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A drama filled with endorphin about a cute, clumsy female police officer Oh Ha-na and a spotless perfectionist information specialist Ko Jin-hyeok.
She plays Kim I-jin, the youngest daughter of the university director and a good teammate to Kim Woo-cheol (Choi Won-yeong), the husband of Ha No-ra (Choi Ji-woo). The National Entertainment Management Association (NEMA) revealed the amount of money the three companied who owe actors and actress's money.
He used to be a son of a rich family and a member of the elite, and he used to be very popular among women, so he usually wandered between two women. In the romantic-comedy "Secret Agent Miss Oh," lead actor Kim Sang-Kyung plays NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent Ko Jin-Hyeok. I'm glad Oh Ha-Na ended up with Ko Jin-Hyeok , but he should have shown he was a more into her, and there should have been a kiss somewhere along the way. Uyeliginizi aktive etmek icin mail adresinize gonderilen aktivasyon linkine t?klaman?z gerekmektedir.
While Jin Hyeok was struggling to face the truth about his past, Do Hoon was struggling to face himself. If Jin hyeok got Ha Na with him when he’s drunk, the poor Do Hoon drunk by himself in a dark room. Han Do Hoon seemed to intend on busting Ha Na’s disguise by pretending to receive a misterious phonecall.
While the chief of operation was struggling with her guilt, the rest of the team was rocking.
And just when everybody was not yet ready  for the show…Han Do Hoon came out of nowhere. Kdramachoa is a blog owned by childhood best friends Rizz and Blossom, about liking Korean drama, music, and movie.
Synopsis 16 episodes - Mon, Tue 21:55 A drama filled with endorphin about a cute, clumsy female police officer Oh Ha-na and a spotless perfectionist information specialist Ko Jin-hyeok.
Thanks to these characters that he has played so far, he completely melted into similar roles while acting in popular dramas such as SBS's "Love You a Thousand Times", KBS's "Mom's Dead Upset" and " Who Is My Love", and MBC's "General Hospital 2".

With Jin-Hyeok's background in the special forces he is perfectionist at work, but in his personal life he is mired with flaws.
First, she is not qualified to become a secret agent because she has no ability whatsoever, but I felt like that was what made me kept watching because of the many dumb things that she said and did.
She not only is such a fun actress but also extremely versatile in the facets of character that she can portray in her various dramas. Daha sonra muhendislik okumus olan Jung Woo (Joo Sang Wook) ile tan?s?r ve ard?ndan evlenirler ancak daha sonra bosan?rlar.
The truth was heavy, but the realization that Eun Seo did all this for his sake was alot heavier.
She’s stupid enough to wait quite long for Jin hyeok, but tough enough to find her way home. He licked the bottle in a very funny way, but what made it alot funnier was when Ha Na continued on giving it to Jin Hyeok.
Ha Na, Jun Min and Se Mi had a hot arguments and that led Jin Hyeok brought everyone to Judo’s arena. The war begin… I think you know what would happen if the you-i-and-my-ex situation happened and they had to stuck within as small space as a two-door car. We would like to share information, opinions and many things about Kdrama with people out there. 9pm time slot previously occupied by "Becoming a Billionaire" and will be replaced by "Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho" on July 5, 2010. Oh Ha Na's her character is much like the main girls character in Sweet Spy (excluding the greedy money seeking side of her), just my opinion. What he didn’t expect was Ha Na lost his track and decided to just go with the car, instead of finding him.
Ae Ra'n?n aksine Jung Woo basar?l? ve zengin bir BT gelistiricisi olur.Bunun uzerine Ae Ra onunla tekrar evlenmek icin Jung Woo'yu bastan c?karmaya cal?s?r.
What she saw that day was Park Sun Min took Jin Hyeok’s gun before he went out of an operation and got killed.

The big problem was Park Sun Min taking Jin Hyeok’s gun meant Jin Hyeok had done an irresponsible action that could cause him lost his job. Ha Na asked for an explanation from Jin Hyeok, but this lousy man told her to give him sometime until he’s ready to tell her everything. Lee Su Ja was disappointed for serving delicious breakfast for her future son-in-law but ended up having Chief Shin enjoyed them all.
Unfortunately, the warehouse guard knowing nothing about Do Hoon’s presence in there finally locked the warehouse. I’m pretty sure Do Hoon had actually known that Ha Na was just a disguised secretary, but since he had a sincere feeling to her, he just played along.
I was very confused and did not see the love connection between Oh Ha Na and Ko Jin-Hyeok, it just wasn't there for me.
I’ll get you my favourite scenes later in this summary, in which Han Do Hoon made me laugh quite alot.
What everyone, except Eun Seo, knew was Park Sun Min was murdered and the NIA couldn’t dig any deeper to investigate his murder, but Jin Hyeok was so desperate to know.
Do-Hoon was born into wealth, but his father announced that he is donating his fortune away. On the other hand, like many would agree, Oh Ha Na and Ha Don Hoon's scenes were so sweet and funny.
Eun Seo, as the devoted girlfriend thought that she needed to go away for Jin Hyeok’s sake. She thought if she stayed any longer, she’s afraid that she would spit everything out and Jin Hyeok would find out the truth.

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