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Diljann4u Entertainments brings to you Fun & Entertainments, Soon you see here contents under the following sections, books section, Film section, fitness section, Money section, Health Section, green section, Mortgage Section, gift section, cooking section, Lifestyle section, annuity section, mum section, newage section, travel section, relationship category, Seniors section, Shop Section, insurance section, residential section. One of countless Eurospy actioners released in the wake of the James Bond film craze in the sixties, SECRET AGENT SUPER DRAGON (aka New York chiama Superdrago, 1966) has been mercilessly ridiculed on MST3K but served straight up, it’s often funnier in its own poker-faced way and has some oddball flourishes to set it apart from its fellow spy wannabes.
After the minimalistic opening credits with its electric guitar-driven theme song by composer Benedetto Ghiglia (Johnny Colt, Psychout for Murder), the story begins with a ground level view of a car pulling up to the curb and someone in a pink skirt, pink high heels and a white handbag (with a gun inside) steps into the frame.
Super Dragon is clearly the man for the job since his two successors have died trying to uncover the mystery. Among the movie’s good points are the aforementioned Margaret Lee (is that a blond wig?) and Marisa Mell (the bewitching star of Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik (1968) and Lucio Fulci’s One on Top of the Other aka Perversion Story , 1969). Admittedly there are dull patches and the lame villain with the unlikely name of Fernand Lamas (played by Carlo D’Angelo) lacks the appropriate menace.
But stick with SECRET AGENT SUPER DRAGON and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of quotably absurd dialogue – “Tell me, have you ever had a bath in electricity?” or “Only obedience brings happiness” – groovy lounge music, the odd camera angle or zoom-in (the cinematography is by Antonio Secchi (he shot Damiano Damiani’s A Bullet for the General, 1966), and eccentric set pieces such as the climatic sequence at the villain’s mansion and headquarters where everyone is wearing eye masks. SECRET AGENT SUPER DRAGON was actually Danton’s second stab at playing a secret agent – his first was Code Name: Jaguar in 1965, a Spanish-French-West Germany production, directed by Maurice Labro. There are various versions of SECRET AGENT SUPER DRAGON available on the grey market and in import versions. I first watched the Legs Diamond movie when I was a kid, and of course Danton was a compelling presence.
The official movie by Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) and Wong Fu Productions, Agents of Secret Stuff, has hit the world of Youtube in its full half-an-hour of awesomeness! Olly Moss’ Movie Posters For 2010 Alamo Drafthouse & Levi’s Rolling Roadshow Tour! Beyond Black Mesa Official Trailer inspired by Valve’s Half-Life, Directed by Brian Curtin! A drama filled with endorphin about a cute, clumsy female police officer Oh Ha-na and a spotless perfectionist information specialist Ko Jin-hyeok.
She plays Kim I-jin, the youngest daughter of the university director and a good teammate to Kim Woo-cheol (Choi Won-yeong), the husband of Ha No-ra (Choi Ji-woo). The National Entertainment Management Association (NEMA) revealed the amount of money the three companied who owe actors and actress's money.

He used to be a son of a rich family and a member of the elite, and he used to be very popular among women, so he usually wandered between two women.
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The first “was killed by an elevator four days ago” – no further explanation is offered – and the other died in a car accident. They’re both gorgeous and sexy with the latter proving to be a formidable femme fatale for Super Dragon. Klaus Kinski would have been ideal for this part as the mad Venezuelan drug lord who wants to dominate the world by making people stupid and docile through his drugged chewing gum. In their disguises Cooper and Baby Face could be a parody of Batman and Robin or maybe they’re a misguided homage to the French serial, Fantomas (now available on DVD from Kino Lorber).
He first began accepting work in Europe in 1964 when he played the title role in the exotic costume adventure, Sandokan alla riscossa, which was followed by a sequel, Sandokan contro il leopardo di Sarawak (1964, aka Throne of Vengeance). As I mentioned earlier, I have the limited edition PAL DVD from Simple Movie (you need an all-region player for this) which includes a deleted scene, an alternate title sequence and some posters and stills. I saw the MSTK version, which had its moments, but I’d love to see it without the commentary.
Want some action, David Choi singing, teenage high-school drama, and shuttlecocks to the face? Synopsis 16 episodes - Mon, Tue 21:55 A drama filled with endorphin about a cute, clumsy female police officer Oh Ha-na and a spotless perfectionist information specialist Ko Jin-hyeok.
Thanks to these characters that he has played so far, he completely melted into similar roles while acting in popular dramas such as SBS's "Love You a Thousand Times", KBS's "Mom's Dead Upset" and " Who Is My Love", and MBC's "General Hospital 2". The pink intruder picks up a letter opener from the nearby table and begins to jab the man lightly in the ribs.

Next thing you know agent Cooper is in Freemont and hanging out at the campus hot spot, the bowling alley, which turns out to be the source of the trouble. The Amsterdam location scenes also provide plenty of unintentional sight gags such as the touristy waterfront area where Cooper flirts with some of the colorfully dressed local women in their fetching Dutch bonnets. He would go on to star in several more genre outings there for the rest of the decade but concentrated mostly on spy and detective thrillers like Hello Glen Ward, House Dick (1968) and Jess Franco’s Lucky the Inscrutable (1967, aka Agente Speciale LK – Operazione Re Mida). This 95 minute version also switches back and forth during a handful of scenes where the English dubbed footage is missing and replaced with the German language version complete with English subtitles. It is there that the students are being drugged and controlled through the free chewing gum the bartender is dispensing. I was able to purchase Bruno Nicolai’s delightful soundtrack score for the latter through Video Watchdog several years ago and am still awaiting the DVD release of Lucky the Inscrutable, which Peter Blumenstock’s soundtrack liner notes call “a flamboyant, crazy, no-holds-barred comic strip that stands as one of the true gems in Franco’s prolific directing career.” High praise indeed, considering Franco has directed well over 150 movies.
Although the film was shot in Technicolor, the version on display here is faded at best but still acceptable for an evening of mindless amusement. She then activates the alarm on his metronome and he wakes up and tosses her into the pool.
A fight breaks out for no reason and no one can explain how all this insanity has overtaken the student body.
From the evidence on display the gum makes you want to dance like one possessed and Cooper becomes capitivated by a blonde co-ed when she goes into a robotic herky jerky jukebox dance. If nothing else, it’s a novel way to introduce our hero, Bryan Cooper aka Super Dragon (Ray Danton) and his infatuated coworker in undercover espionage, Cynthia “Comfort” Fulton (Margaret Lee, star of countless giallos and Eurotrash genre films such as Jess Franco’s Venus in Furs). But there are still plenty of chuckles and points of interest along the way to keep any Eurotrash enthusiast glued to the screen, even without the satiric commentary provided by the MST3K gang on their alternate DVD version.

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