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Last night Brian and Erin had Kevin, KT, Myself, and Zack, who is sailing down to PV with Kevin and KT, over for dinner.
Both of my cameras had issues for a while but Dave (kevins dad) has a car and I made it to the camera shop and got them sorted yesterday.
Hey it was great talking to you man, been deep since we've had a conversation that in depth.
So ive had my tuna line out pretty much every day since I left washington and besides hooking the great white shark that broke my line I had not had any luck up until half moon bay. The boat is put away and warmed up it is still rough from two days ago but it is supposed to mellow out tonight and I feel the need to move on. There was supposed to by a pic of the cali storm too but I couldnt get it in the right format.
I am amazed that Canton can be so radically different from the world that I have grown up in and become familiar with. I hope you are healthy and stay safe, and please keep the material coming, its been so cool to read!
Eric left Apia July 16 heading north to Kiribati and specifically Kanton Island 570 miles away. The last two days my friends and my Self (two australians, a swiss man, and a columbian woman) have driven every road on the island. This dog and his mother lived at the top of a mountain pass with a cardboard box full of dog food. Brian and Erin aquired longboards in Newport and were good enough to share their decks with Kevin and I.
I miss you and love you very much, and I have to confess that I'm very jealous of your weather (running in 50-degree rain showers can't touch surfing in CA). There are mixed reports on the tuna but im definatly going to have the line out the whole time.
I am hoping to get out of here today but I want to give the sea some more time to mellow out after the storm. I had gone into the marina and was tied up really well in anticipation of this wind and I was glad I was. Secret Agent man under full sail heading out from Suwarrow, and A picture of myself and my good friend Yvonne sitting at an epic blow hole. I heard the weather is pretty good up in Washington State, however down here in southern California I spent all day in the ocean without a wetsuit and was warm.
And washed can be used as for a surfing wipeout, but also can be used to describe being really tired and drained of energy. It felt really good to have all our dinghies tied up to "Delos" like it was a parking lot. There are lots of pictures of albatross chicks dead on midway island with tons of plastic in them.
Sailmail is what I use to email through the single sideband radio and the people who wrote some of the software are putting it on and there will be lots of yachties and radio people there.
There are several forcasts that all say its going to rain a lot and give winds between gale and hurricane force. I had anticipated this and filled up the solar shower with a couple of gallons of water before I went running.
Let me know if you hang around for the weekend and if you want to ride back with us to Morgan Hill.
His stay in Western Samoa proper was almost a month because of a faulty Heat Exchanger (critical to cool the engine) needing to be replaced by mail from Tacoma.

This ladder was gnarlier than it looks and in the States you would have to sing lots of papers.
We had some chicken and I brought rice and some mango, jalepeno, tequila sauce that Allison and I had procured in Tacoma while we were provisioning. Me and Kevin were just talking about it and concluded that the ocean was OK and could deal with whatever pollution humans threw at it until we invented plastic. I am psyched to conversate with some knowledgable people and get better at using the radio in general and learn how to forcast my own weather. It was really fortunate because I was low on good food and instead of week old 13 been soup, ive been eating tuna for breakfast lunch and dinner on this leg.
Since I am going to be motoring and sailing into it I think I will let it calm down a little more. There is definatly lots of fish in the harbor because the seals and the pelicans are after them 24 hours a day. We know a guy (groom for wedding this weekend) who works in HMB and commutes there from the Bay Area, so we could hook you up with a ride back if we don't take you ourselves. I was asleep and myght have sailed passed it a bit but john called me at dawn and I was in the lee of the island and just motored a couple of miles to the pass. Laura and Kate arrive on the 4th July and there is the Darwin to Dili yacht (that's sailboat to you!) rally leaving Darwin on the 7th.
When paddeling a surfboard, one uses muscles in ones shoulders that I have never made much use of and I was feeling it after a couple of hours.
Sauce is a great thing to have on a boat because when you catch fish you can get really creative making a meal and any sauce goes a long way to making it spectacular.
I can now get text weather, weather fax, and models derrived from grib ( gridded binary ) files. SOme people left today to go south but Im going to wait till it passes and probably be at the dock for it.
I put it up on the sea hood which gets quite hot in the sun and this afternoon turned out to be a lot sunnier than the last couple of days. I caught a big barracuda which I gave to the women and felt good about puting some fish on the table. Eric's Canadian friends John & Naomi from Naniamo will sail to Kanton as well to do some diving in the atoll's lagoon and they will head home from there. It is hard to comprehend the adventure you are on but the log with photos give a great glimpse. I thought it was pretty funny the first time the tuna factory fired up stinking up the bay way worse than any wa pulp mill could even try. I caught some waves and stood up but still have to progress a lot before I should try to surf big waves.
I still have to do some provisioning before I leave and will make sure to stock up on stuff like that. What that means is that I just exponentially increases my weather information and became way more independant at routing.
This was also probably the best meal of the trip and Im looking forward to learning how to cook fish in lots of different ways. Possibly too conservative but I am really looking forward to using my space heater and shop vac. I sailed straight through a motu and got in about 12 feet of water at one point but figured it out. However it was probably not needed as they had killed a pig and had a bunch of eel as well.
This is the first marina I have been in since San Diego and I am looking forward to being back on the hook. Kevin is going to dive his boat again to put new zincs on it and is going to try and get some for a lobster dinner.

That might be an over zealous estimate but it was definatly the most breeze ive seen the entire trip and I was glad to be at the dock for it. I had a famly of five row by and wave as well as a learn to sail boat from Half Moon Bay YC.
A ham radio phone patch on the 18th found Eric with a double reefed main and storm jib, beam reaching in 22-24knots of breeze, 2 meter seas going 6 knots. The first part was on a dirt road and after the summit it can best be described as a ropes course. So people living in cities and towns in Washington and in other parts of America please be careful with plastic because if you throw your cigarett or soda bottle out of your car it could make it into the stomach of an albatross. She went downstairs a couple of times and checked it out, and I fed her some flys I had gotten earlier out of my hand.
I am planning on leaving tomorrow for san diego so there might not be blog posts for a few days.
They figured out fairly quickly why I was sitting in the very bottom of the cockpit and probably had a laugh.
We were on the ground of course and after dinner and speeches everyone laid down on the ground and had a rest.
Me and naomi and John and totally part of the village and respected because we are some of the only mariners that will come here this year.
I walked and climbed all the way over to the village of Vatia (which is deep) Then hitch hiked back as it was sunday and the busses dont run.
She was really tired and eventually found how warm the engine compartment was ans sacked out downstairs. It is a place that you can just feel has not been touched since the Americans and the English pulled out. I got up and spoke and said that even though we did not know this woman that she was in our hearts and prayers. I was lucky enough to catch the Siva Afi (fire knife) competition over three days last weekend which was awesome, and My friends from BC and I took a tour of the island all day with a cab driver which was also epic.
It was right up there with the best hikes of the trip and deffinatly the most challenging terrain. A lot of villages (especially on the south side) got wiped out by the tsunami in 2009 and many people are living in FIMA tents.
I fixed my outboard (touch wood), and we figured out how to call eachother using the DSC feature on our radios.
She is still here asleep as I write at anchor in Mission bay and she will be stoked to wake up rested in sunny San Diego with only memories of being lost at sea. I spoke for John and Naomi too and My friend davis translated into Kiribas and we got an ovation. Ill try to remember my head lamp this time because it was pitch black when we went home and I just about drove my dinghy into the beach. Highlights were the fire throwing competition, the samoan girls have NZ accents, and I got to share it with some really cool friends.
Kevins parents are getting in to town tonight and Im looking forward to the dinner conversation. The only thing he said about it, and this is what stuck with me, was that there was fish all over the ground and all they had to do afterwards was walk around and pick them up.

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