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In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply). This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions". Elke Sommer CaricaturePSMandrake Elke Schletz in art Elke Sommer, (Berlin, November 5, 1940), Actress, Singer, Pin-up Photomodel.
Primate Photos Coming to Lifehobbit90 +6 commentsfull view I like this image.All Gorilla are looking danger Proboscis monkey stealing bananas is freaking hilarious. Submerged Car in the Oceandeaddog +3 commentsfull view Yeah, freaking awesome.
The Spoils of WarHitspinner +3 commentsfull view Blurry background is eccessive, otherwise pretty good entry.

Girl in a Bad DreamRoadRunner44 If the picture is offensive please remove +3 commentsfull view Im-freaking-pressive!
VooDoo Coconut vs Tiki TokGummy Coconut wins every time.+6 commentsfull view Where does this Tiki Tok hail from? Vladimir Putin's BusHoHouse +2 commentsfull view how can they be seated and their heads be out of the glass? The bubbles coming out of the car is a nice touch Picturesque work, would make a great poster! Hope no bears were hurt while making this chop Like this a lot.
12 februarie 1942)+4 commentsfull view I've seen so many chops of the American Gothic painting, so many of them were brilliant that I think it's harder and harder to match that brilliance with a new chop of this source.

I'm sure that Hitster will be along soon to concede that the Coconut has shamed and defeated his Tiki Tok. Voodoo Coconut brain-burn sacrifice of what looks to be that chick that is the head of the DNC!

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