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Apologies for that strange non sequitur from 90's teen dramas to present day sci-fi TV ( I blame Joshua Jackson's acting versatility).
Anyways, here's how to pen a secret admirer note that will both mystify and intriuge your crush. Visit B&N to buy and rent textbooks, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and NOOK GlowLight. How could I even pay attention to my test when a handsome hunk like Virat Vadhera was sitting in front of me. Here's what you SHOULD do: write them a secret admirer note and sneak it into their locker.
This may seem obvious, but unless you want to completely ruin the entire effect (or get served a restraining order), you must remain somewhat anonymous. As my old English teacher used to say, it may be nice to write for yourself, but you are not your only audience.

I'm not saying hire a marching band to meet them at the airport (oh Marshall and Lily, you guys make me a little sick with your coupley cuteness). This is a much saner option, and as an added bonus, it's totally something out of a hit 90s TV show.
Granted, I used to reply, "maybe I AM my only audience"—but that inane response does not apply here. I came out of the classroom with my best friend Katherine (who was half Indian and half American). It is a LOVE missive, after all (or at the very least, a "I really think you're hot" note). Granted, this may backfire, as he could very well steal your love for himself with a well-timed couplet. Tears streamed down my face and I ran away from there.*** After Maanvi ran away from there Virat looked back and felt really bad for hurting the mystery girl.

I can't waste my life on a guy who's heartless and who doesn't even love me" I replied with enthusiasm. My messy locker wasn't messy anymore and there was a 'M' letter necklace along with a letter. I continued reading the letter.*Meet be near the fountain before going to the ball tomorrow.
Because Maya broke up with you and you didn't have anyone else to go out with so you just fooled me with those letters, this necklace and the chocolates" I said handing him the necklace.

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