has Fort McMurray, Alberta been surrounded by an apocalyptic conflagration? If you saw the tape that the Pentagon claims shows the Boeing 757, you can see there is no 757! They claim you can see the nose of the 757 in one of the frames, however, if you apply scientific laws of distance and size, it is obvious that this is no Boeing 757 …In fact, it does have the dimensions of a small drone or missile. This above picture reveals the distance that the security camera was from the scene of impact. Look at the Picture below, illustrating how a Boeing 757 would be more likely to appear if it were in the same place as the object in this frame.
Not to mention, the incredible skill necessary for a pilot to achieve such a narrow band of altitude… Like a cruise missile, in the middle of Washington DC. LOOK CLOSELY (above image), …This is the picture the administration does not want you to see! Look at the red image, it is scaled to size, (ACTUALLY EVEN SMALLER) and shows where the impact patterns SHOULD be, yet, there is no damage except a single hole that goes through 3 sections of the pentagon.
This wall collapsed or was brought down by explosives minutes after this picture, which clearly shows inconsistent damage for a Boeing 757.
Given that the outer wall of the Pentagon had not yet collapsed and the only hole is approximately 16 ft. Furthermore, can physics explain why there is no damage to the Pentagon’s upper floors where the tail section would have hit?
Many people do not realize that the outer wall did not collapse until almost 30 minutes after the initial impact. Now, 30 minutes after the missile pierced through 3 steel reinforced walls, leaving the hole shown in the picture above as it exited the last wall. Not to mention, the 757 supposedly disintegrated, yet, you can see un-burnt desks, and un-melted computer screens immediately next to the impact sections.
How could a 757 clear highway structures at A and manage to strike point B without touching the ground?

Only 4 or 5 still existed on 911, and they were stored at Hughes Aircraft in Van Nuys, CA, now better known as RAYTHEON, a big war profiteer.
As details of the passengers on the four hijacked flights emerge, some are shown to have curious connections to the defense company Raytheon, and possibly its Global Hawk pilot-less aircraft program. Stanley Hall (Flight 77) was director of program management for Raytheon Electronics Warfare.
Peter Gay (Flight 11) was Raytheon’s Vice President of Operations for Electronic Systems and had been on special assignment to a company office in El Segundo, Calif. David Kovalcin (Flight 11) was a senior mechanical engineer for Raytheon’s electronic systems.
Herbert Homer (Flight 175) was a corporate executive working with the Department of Defense. Raytheon employees with possible links to Global Hawk can be connected to three of the four flights. Why does photographic evidence taken only a few moments after the Pentagon event show no wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon?
No one reports Bodies …They are just on paper, supposedly 177 or more bodies were identified, even though their are no eyewitness reports.
Not to mention the fire was so hot it supposedly incinerated 100 tons of Aluminum and titanium steal alloy. NOTE: After watching this I realized that you can still see the shadow of the object over the lawn yet not the object.
This is quite something that people think so outside the box to investigate in this manner. And some are calling it into question, but the fact that the frames missing are actually shown is needed to realize how the official story is pushed on us constantly. A selection of well-known design schools from around the world that offer Courses in Transportation Design. These concepts are revealed now for the first time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911, and are on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. The first 911 Turbo: the very first 911 Turbo was built in 1973, as a birthday present for Louise Porsche-Piech, sister of Ferry Porsche and daughter of Ferdinand Porsche, who used it as her personal car.

Supposedly 100 Tons of steel and titanium alloy completely disintegrated, yet, government forensics teams claim to have identified 180+ bodies. Not to mention, their were many cameras that would have caught a clear picture of a real 757 so close to the ground, highways, buildings, and Pentagon. You clearly see a line of dense (but not solid) white exhaust, trailing a solid narrow lineal object. With all the cameras taping the Pentagon, isn’t it odd they cannot prove it, and release a paltry few frames, only after federal judgment makes them? Why were America and the world never shown the video and photographs of the Pentagon, BEFORE the outer wall had collapsed showing only one 16 ft. Are we supposed to believe it got hot enough to melt a 757 airliner, including two 6-ton titanium steel alloy engines?
During this maneuver they dropped 7000 feet and by all reports did it like an ace fighter pilot.
There may be more, since many of the passengers’ jobs and personal information have remained anonymous.
There was another bit of footage that day that shows the missing 4 seconds that were edited out of the official Pentagon release. This guy deserves kudos for something that really is so easily missed by most people but he caught it. People who know what they’re looking for need to do this kind of research and realize the holes in which exist in the official story and expose them. Yet as Americans are distracted by these ongoing crimes, the deception behind the origin of the War on Terror is being more fully revealed.
No witnesses saw any bodies, no witnesses saw damage consistent with a 757 slamming onto the lawn and Pentagon. Could these Raytheon employees have been on board to activate Global Hawk technology, or make sure it worked?

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